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Chapter 310: Battle Against Azure Guard

Chapter 310: Battle Against Azure Guard

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Although Wandering hadn’t known Lu Li for long, he understood the kind of person that Lu Li was. In his

eyes, Lu Li was a gaming genius.

That’s right, he was a genius before he was a master.

However, this kind of talent was only demonstrated in the game. Outside of gaming, or rather, outside of

dungeons, PVP and quest adventures, he was still quite immature and a very idealistic person.

As such, he was sure that Lu Li wouldn’t step into this decision making.

Just like Azure Sea Breeze had previously said, Lu Li didn’t complain about anything after he returned.

Square Root 3 felt a little dazed; his time at Star Moon Union had never been easy. Ao Jian was someone

with a big dream, but lacked talent. He wanted to manage everything, but in reality, he didn’t have the

ability to manage anything at all. Richy Rich, on the other hand, had no inhibitions and did whatever he felt

like. Square Root 3 spent most of his time cleaning up the mess that these two had made.

He was thankful that Lu Li had entrusted everything into his hands, but at the same time, it wasn’t

something that he was used to.

Square Root 3 honestly didn’t know what he could say; this was a great feeling. Usually, unless you started

your own business, it was very hard to find a boss who would give you so much authority.

He had thought about starting his own business before and realized that he would have no problem

earning an average wage for himself with his ability. However, it would be impossible for him to reach the

top in the gaming industry because he didn’t have any experts who could make it into the top hundred

matches or even the finals.

Lu Li and the others were different.

This small team of ten had already made it to the round of 16.

On Tuesday, the round of 16 would commence.

The rules at this stage of the competition were very simple. The sixteen teams would be randomly matched

against each other, with the victor earning a ticket to the quarterfinals. A total of eight teams would be

selected for this while the other eight losers would be eliminated.

The sixteen teams that participated in this stage of the match had all gone through rounds and rounds of

elimination. There were no weak teams among them.

Who didn’t want to watch some matches between strong teams?

The game company opened up more seats for the audience and millions of people spectating became a

new reality. At this point in time, without taking the actual matches of the competition into account, the

tickets became extremely hard to obtain.

"Azure Guard? This is getting interesting," Lu Li said as he glanced at the system announcement. Their

opponent today was Azure Guard, a guild ranked number 6 on the guild rankings.

The opposing team included three celebrity players – Magic Cry, Stellar Union Silver Radiant and Floral

Paralysis. This was a standard combination of Thief, Mage and Priest.

During the top 100 matches, Azure Guard had run into multiple strong opponents, such as Glory Capital,

Blood Red War Flag and Stellar Union. However, with their combined strength, they had still made it to the

round of 16.

Although the team had lost to Glory Capital and Blood Red War Flag, no one laughed at them because they

put up a good fight.

No one dared to insult the strength of a strong team that had been around for so long.

"Thief, Mage and a Priest. You go." Moonlight wasn’t so careless this time.

They were so close to top, and no one would want to lose the competition by being careless. He was a

Warrior, so if he matched up against Floral Paralysis, he had a better chance of winning. However, if the

opposing team sent out Magic Cry, he would be countered.

Warriors had poor mobility in general, so it would be extremely hard to play against an Ice Mage.

After he lost to Lone Smoker Long, Moonlight recognized his weakness in this area, but this wouldn’t be a

problem if Lu Li was sent out.

Lu Li went on stage and unsurprisingly, the other team sent out Magic Cry.

Magic Cry was a very skilled player with a strong foundation. He had been well-known for three to four

years and was a celebrity player with real strength.

There was no advantage for either the Thief or Mage in this matchup. These two classes had always been at

the center of a long-lasting debate; even the experts couldn’t exactly say which class was better.

Lu Li didn’t try anything fancy; he went into stealth mode and approached slowly, choosing the best timing

and position to attack.

Either way, he aimed to kill the opponent by brutal force.

If Frost Nova was casted, Lu Li would use Vanish.

As soon as Magic Cry flashed away, Lu Li used the special effect on his cape and followed him closely like a


Magic Cry was level 24 and his gear was nowhere near as good as Lu Li’s. Even though he made many great

plays, he still lost the single match.

When he fell down, Lu Li still had half of his health bar left.

In the group match, it was a Warrior, Thief and Priest team against a Thief, Mage and Priest team.

Lu Li and Floral Paralysis had vastly different play styles. Floral Paralysis was known as the dirtiest Thief in

Dawn and had more life-saving skills than Lu Li, however, his attacks weren’t nearly as vicious.

Although Magic Cry’s gear wasn’t as great as Moonlight’s, with his class-advantage and some good plays, he

still had a chance to win against him.

Recently, March Rain had made significant improvements, but she was still not as good as Stellar Union

Silver Radiant.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant was the best Priest healer in terms of technique.

Strength wise, the Azure Guard team was about the same as Lu Li’s team.

The key to victory was strategy and perhaps, a bit of luck.

An example of this would be right now – Stellar Union Silver Radiant detected Lu Li as he approached and

subtly signaled to his teammates to sneak up on him.

Gale Steps!

Lu Li was forced to use his one of his ultimate skills to save his life.

There was a good chance that Stellar Union Silver Radiant had obtained a new piece of detection

equipment. Otherwise, there was no way Lu Li that could have been discovered so easily – he had two

pieces of stealth equipment.

As soon as March Rain topped up Lu Li’s health bar, Moonlight, who was fighting for time on the other side

began running for his life as he was focused down.

Luckily, he had learned a new skill – Battle Cry, which was a crowd-control skill that allowed him to fear

enemy players around him. Magic Cry dodged the spell but Floral Paralysis was caught in the skill range

since he was a close-combat class.

The battle was a total mess.

They were in a disadvantage and Lu Li had to join the fight to take some pressure off Moonlight.

Using Ambush to charge towards Magic Cry, Lu Li aimed his attacks at the Mage so that he wouldn’t have

time to bring down Moonlight’s health bar.

However, Magic Cry wasn’t a weak player; he blew out a Cone of Cold just in time, as if Lu Li had run into

the cone himself.

Cone of Cold reduced Lu Li’s movement speed and Magic Cry took the chance to flash away from him.

On the other side, Floral Paralysis lived up to his name as the dirtiest Thief player, activating Shadow Cloak

to dispel the fear effect and disappearing on the spot.

Lu Li didn’t worry too much about Floral Paralysis. Instead, he activated the special effect on his cloak to

hunt down Magic Cry!

Moonlight received some healing from March Rain, so he also turned around to aim for the Mage.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant had great mechanics indeed. Not only was he able to heal Magic Cry, but he

even had the spare time to burn March Rain’s mana bar and throw out a few attack skills in between.

March Rain was under duress from Floral Paralysis’ ghost-like harassment and was barely surviving.

Both parties were stuck in a situation that was strangely balanced.

It was a tug of war where neither side had gained or lost any ground.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant was relieved; this was the situation that he was hoping for.

Due to the difference in levels, it was pretty much impossible for them to burst down Lu Li. If they risked it,

there was a good chance that their failure would result as an opportunity for Lu Li’s team.

Breaking a balanced situation like this would depend on who made a mistake first.

In Stellar Union Silver Radiant’s eyes, the breakthrough point was March Rain. As someone who was also a

Priest, he could tell that March Rain was a complete noob in the competition.

With the harassment from Floral Paralysis and him constantly burning down her mana bar, the girl wouldn’t

last for long.