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Chapter 311: Round of Sixteen

Chapter 311: Round of Sixteen

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"March, come to us!" Moonlight shouted.

He was unable to kill Magic Cry with Lu Li. Not only did Magic Cry have a lot of magic reduction skills, but

there was also a Priest master backing him up.

Even though he was constantly on the edge of a cliff, he simply couldn’t be killed.

March Rain was already in extreme danger. If no one protected her, she would either get killed or have all

of her mana burned.

A Priest without mana was no different to a dead Priest.

Moonlight’s call was a reminder to March Rain. With great difficulty, she began to move towards her team

members, as Floral Paralysis, who was chasing after her, had speed-reduction poison smeared on both of

his Daggers.

Both daggers with speed reduction poison? Could this guy get any dirtier?

Stellar Union Silver Radiant smirked as he ran to block her.

He was quite a talented player indeed. Not only was he doing multiple things at the same time, he was

excelling at everything that he did too. It was entirely because of him that Magic Cry had been able to last

for so long.

March Rain had Stellar Union Silver Radiant blocking her at the front and Floral Paralysis attacking her from

behind. There was nowhere for her to run.

It was impossible to pass through a person in Dawn.

"March Rain is a beginner in the match grounds. Although she’s been improving significantly, she’s facing

Azure Guard today, a team known for not making mistakes. It seems like she still has a long way to go in

terms of team-fighting," Dark Wind said in a sympathetic tone.

Perhaps this was it for Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

Although making it into to the top 16 was a fantastic achievement, no one would say no to a higher ranking.

The analysts, audience, and even her opponents were feeling sorry for March Rain.

Pretty girls were always popular wherever they went.

At this very moment, March Rain opened her mouth and raised her head. A black mist shrouded her face as

she let out a sharp shriek.

Soul Shriek!

Floral Paralysis had been chasing after her the whole time so he was extremely close to her. Stellar Union

Silver Radiant had been some distance away before, but he had decided to run over and position himself to

block her.

The results weren’t surprising at all. Both of them were caught in the cast range of the spell.

Players caught by the spell would run around aimlessly.

Lu Li and Moonlight seized this opportunity to burst down Magic Cry. Without the healing from Stellar

Union Silver Radiant, Magic Cry died in an instant.

It was now three against two. No matter how hard Stellar Union Silver Radiant and Floral Paralysis tried,

they would be able to make a comeback.

Once again, Azure Guard was eliminated in the round of 16.

It had been like this for an entire decade; luck had never been on their side. They had been denied entry

into the finals of every single major competition.

Even though Stellar Union Silver Radiant was still smiling, anyone could see the sorrow from the corner of

his eyes.

Floral Paralysis, who had always had a smile on his face, seemed rather gloomy as well.

They weren’t lacking in terms of strength or effort. Perhaps they just needed a bit of good fortune.

Besides the team from Peacetime Dynasty, their team had the most ‘aces’ in this season’s Shadow Cup.

They had battled hard to reach this point but couldn’t make it any further.

Even Lu Li felt helpless for them.

But definitely not now!

This moment belonged to the Xin Xin Mercenary Group; it belonged to March Rain.

March Rain’s performance was an absolute classic, great enough to be recorded in the annals of Dawn. As a

healer, she had used an unexpected Soul Shriek and decided the outcome for a round of 16 match.

It would only be a matter of time before the media spread her fame.

There was definitely a place for her among the celebrity players.

After she left the match ground, exhaustion, fear and a multitude of other strange feelings all rushed to her

at once. The gentle March Rain fell into her brother’s arms in emotional tears.

Lonesome Flower couldn’t maintain his usual cold expression either; he felt helpless and heartbroken as


All he could do was give his sister a warm and safe arm to run into, but this was all that she needed.

The media swarmed in to ask for an interview, but was turned down by all three team members.

After the match finished, it was theoretically time to have a good rest.

However, Square Root 3 organized for everyone to go and level up, explaining that this was standard

procedure for most teams. It was not the time to relax yet; they had to remain on guard.

Hence, everyone in Xin Xin Mercenary Group congregated in a level 25 zone to kill monsters for an entire


They harvested a decent amount of experience and a bounty of Mooncake Boxes.

In the afternoon, the results for the round of 16 came out.

Following the elimination of Azure Guard, Drizzle Court had prevailed against Wings of Dawn, who were

also eliminated from the competition.

In the single match, Elevenless, who was level 25, was defeated by Deadly Green Orange, the beautiful level

24 Mage from Drizzle Court. In the group match, Faker than Wind (the Paladin Healer) made a few mistakes

and Marks (the Hunter) was then focused down. As such, they were defeated.

The next match was between Blood Red War Flag and Stellar Union.

Even though Twilight won the single match, they lost the group match. The Stellar Union team was

eliminated in the round of 16, which was worse than their performance last year.

Majin Temple and Stellar Union shared a similar fate. In the single match, Unforgettable Maple had

defeated A Straw in the Wind from Gangnam Royals. In the group match, they killed Old Man Power first,

who was the opposing Druid healer. However the game was unexpectedly turned around and they ended

up losing the match.

Dancing Star Dream, who was level 25, demonstrated a strength equivalent to the number one Mage.

The Gangnam Royals were promoted!

Gale Legion was up against Seventh Heaven. Lucky Southern Persian didn’t pretend to be weak this time,

handily defeating Gaze with his class advantage and his top-tier game skills.

Seventh Heaven also won the group match.

Peerless City had a tough battle against Purple Lunar Paradise. It was a match that pitted two top-tier

Warriors against each other.

Deadly Golden Underwear and Dark Destroyer were both on the same level as Moonlight and Gaze.

They were equal in terms of skill so it proved to be a very intense battle.

Dark Destroyer fell down first, but Deadly Golden Underwear died three seconds after defeating his


He only had 26 health points remaining when Dark Destroyer left a bleed debuff on him. The analyst

suggested that if Dark Destroyer had critically struck one more time, the outcome would have been

completely different.

Luck was also a part of one’s strength, so no one mentioned anything against Deadly Golden Underwear.

In this match, Peerless City was promoted.

Gods of Dusk were only ranked thirtieth. As such, it was peculiar occurrence for them to have made it into

the round of 16. They stood out like a sore thumb from the others.

However, they had defeated Brotherhood, who were ranked at number 13.

The slow but steady attacks from Wood Fearing supported the team to the quarter-finals.

It was reasonable for him to be regarded as one of the seven great Thieves and to be as well-known as

Blood Dagger.

The final match was between Glory Capital and Kingdom Eternity. There was nothing special about this

match, which was referred to as the worst match of the round of 16.

The two top Thieves, Midnight Ghost and Blood Dagger, fought each other, but when Midnight Ghost died,

Blood Dagger still had three quarters of his health left. The crowd was unimpressed; they felt like he didn’t

deserve the title of one of the seven great Thieves.

As for the group match, it was needless to say that Blood Dagger, along with Sorrowless, wrecked the other

team completely.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group, Drizzle Court, Blood Red War Flag, Gangnam Royals, Seventh Heaven,

Peerless City, Gods of Dusk and Glory Capital were the teams that had made it into the Quarter-finals this

season. They were all teams from big guilds.

Apart from…

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group!