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Chapter 312: Gangnam Royals

Chapter 312: Gangnam Royals

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 Not only had they taken over the dungeons, but they had also participated in the competition for the

professionals and had even made it to the quarter-finals.

This wasn’t a common case and the entire game industry had been giving them a lot of attention.

‘Xin Xin Mercenary Group’, a name that almost seemed like a joke, was now being mentioned by everyone.

Whether these people talked from a envious or admiring perspective, there was one truth that remained –

this was a new force that had risen.

They were vastly different from Peerless City, the force that had risen three years ago. Peerless City had

received a huge sum of investment at the start and the tempting profits had attracted thousands of people

to join them. A huge sum was also spent on poaching professional players from other clubs. They had

bought their way into the company of the gaming elite.

As for Xin Xin Mercenary Group, they had started with nothing – no resources and no people. Even the

three competitors from the group had seemed to pop out from nowhere.

They didn’t even have a guild!

They were definitely a strange existence.

People were surprised, but they definitely weren’t impressed. At least, the professional gamers weren’t in

the mood to praise them.

If a team of random players had been able to make it into the semi-finals, the high-end clubs that had spent

millions of dollars would definitely be brought to shame.

Luckily, some news had been released.

Square Root 3, a previous member of Star Moon Union, had agreed to form a union with the Xin Xin

Mercenary Group. He claimed that the group had already accomplished its mission and would be replaced

by a new guild and club.

The new guild was in preparation, while the Xin Xin Mercenary Group would keep its membership of ten

and remain over the long-term.

After the average players received this news, they were filled with excitement. A lot of them were paying

attention for updates and hoped to join Lu Li’s new guild at the beginning to earn themselves a decent


Quick hands were necessary, otherwise, nothing would be left for them. This was a common phenomenon

in the gaming industry.

Gaming was definitely a passionate affair, but friendship was an important element.

No matter what happened in the future, those who joined the guild first wouldn’t be treated poorly.

However, it was the executives from the other big guilds that paid the most attention to this event.

They had mixed feelings towards this – it was extremely painful, but strangely satisfying.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group had always been a worry for them, but the executives of the big guilds

comforted themselves with the following reasoning – these people were little in numbers and wouldn’t be

able to do much. But once a guild was formed, their fame and resources would only increase and they

would eventually become a threatening competitor.

Despite this, they were also relieved by the fact that the Xin Xin Mercenary Group finally formed a guild.

It was better to be on par with another guild than to be on par with a mercenary group of eleven people.

Now everyone was on the same level. Whether they got another first kill or won in the competition, the

other average players wouldn’t have to be surprised and amazed anymore.

At the same time, this attitude clearly displayed the fear that was implanted in everyone’s minds by Lu Li.

The guild leaders of the major guilds had all discussed and reached a conclusion in private. After the Xin Xin

Mercenary Group established a guild, everyone would send them some blessings or gifts, in case they

changed their minds about it.

Wednesday, quarter-finals!

The first match was the Gangnam Royals against Seventh Heaven.

The Gangnam Royals were recognized as the richest guild in Dawn. They had paid a huge amount to lock

down players with great potential from every match season.

They also spent a lot of time and energy headhunting other experts.

After Lu Li and the others entered the top 100 matches, many people wanted to poach or invest in them.

Gangnam Royals was one of these people.

However, they weren’t even as generous as the Northern Chinese Power Company. The price they were

willing to pay was one million dollars per person each year for Lu Li and his trio.

Once Lu Li and his team made it into the round of 16, they would then raise the price to two million dollars.

Wandering couldn’t even be bothered to give their offer the slightest bit of interest.

The Gangnam Royals had a splendid team consisting of Dancing Star Dream, A Straw in the Wind and Old

Man Power. It was a team of strong celebrity players.

Their opponent was Peerless City.

Many thought that Peerless City had run out of luck.

Peerless City was a new force that had risen around two or three years ago. No matter how strong they

were, there was no way that they would be able to compete with an ace team from a top club that had 200

years of history.

Ten years ago, before Glory Capital had risen to its fame, the number one guild was the Gangnam Royals.

Even now, the Gangnam Royals were still a top-tier guild. While Blood Red War Flag was a strong

competitor, they were still placed below the Gangnam Royals.

The team sent out by Peerless City consisted of Deadly Golden Underwear, Professional Healer and Green

Flag Wine.

Peerless City also had an entire team of celebrity players. Each of them had quickly climbed the ladder to

superstardom over the recent years and had their own specialties.

The two teams sent out their choice for the single match.

Dancing Star Dream versus...

Professional Healer!

Why was it not Green Flag Wine?

Dancing Star Dream stood on the stage and stared at Professional Healer who stood across from her. Her

expression clearly showed that she was unimpressed.

Peerless City had a very strange combination that consisted of a Warrior, a Priest and a Paladin. Strictly

speaking, Priests and Paladins were both healing classes, however, they were still able to deal decent


Green Flag Wine would be the best single match player for Peerless City.

The Tire Killer’s playstyle was always a great sight for many. He could tire you out until you lost your health

and mana, and even until you lost your temper as well.

In terms of Peerless City’s single matches, they had never lost when Green Flag Wine was sent out.

At this point in time, when they were so close to reaching the finals, Green Flag Wine didn’t show up.

Mages weren’t a strong counter against Paladins, but Dancing Star Dream had his own play style. He was

confident enough that he would win against Green Flag Wine.

Unfortunately, Peerless City had sent out Professional Healer.

Professional Healer was known to be one of the most shameless players. The reason behind this was his ID,

which made it sound as though his focus was on healing. However, in reality, he focused on both healing

and attacking.

He was a player who stuck tight like a piece of gum.

Family members always shared some similar traits; Professional Healer was also a tire killer!

What class were Priests scared of?

They feared Thieves and wild Druids, but they definitely didn’t fear Mages!

Dancing Star Dream had great skills, but all he could do was to spam them like he was throwing a tantrum.

Even though he was level 25 Mage against a level 24 Priest, he still couldn’t control the match entirely. He

couldn’t kill his opponent and could only watch on as he slowly died to Shadow Word, a skill that dealt a

tiny amount of damage.

In the single match, Professional Healer convincingly won.

Fans of the Peerless City cheered. This victory belonged to the club, but it was also a victory that belonged

to them.

They didn’t expect Peerless City to win the upcoming group match at all, but they were already very

thankful that the team they supported had won the single match.

However, even if everyone believed that Peerless City would lose, they were still going to put up a fight.

At this stage of the competition, everyone only wanted to give their best effort.

Group match – Peerless City against Gangnam Royals.