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Chapter 313: Blood Bath

Chapter 313: Blood Bath

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It was a battle between a Thief, Mage, Druid team and a Warrior, Priest, Paladin team.

The Gangnam Royals wasted no time from the very start of the match because they couldn’t afford

their opponents the opportunity to strike first. They were up against two elite players as well as a

Warrior who had high damage output.

Both parties stood face to face almost immediately after the match had started.

The Thief from A Straw in the Wind’s team had his eyes on Professional Healer, who had just won

the individual match. He wanted to prove to the crowd that the Gangnam Royals weren’t afraid of

one on one duels.

He was very confident that he could win the duel if it was a straight up one on one fight against

Professional Healer.

Dancing Star Dream decided to target Professional Healer as well and was determined to make him

the first person to be sent out of the arena.

Professional Healer’s HP fell very quickly because he was being targeted by two damage dealers.

Even if he and Green Flag Wine both activated their healing skills, it wouldn’t be enough to sustain

the damage since neither of them were healing-centred.

Deadly Golden Underwear couldn’t do anything except try and kill Old Man Power

By the time Old Man Power was at 50% HP, Professional Healer was already at critical HP (20%). It

was almost certain that he would be taken down before Old Man Power.

However, at this very moment, Profession Healer screamed and transformed into a pitch-black


The damage from A Straw in the Wind and Dancing Star Dream’s attacks had all become single-digit


In the midst of the confusion, Green Flag Wine ganged up on Old Man Power with Deadly Golden


Gangnam Royals were about to lose?

When Old Man Power was defeated, everyone was stunned and speechless.

A Straw in the Wind and Dancing Star Dream had focused all of their damage onto Professional

Healer, only to have him to activate an overpowered escape skill which saved his life and made all

their efforts go to waste.

Even though Professional Healer was low on HP, the fight had become a 3 vs. 2 and it was only a

matter of time before the mission would be completed.

Gangnam Royals had lost!

Although many people debated the outcome of this fight, it was Professional Healer that

singlehandedly carried Peerless City with his patience and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Peerless City was the first team to enter the semi-finals.

The second match was between Gods of Dusk and Drizzle Court.

Although Wood Fearing was only level 24, he proved himself to be the better player with a

convincing win over the level 25 Water Fairy who had better gear than him.

The Thief’s skill opened everyone’s eyes, proving that mechanics and game knowledge triumphed

over levels and gear.

However, in the team battle setting, Wood Fearing was like a fish out of water. Under the relentless

double team by Water Fairy and Deadly Green Orange, he was teleported out of the map almost


Although they had won the individual match, Gods of Dusk were still eliminated from the


Drizzle Court also entered the semi-finals.

When teams qualified for the Top 100, individual matches provided them bonus points to qualify for

the next stage. However, once the quarter-finals began, individual matches no longer provided extra

points and instead became featured matches that determined the top players of each profession.

For example, Water Fairy had lost to Wood Fearing in the individual match. Therefore, many players

would most likely vote for Wood Fearing over Water Fairy as the best Thief in the game.

However, some people would still vote for Water Fairy simply because she was beautiful.

The next match featured Lu Li’s team against Blood Red War Flag, the 3 rd highest-ranking guild in the


This guild contained a high population of retired war veterans and therefore, had a military approach

to the game.

Whether it was true or not, the rumour painted a mysterious image of the Blood Red War Flag.

For the same reason, Lu Li and his team would not be afraid or discouraged by Blood Red War Flag’s

background. Since this was a game, mechanics mattered the most.

The individual match was between Lu Li and Wild, who was a high-ranking, elite Mage player.

However, the level 24 Mage was no match against Lu Li and his HP bar was completely depleted

after a few minutes.

Wild the Mage, Jade Flower Lover the Shaman and Wind Town the Paladin made for an all-star line-


However, many of the more experienced players were perplexed with Blood Red War Flag’s team

composition. Mage, Shaman and Paladin wasn’t a very advantageous combination. Under the

current meta, Warrior, Shaman and Paladin was much better than Mage, Shaman and Paladin.

Were there no Warriors in Blood Red War Flag?

This was unlikely, as Blood Red War Flag had a large talent pool of professional players.

Their passion for the game attracted many young players, which allowed them to foster potential

star players.

After members joined, they continued to stay because of the culture of the guild. It was very rare for

a member to leave for another guild. Because of this reputation, Blood Red War Flag was able to

poach star-players from other guilds.

Blood Red War Flag had managed to assemble three teams to contend for the championship.

They were hoping that all three teams would make the top 16.

If that had happened, their reputation would grow exponentially and it would only be a matter of

time before they overtook Gangnam Royals.

Unfortunately, the other two teams had already been eliminated. One team suffered chemistry

issues while the other was faced with a very tough schedule. Only the team of Mage, Shaman and

Paladin had survived and made it to the quarter finals.

Because they wanted to balance out the strength of each team, they were forced to evenly

distribute their members, which ultimately made them weaker.

March Rain’s Soul Shriek and Moonlight’s Battle Cry crowd-controlled Wind Town and Jade Flower

Lover, leaving Wild vulnerable. The three then focused their damage onto Wild to burst him down.

He had no choice but to activate his Ice Barrier to make himself invulnerable.

Lu Li and the others immediately switched targets to Jade Flower Lover.

As soon as Wild’s invulnerability timed out, he tried to provide Jade Flower Lover with support.

However, Lu Li had his eyes on him the whole time; he activated his cape active and appeared

behind Wild, ready to abuse him.

Moonlight rushed back and used Whirlwind.

Before Wild could beg for his life, he was killed almost instantly under Lu Li’s burst and Moonlight’s


Blood Red War Flag had lost both the individual match and the team match. The crowd was silent

and unimpressed with their team composition as they were over-confident and had overestimated


The Xin Xin Mercenary Group had entered the semi-finals! Everyone was wondering how far they

could advance in the tournament.

Lu Li was interviewed after the match because Square Root Three wanted him to have a good

relationship with the media.

No one wanted an awkward relationship with the media because they could ruin your career.

"Hello Lu Li."

The reporter was very young and appeared to have recently entered college. She was very polite and

careful with her words.

"Hello." Lu Li looked at her business card and realised she was a reporter from Home of Esports. For

the top company in the gaming-media industry, the standards of their reporter were quite low.

"The Xin Xin Mercenary Group has entered the semi-finals; do you feel the excitement?" The little

girl’s smile was very sweet and was typical of a "girl next door".

Lu Li recalled the time when a stranger asked if he was happy living in the Slum District. At the time,

he wanted to reply with "happy my ass."

However, now that he was on the big stage, he had to watch what he said. Lu Li nodded and replied,

"I’m pretty excited. I didn’t think that we would make it this far."

"I thought your goal was the championship?" the little reported asked, visibly surprised.

"That’s something I can only imagine," Lu Li laughed.

"How do you think the Xin Xin Mercenary Group matches up with the other teams that have made it

into the semi-finals?" the little report inquired as she read off her notes discreetly.

"Because we’re a small group, we lack the numbers and resources to compete with bigger guilds," Lu

Li responded seriously.

The reason why he had been able to do so well in the tournament was because of his rebirth.

All the other top-tier players had only been playing the game for a little over a month. However, Lu

Li has been playing for more than 2 years!

Once they got used to the game and developed more, they would be even more difficult to handle.