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Chapter 314: The Skill of Sorrowless

Chapter 314: The Skill of Sorrowless

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In Lu Li’s past life, during his first month of playing Dawn, he had struggled to find people to clear the Howling Caves with him.

He was much worse than the average player.

Being able to take first clears and entering the semi-finals was all because of the experience from his

past life. He also greatly appreciated the help from his teammates in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group –

without them he would never have made it this far.

The knowledge and experience from his past life allowed him to easily surpass casual players.

However, when facing expert players, he often reminded himself to be humble and not get cocky

because the advantage he had didn’t determine everything.

Lu Li casually answered all of the questions that the reporter from Home of Esports asked, then left

to spectate the last match of the day.

Glory Capital vs. Seventh Heaven.

Lu Li was very curious about Sorrowless’s current state.

Sorrowless was very famous in his past life. In fact, he was so famous that he had almost become a

legend, similar to Medivh.

He was so mysterious that the average player would have no idea how strong he actually was.

Lu Li had only crossed paths with him once in this life.

This was during the War of Warsong Valley when he had used the Orb of Deception to transform

into a Horde player. He then went undercover and assassinated Sorrowless when he was completely


Lu Li was able to kill him before cycling through his complete combo.

He was aware that Sorrowless was only level 18 at the time and stood no chance against an ambush

from a level 20 Thief.

However, Lu Li had honestly been a little disappointed back then.

He was disappointed because a legend of the gaming community had been killed so easily. Lu Li

came to the realization that the player he had admired so much was also a normal human being.

Lu Li hadn’t come across Sorrowless after that particular event. He had only heard rumours about

him leading a group of players who were levelling in the wild.

Then, Sorrowless and his team suddenly appeared in the Shadow Cup and convincingly swept all the

opponents that they faced. They hadn’t dropped a single game since entering the top 16 and even

appeared to be slightly stronger than Lu Li’s team.

Lu Li had been up against Water Fairy many more times and was quite confident in defeating Drizzle


Peerless City had a team composition of a Warrior and two Healers. Thieves naturally countered

squishy support classes and as such, they would easily be defeated as well.

The only team that he was unsure about was Glory Capital. Lu Li was hoping to spectate their game

so that he could observe his opponent’s team composition and play-style before going up against


Lu Li was lucky enough to buy a ticket before they were all sold out.

Apart from Sorrowless and Blood Dagger, Glory Capital also had a priest called White Westhill.

Most people were quite unfamiliar with the ID "West Whitehill". He was either a new player or an

expert that was smurfing on a different account.

Lu Li had limited about White Westhill from his past life and only knew that he had very good game-

mechanics. However, he was a very inconspicuous player and was almost like a shadow within the

Glory Capital.

Lucky Southern Persian, Empty and Hornet’s Nest were all very famous players that most people had

heard about.

Many people spectating were wondering if they could pull off an upset against the legendary Glory


Glory Capital’s reputation had been dropping recently because of a couple unlucky events. For

example, Blood Dagger and Sorrowless had been killed by the same person on the same day.

Perhaps this marked the downfall of Glory Capital after their 10 years of dominance and prosperity.

‘The 10-year curse.’

This was a common phrase in the gaming community.

In every game, there was always a strongest and most-dominant guild. However, this period of

dominance never lasted for more than 10 years and eventually, they would crumble into nothing.

Gangnam Royals and other older guilds had all experienced the same curse. Although they often

rose and fell, eventually, they would be replaced by other guilds after 3 to 5 years. The fact that

Glory Capital had been so dominant over the past 10 years was nothing short of a miracle.

Before the match, Seventh Heaven performed a war cry to raise their morale.

Many Elite Players from Seventh Heaven all cheered for their team that was about to enter battle. It

was both a challenge and an opportunity for Seventh Heaven – if they were able to defeat Glory

Capital in the quarter-finals, they would have a much higher chance at taking the title.

Even Lucky Southern Persian, who was normally a very easy-going guy that loved to laugh and joke

around, was very serious and had a stern expression on his face. Each one of them was determined

and their eyes were filled with the desire to win.

Hornet’s Nest roared and the crowd screamed and cheered for them.

Individual Match!

Sorrowless vs….

Hornet’s Nest!

Hornet’s Nest had a Hellhound pet which was able to cast Mana Burn and Silence. This could prove

to be extremely useful in a close match.

Sorrowless summoned his pet as well – a Water Elemental.

Water Elemental had two skills – Frost Bolt and Frost Nova.

In terms of the pets, Hornet’s Nest had the clear advantage because his one countered Mages.

Sorrowless’s Frost Nova was quite useless against Hornet’s Nest because they were both ranged

classes. Furthermore, Hornet’s Nest didn’t rely on mobility and positioning as much as other classes.

The match had begun!

Sorrowless was very fast and accurate with his skills.

Lu Li could immediately tell that he had equipped a lot of cooldown reduction gear. The intervals

between his skills and the speed of his skill cycle was 20% faster than the average Mage. His armor

mostly consisted of level 25 Silver Grade equips.

Glory Capital had endless funds and resources, so it wasn’t very surprising that Sorrowless was so


However, Hornet’s Nest was also performing very well. Compared to his last defeat against Lu Li, he

had improved greatly in his mechanics, which Lu Li found quite impressive.

Lu Li had also improved greatly in every aspect of his game as well and was excited that everyone

had gotten better along with him.

"There hasn’t been anything super exciting that has happened yet. Both parties are still trying to test

the waters and size each other up. Hornet’s Nest and Sorrowless are both experts in Magic classes

and will showcase some of their skills today…" the commentator explained.

Unfortunately, no one was interested in what he was saying because they were all too focused on

the fight.

"Hornet’s Nest is looking to close the distance between Sorrowless and himself. Let’s see what he’s

looking to do."

"It might be scare tactics," the other commentator added.

"Will he succeed? Ah… too bad. The range on Frost Nova is 8 yards and Hornet’s Nest is frozen. Let’s

see how Sorrowless will follow up on this opening."

"He’s running away and creating distance? How far is he planning on going?"

"He’s out of his attack range; what is he planning to do?"

"I’m not sure what’s happening because Sorrowless can’t attack Hornet’s Nest from that distance."

The commentator was confused.   

"He’s at least 2 yards outside of his attack range!"

Two yards did not seem like much, but somehow, this became the key to his success.

Hornet’s Nest was slowed by the Water Elemental’s Frost Bolts and struggled to close the gap

between him and Sorrowless.

He had no choice but to use his speed boost skill, which was similar to Teleport. He instantly closed

the distance by 5 yards but was immediately hit by the Water Elemental’s Frost Nova.

Hornet’s Nest was frozen again and Sorrowless casted Teleport to increase the distance.

Lu Li was troubled because he realised how annoying Sorrowless’s kiting skills were.

Since the start of the match, Sorrowless hadn’t made any big plays. All he had done was cast Frost

Nova and kited Hornet’s Nest from the very start.

He must have been wearing equips that increased his attack range.

Sorrowless was wearing level 25 gear with many unorthodox Special Effects. However, most of his

gear was likely high-quality and therefore, he had created a very unique playstyle without sacrificing

any damage.

Hornet’s Nest was about to lose.

Even if he had other tricks up his sleeve, things weren’t looking too good for him.