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Chapter 315: Semifinals

Chapter 315: Semifinals

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As Lu Li expected, Sorrowless ultimately won the individual round.

However, Hornet’s Nest had proven to be quite a strong opponent and the round had taken over 10

minutes. Sorrowless’ tactic also barely won him the match, as he was only left with 30% HP after

Hornet’s Nest had fallen.

"I feel like Sorrowless’ skill has slipped a little. What do you think?" one of the commentators asked the


"I had the opportunity to commentate one of Sorrowless’ games four years ago. Compared to then, he

had definitely lost some of his edge. However, that is to be expected – Sorrowless hasn’t participated in

a competition for three years," the other commentator explained.

"Do you think he will ever be able to return to his original form? It’s been three years and he’s only

getting older." The commentator was boldly making wild conjectures about this player.

"We can’t rule out any possibilities, but he could just be feigning weakness," his partner helplessly


Lu Li, who was among the audience, shook his head. The possibility of him feigning weakness was just

too unlikely. When fighting Hornet’s Nest like that, even Lu Li would have had to give it his all unless he

wanted to be hopelessly defeated.

In fact, everyone seemed to have ignored one crucial detail. Sorrowless had only been playing Dawn for

a very short time.

It had barely been a week since Lu Li had killed him.

Others had at least a month of experience with this game, but he only had a week. Even though he had

the level and equipment advantage, it still would have been very difficult to defeat a great expert like

Hornet’s Nest.

His famous reputation truly did live up to the name!

The group round had now begun.

One side was composed of a Thief, Mage and Priest, while the other was composed of a Mage, Warlock

and Shaman.

These were very classic compositions. One was a classic all-rounder and the other was a classic Magic-

burst composition.

The fight was really exciting. Empty had all his mana burnt within four minutes of its commencement, so

he placed down a mana regeneration totem. However, it was quickly destroyed by Blood Dagger,

allowing almost none of his mana to be regenerated.

Lu Li squinted his eyes to see if Blood Dagger was using the same effect as his cloak, but it appeared to

be some kind of fake Shadow Step.

Without mana and anything to regenerate it, the tide of the match had been turned. Within two

minutes, Empty was knocked out which also signaled Seventh Heaven’s elimination from the


Now, all of the semifinal teams had been determined.

Peerless City, Drizzle Court, Xin Xin Mercenary Group and Glory Capital were the four groups to become

the Shadow Cup’s semifinalists.

The next matches would be first be randomly assigned. The two winning teams would then go on to

compete for first and second place while the two losing teams would compete for third place.

Thursday – the semifinals.

Lu Li had spent all of his free time farming and training. Before the semifinals began, he had reached

level 27. March Rain had also managed to level up – Lonesome Flower had coordinated with other

players and brought his sister farming whenever he could in the last two days.

Moonlight didn’t manage to get much EXP, so he was still level 25.

There were rumors that Blood Dagger had also made it to level 25. Now, Glory Capital had two level 25

players, both of which were the main players.

Drizzle Court’s Mage, Deadly Green Orange, was also level 25. Lu Li was certain of that.

The landladies had secretly sold out their guild before they all logged on. Because of her relationship to

Lu Xin, Dou Dou was more inclined towards Lu Li than her guild.

The situation with Peerless City was unclear. There were no guild members in their club, so they did a

good job of keeping their secrets.

Water Fairy sent a message to Lu Li when he logged on, asking what to do if they bumped into each

other in the semifinals.

Lu Li unhesitatingly told her to fight with everything she had.

At this point, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group’s glory wasn’t a matter for him to decide. Everyone was now

fervently watching the competition and all who had made it this far had gained considerable fame.

Everyone hoped that Lu Li and his team would get as far as possible, preferably winning the finals and

becoming Dawn’s first champions.

No one would rather not be a champion.

The competition had been running for 200 years and countless people had trained through blood, sweat

and tears for a chance at victory.

In a game as universal as Dawn, the championship title was even more significant.

However, on the other hand, Lu Li could have easily rigged the match. If they ran into the Drizzle Court,

he could easily pretend to lose if they were paid some money.

Of course, this was just a hypothetical.

Lu Li’s reply was simple. They would leave it up to their skills.

Water Fairy simply couldn’t figure out how Lu Li could avoid giving her a chance in spite of her beauty.

The competitors of each match were announced in the World Announcements.

Everyone had now seen the list.

Drizzle Court against Glory Capital and the Xin Xin Mercenary Group against Peerless City. Even these

opening fights were between powerful contenders.

Peerless City!

This three-year- old guild had stepped into the limelight this competitive season.

Countless people were waiting to see how far they would get, especially against the Xin Xin Mercenary


There were millions of people watching this game and each ticket was sold for over 1 hundred thousand

gold coins.

If the Xin Xin Mercenary Group received 10% of that, they would be 10-thousand- gold-coins, or 1-

million-dollars- richer!

The individual round was Lu Li against Green Flag Wine.

Lu Li couldn’t help but sigh; he wished it was Deadly Gold Underpants.

Deadly Gold Underpants was a Warrior and theoretically countered Thieves. However, he was Undead,

so Lu Li’s Silver Bracer would give 18% bonus damage against him.

In a sense, Lu Li had an advantage over all the Undead because of this bracer.

Green Flag Wine was a Blood Elf. Blood Elves and Night Elves were part of the same family and had a lot

of history in Dawn’s lore. This caused one of them to ultimately leave and join the Horde. Now, they had

a mutual dislike and were hostile towards each other.

"Lu Li’s situation is unfavorable. The Tire Killer has plate armor and is able to give himself HP."

This was the joint interpretation of the situation by Zhang Zhen and Dark Wind. They were obviously

trying to not favor either side in this duel.

"But let’s wait and see. Lu Li seems to be able to create miracles," Dark Wind added.

Meanwhile, in the match, Lu Li was just walking around. He had stunned Green Flag Wine, but didn’t

attack him.

"He appears to be trying to create some psychological pressure," Dark Wind explained. He was an

experienced analyst that was able to discern the heart of the matter. Some regular analysts would have

just concluded that Lu Li didn’t stand a chance.

Being stunned and waiting for your opponent to attack was not an easy thing to endure.

However, Green Flag Wine wasn’t a rookie. At least, the big screen close-up of his face didn’t appear to

show that he was anxious.

After 1 minute and 11 seconds, Lu Li finally attacked.

Premeditation, Cheap Shot and then an immediate Slit Throat!

He didn’t even wait for 4 combo points, which was full number of points that could be used with an

Ultimate Skill. Instead, he just took the opportunity that he had to attack.

The moment Slit Throat was cast, Green Flag Wine started to move again. He had used some kind of skill

that appeared to be from his equipment to remove the stun. He immediately casted Consecration the

moment he recovered from the stun.

There was nothing Lu Li could do but retreat.

His opponent could heal himself while his HP loss was basically permanent. Even after taking the

Bloodstained Badge back from Azure Sea Breeze, he wasn’t able to heal back to full health in such a

short period of time.