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Chapter 316: Even The Tire Killer Is Scared

Chapter 316: Even The Tire Killer Is Scared

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Green Flag Wine had to heal himself quite a few times before he could recover the damage that he had


"It looks like Lu Li’s damage has increased once again. Even a plate-armor profession is taking significant


Commentator Zhang Zhen expressed what everyone was thinking.

A regular Thief couldn’t even deal more than 100 damage to Green Flag Wine. However, Lu Li was

different – he had only used two damage skills but had managed to deal 320 damage. His Ultimate Skill

Slit Throat had even left a Bleed Effect behind.

"Lu Li’s attack is quite high, but he is unable to kill his opponent in the stun duration. It looks like the last

round of attacks were in vain," Dark Wind sighed.

To him, Lu Li looked like he was doomed.

He didn’t expect Tire Killer to make any mistakes – he was the Tire Killer after all. He was always

successful because he never made mistakes. Instead, he used his opponent’s mistakes to his advantage.

"I don’t think so."

Surprisingly, it was Zhang Zhen who had a differing opinion.

"Oh, what do you think of this match?" Dark Wind looked at him curiously. Zhang Zhen had been his

partner for a long time, but now it was like he was looking at a different person.

"I have studied Lu Li’s fights and have discovered that he has mastered a different fighting style for each

profession. These styles aren’t the smartest, but they are definitely effective," Zhang Zhen said


In fact, his guess was actually quite close. If Lu Li was able to explain himself, he would have told them

that this was his strategy.

There were specific strategies for PVE and specific strategies for PVP. Lu Li had learned about both in his

previous life.

After all his experience from his previous life, he had a method for dealing with any kind of opponent.

Of course, when these strategies were first developed, even regular players could bully gaming experts

who were not yet used to Dawn. However, after some time, this became much more difficult.

Otherwise, why would anyone pay the experts an annual salary of $1 million if anyone could beat them

by reading a strategy?

"Based on your conclusion, how do you think Lu Li can make a comeback?" Dark Wind asked.

"I don’t see a way." Zhang Zhen was a little embarrassed.

"I don’t see a way either," Dark Wind said calmly.

The second clash happened shortly after. Lu Li had taken the initiative once again and opened with Sap.

He then followed up with a string of skills that finished with a Backhand Backstab.

Green Flag Wine quickly recovered but was already down to 55% HP. He immediately healed himself

back to full HP with Holy Light.

There was nothing that Lu Li could do. He had run away before Green Flag Wine recovered and went

back into Stealth when he was separated from the fight.

His last attack was performed in vain once again.

Whether these attacks were actually in vain couldn’t be determined by the ordinary players. However,

there was also no shortage of professional players in the audience.

Azure Guard’s Stellar Union Silver Radiant was watching on in the stands. He didn’t need to pay for entry

because he was a professional player. Floral Paralysis was sitting next to him.

"If you were against Green Flag Wine, do you think you could win?" Stellar Union Silver Radiant asked.

"Previously not," Floral Paralysis said as he shook his head. "But now, I have some ideas. Although I

wouldn’t be able to guarantee a win, I would at least stand a chance."

"Oh, do you mean to say that Lu Li can beat Green Flag Wine?" Stellar Union Silver Radiant was shocked.

"I think so, as long as Lu Li doesn’t make any mistakes."

"What is he doing? Both attacks have been in vain. Green Flag Wine is still at full HP…"

"You mean his mana…" Stellar Union Silver Radiant suddenly cried out.

Apart from HP, mana was also something that needed to be considered for professional players.

"Yes, his HP is still full, but his mana is quickly depleting," Floral Paralysis said seriously.

Before a Paladin acquired either Beacon of Light or Seal of Wisdom, there was no way for them to

regenerate their mana. Under normal circumstances, a normal Paladin didn’t have to worry about their

mana when using Holy Light to heal themselves because it cost so little mana.

However, Green Flag Wine wasn’t a normal Paladin. Strictly speaking, he was a damage-dealing Paladin

that could heal.

He was called the Tire Killer because he would always heal himself while dealing damage.

Healing was secondary to damage for him.

After taking two attacks from Lu Li, Green Flag Wine had cast Holy Light 11 times. Although Holy Light

was one of the lowest-costing heals, he still needed to use at least 20 mana each time.

With more than 200 mana consumed, Green Flag Wine only had 70% of mana remaining.

There were still other ways to regenerate mana, such as the Blood Elf’s Arcane Torrent. This would

restore 6% of his mana, but had a 120 second cooldown. As such, it could really only be used up to three

times in a competition like this.

Green Flag Wine also had another method of regenerating mana. This required him to hit Lu Li, which

would then convert a portion of the damage to mana.

However, Lu Li didn’t give him any opportunities to attack.

Lu Li had taken about 70-80 damage, but the Bloodstained Badge was about to fully regenerate that.

Because Floral Paralysis could see this, Green Flag Wine soon also realized the same thing.

The great Tire Killer was running out of mana and getting tired himself. He then rushed forwards,

looking for a fight, but unfortunately, he was against a Thief.

Floral Paralysis who was watching this wretched strategy unfold couldn’t help but bow his head in

shame. He also recognized that he had a long way to go.

Lu Li was teaching everyone a lesson in a disgraceful way on the stage today.

In the future, other players would look to this match as the milestone for similar strategies. They would

think that Lu Li had opened up a whole new way for them to play the game. Many players would forcibly

make Lu Li the representative of their strategies and draw analogies between them and this game.

However, that was something to discuss later.

When Green Flag Wine’s mana dropped to 50%, he casted a major skill. A huge ring of fire was sent out

from his body which knocked Lu Li out of Stealth. Lu Li had only just cast Shadowmeld to enter Stealth.

As Green Flag Wine rushed towards him, Lu Li activated his shoes’ effect.

Lu Li vanished from the spot and appeared in another location 15 yards away.

What kind of ghost skill was that?

He was now too far away; there was no way that Green Flag Wine could catch him now.

The match had gone on for over three minutes. Previously, Green Flag Wine would have wanted the

match to go on for as long as possible, but now wished that he could have a proper fight.

Lu Li had two exquisite pieces of equipment that improved his Stealth while Green Flag Wine had no

such improvements. There was just no way for him to detect Lu Li.

He could only just stand there and get attacked again and again.

Lu Li just kept hitting and running. He never got greedy, so he gave no opportunity for a counter-attack.