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Chapter 317: Entering The Finals

Chapter 317: Entering The Finals

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Five minutes into the match, Green Flag Wine could only hope that Lu Li made a mistake.

In his experience, people weren’t robots, which meant that they made mistakes. The key difference was

that some mistakes made were too small to be capitalized on by an opponent, while other mistakes

were self-evident.

With Vanish, Shadowmeld, Gale Steps, Sprint, his shoes’ effect and his glove’s effect, Lu Li had more

than enough mobility skills and equipment to engage in guerrilla battle.

Sometimes, he would also use his dagger’s effect, creating another identical Lu Li to join the fun.

The mirage’s damage wasn’t very high, but it could still accumulate. Things were quite difficult for Green

Flag Wine in those 20 seconds, as he was afraid of being killed by Lu Li’s crowd-control combo. As such,

he had no choice other than to use some stronger skills to heal himself.

The stronger skills had a better healing effect, but they also costed more mana.

After 18 minutes of Lu Li working his strategy, Green Flag Wine’s mana was now completely empty.

It cost him mana to heal himself, but he would die if he didn’t heal himself. The famous Tire Killer had

been tired out.

This kind of tiring out was even more traditional than when Purple Lunar Paradise’ Lone Smoker Long

did it to Moonlight.

In the individual round, Lu Li defeated Green Flag Wine.

After an hour of rest, Lu Li reluctantly regenerated his HP and mana before going on stage to compete in

the group round.

As someone who grew up poor, he had the tenacity to do hard labor for hours at a time. On the other

hand, Green Flag Wine couldn’t keep up; he had spent too much energy and was more tired than Lu Li.

His fatigue could be visibly seen while he was on stage.

Lu Li looked at Moonlight who nodded in understanding.

They were going to take advantage of his ailment. The arena was no place for gentlemen. If they

couldn’t break through and take advantage of Green Flag Wine, then they really did deserve to lose.

Lu Li and Moonlight immediately rushed towards Green Flag Wine while March Rain ran into the

opposing team and cast Soul Shriek.

The entire battlefield was in chaos, but Lu Li and Moonlight were fine. Lu Li then crowd-controlled Green

Flag Wine and began hitting him with Moonlight. Even if they had a dedicated healer, it wouldn’t have

helped, so their loss couldn’t be attributed to their composition.

Deadly Gold Underpants rushed in for the rescue but was hit by Moonlight’s Frightening Shout, disabling

him for a few more seconds.

Soon, the group round was over. It wasn’t even as exciting as the previous individual round.

The lasting impression that everyone had was that Lu Li and Moonlight’s combined damage was

overpowered. Green Flag Wine was a plate-armored profession and yet, his HP had dropped so quickly.

He was basically killed within one rotation of skills.

Peerless City had been eliminated in the semifinals and the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had entered the


When this was announced, even Lu Li couldn’t believe it, let alone the other players.

Just like that, they had made it into the finals?

As the days passed, so many things had happened that they began to blur together. Lu Li was slowly

losing the ability to discern between what had happened in his past life and what was happening now.

He mostly still felt like he was a very ordinary person.

He had just worked really hard so he could earn some money.

The finals, the championship… he couldn’t even have imagined this before; it was like a dream that he

was about to wake up from. Before he could even make sense of it, there were people telling him that

he had made it into the finals and telling him to prepare to fight for the championship title.

"How about you log off and rest for a bit?" Moonlight knew how tired Lu Li was. He was also exhausted

after his fight with Lone Smoker Long.

"Its fine. Drizzle Court and Glory Capital will be facing off in half an hour; let’s go watch them. I don’t

know if I can get a ticket though." Getting tickets was now a really difficult task.

"You can just ask the organizers." Moonlight looked at him strangely.

He was once again reassured that Lu Li was truly unfamiliar with professional scene. If another

professional player heard that Lu Li was rushing to buy tickets like an ordinary player, they would

definitely be rolling on the floor in laughter.

There was still no formal confirmation that Lu Li was a professional player, but Lu Li’s team of three had

fought their way into the spotlight and were now the stars of this tournament.

No matter how the professional associations tried to spin it, they wouldn’t be able to shut them out.

Lu Li tried to apply through the System channel and was able to receive free access to the arena and all

kinds of other privileges.

After they entered, they were sent into the competitors mat. This area was separate from the audience

and provided a better view of the arena. It also let them avoid the awkwardness of being surrounded by

the ordinary players.

Lu Li didn’t really have any connections, so he had never experienced this kind of star treatment before.

The individual round was going to be Blood Dagger against Water Fairy.

This was Dawn’s most commonly sent-out profession for the individual round. It was also going to be a

Thief on Thief battle.

Water Fairy had previously lost to Wood Fearing, but she had maintained her composure and was now

facing Blood Dagger.

It was hard to say whether Blood Dagger or Wood Fearing was stronger. In Lu Li’s memories, they both

had their moments of victory and defeat, but overall, Blood Dagger seemed to be a little stronger.

Others thought that Blood Dagger was stronger than Wood Fearing because he was backed by Glory


Gods of Dusk was ranked third while Glory Capital was ranked first. There was a completely different

amount of resources available.

Regardless, in terms of technique, Wood Fearing was still pretty good.

In terms of equipment, Water Fairy didn’t seem to be much weaker than Blood Dagger.

Her equipment had been personally crafted by Lu Li, such that even Lu Li was drooling over them. Her

other equipment must have been at least of a Superior Silver level; she wasn’t lacking in money after all.

However, Blood Dagger was now level 25. This brought about some earth-shaking differences.

In a Thief on Thief battle, initiative was key.

From Lu Li’s spectator perspective, he could see both of their actions and movements. This kind of high-

level showdown was also very instructive to him.

Water Fairy’s necklace glittered as she rushed straight at Blood Dagger.

This necklace must have added a lot of Detection. Lu Li refused to believe that Blood Dagger didn’t have

any Stealth-enhancing equipment on him. Even so, he had still been detected by Water Fairy.

Water Fiary started with a Cheap Shot, and followed this up with a Backstab.

She achieved an impressive Skill Completion and dealt significant damage. It also applied an Armor

Pierce effect.

Blood Dagger decisively casted Gale Steps and the both of them went back into Stealth. Water Fairy’s

necklace seemed to be on cooldown as she wasn’t moving like before.

Next was a test of positioning.

Both of these Thieves were really strong, but ultimately, it was Water Fairy who was a little weaker. She

walked right past Blood Dagger who cast Sap on her.

Blood Dagger than cast Cheap Shot followed by a Backstab. His Skill Completion wasn’t much less than

Water Fairy’s, but his damage was lower. There seemed to also be an equipment disparity between the

two of them.

Water Fairy then also used Gale Steps, which was to be expected.

However, these Gale Steps weren’t being used to escape, but rather to attack. The moment the skill

took effect, Water Fairy used her cloak’s effect to appear directly behind Blood Dagger.

This cloak was sold to her by Lu Li and was one of the many drops he had received after repeatedly

farming Illidan’s shadow.

Not only had it dropped a couple of Shadow Cloak skills, but also two cloaks.

Blood Dagger had been crowd-controlled once again, but this time he didn’t have Gale Steps. As such,

he could only passively take the damage while he was still under the crowd control’s effect.

His HP dropped rapidly but Water Fairy didn’t have to ability to kill him in one shot. Blood Dagger casted

Vanish and disappeared from Water Fairy’s clutches. If her Slit Throat had a higher Skill Completion and

had applied a Bleed effect, then Blood Dagger would have died.

If there was a Bleed effect, he would have been revealed after Vanish had taken effect.

"What do you think?" Moonlight asked Lu Li.

"Blood Dagger is not much stronger than this," Lu Li laughed in response.

Moonlight was silent for a moment before asking, "Who do you think our next opponents will be?"

"It’s hard to say. In this individual round, Water Fairy is probably going to win; her equipment is just too

good. That necklace is just broken against Thieves." Lu Li felt really strongly towards that item.

In addition to the necklace, Water Fairy’s exquisite weapons had been forged by Lu Li. He wasn’t sure if

he had created a trap for himself.