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Chapter 318: Calling Out Lu Li

Chapter 318: Calling Out Lu Li

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Blood Dagger could only close this gap with his skill. He had excellent technique with his dagger and his

normal attacks would deal almost the maximum amount of damage.

When he wasn’t affected by crowd-control, he would block Water Fairy as often as he could.

Blocking was the most common way to fight a Thief. There was no use of skills; it only required reaction

speed and coordination. Successful blocks could significantly reduce the opponent’s Skill Completion. A

fight between high-level thieves basically came down to how well one could block.

Blood Dagger was doing very well in that regard.

Unfortunately, the difference created due to the skills and equipment was just too much. His playstyle

was also too aggressive, which prevented him from making a proper comeback. He didn’t have Wood

Fearing’s finesse nor did he have Lu Li or Floral Paralysis’ aggression.

As a result, his HP was rapidly dropping.

A white glow appeared at Water Fairy’s feet; he had 0% HP left and the match was over.

In the individual round, Water Fairy had defeated Blood Dagger.

Of the seven great thieves and Lu Li, they had all faced each other at least once. Not one of them was

obviously better than the rest, with each of them having their own wins and losses.

For example, Water Fairy had defeated Blood Dagger, but she had lost at the hands of Wood Fearing.

However, Wood Fearing had also once said in an interview that he was most afraid of Blood Dagger.

In the group rounds, it was Drizzle Court against Glory Capital.

Drizzle Court had a long history of being a famous, but relatively weak guild.

They were famous because their members were all girls and most of them were quite beautiful. As long

as there were men in this world, there would definitely be people interested in their guild.

However, due to their female temperament, they faced some disadvantages in this game.

As such, they were always seen a just a bunch of casual girl gamers playing together.

This situation persisted until Water Fairy came along. This mysterious tycoon had started gaming at 15

and later joined Drizzle Court, helping them grow into a large guild. When she turned 18, she was

secretly transferred to the club.

But what truly brought Drizzle Court into fame was the expensive Deadly Green Orange.

Deadly Green Orange was once one of the core players of Peacetime Dynasty, but had been picked up

by Drizzle Court for $2.1 million. This set a sensational new record for the highest-paid female player.

The Priest Star Baby was also someone who had been bought by Water Fairy. She was cheaper, as she

was bought from a medium sized guild, but she had an outstanding performance in her first year of

competing. After Water Fairy spread a few rumors, Star Baby didn’t even get to see the end of her


Both teams consisted of Thief, Mage and Priest. The group round of the competition had begun!

Lu Li finally got to see how Deadly Green Orange played. This girl appeared feminine but was relentlessly

strong. The only comparison he could make was that she was the female Sorrowless.

After the match started, it didn’t immediately turn into a one-sided situation. There were six experts on

the field.

After 1 minute and 40 seconds, Water Fairy took initiative and crowd-controlled Sorrowless. Deadly

Green Orange then attacked him with everything she had and quickly dropped him near to 0% HP.

In that moment, the Glory Capital’s White Westhill furiously channeled for 10 uninterrupted seconds to

restore his HP back to 80% with a single skill.

That was over half of his HP!

Lu Li had a headache watching this. Now that they had come this far, everyone seemed to have some

kind of trump card.

Of course, he also had one of his own. He was able to turn into a leopard, which was still a secret to

everyone. He didn’t know what those Imperial Secret Service players were thinking, but he had yet to be


After their unsuccessful attack on Sorrowless, Drizzle Court had lost their advantage. Blood Dagger had

been attacking Star Baby whose HP was now down to half. The tides were turning.

Star Baby then cast Soul Shriek to protect herself.

Blood Dagger used his Shadow Cloak to block this skill, while Sorrowless was too far away for it to affect


Most people didn’t think that Glory Capital would win so easily. Within 3 minutes and 10 seconds, they

had killed Drizzle Court’s Priest, laying the foundations of their victory.

Although Water Fairy and Deadly Green Orange had also bursted down White Westhill, it was already

too late. Their HP was far lower than that of Blood Dagger’s and Sorrowless’.

At 3 minutes and 40 seconds, a golden shroud surrounded the stage, declaring Glory Capital the winner

of the match and a finalist of the championship.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group and Glory Capital were now fighting for the championship, with the loser

taking second place. Drizzle Court would then fight Peerless City to determine the third and fourth


After the match, both sides accepted the interview.

"Drizzle Court just missed out on the finals; is there anything you would like to say?" the reporter asked

Water Fairy first. After all, she was a beauty.

"Our team did really well this season. I’m really happy that we managed to get this far. I believe we’ll be

able to do better next season," Water Fairy said without hesitation.

Her words weren’t insincere; Drizzle Court hadn’t even made it into the quarterfinals last season.

"If you had entered the finals, you would have had to face the Xin Xin Mercenary Group. Do you think

you could have won?" the reporter asked.

Water Fairy blinked before glancing to the side and saying, "You should probably ask them that


The reporter’s question had been rejected, but he calmly turned to the Glory Capital players. "

Great Guru Sorrowless, how are you? I haven’t seen you in these circumstances for a while. How do you

think the next match will go?"

"I hope to fight Lu Li in the individual round for a proper showdown," Blood Dagger said before

Sorrowless could respond.

The reporter was a little surprised. It was rare that someone would directly call out another player like

that. However, after looking at the other players’ calm expressions, the reporter realized that there

must have been an underlying story.

Eager to find out more, the reporter eagerly prompted, "Can you elaborate on why you want that?"

He had initially wanted to refuse to answer the question, but he felt like he didn’t have any way to do

that, so he reluctantly responded, "I’ve lost to Lu Li once and was killed by him."

"Are you trying to rob me of my opportunity?" Sorrowless laughed. "I’ve been killed by him too…"

The reported jumped in shock.

As a journalist who didn’t play the game, he knew a lot about Lu Li. He knew that Lu Li was an expert

who had come out of nowhere and he knew how Lu Li had an excellent record of achievements.

However, none of these were personal experiences and he simply couldn’t believe some of it.

However, he was absolutely shocked when he heard a direct confession from someone’s mouth.

How could they possibly be making a joke out of this?

There must have been something wrong with his brain; this just couldn’t be true.