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Chapter 319: A Female Tycoon Lending Equipment

Chapter 319: A Female Tycoon Lending Equipment

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"Can you shed more light on the situation?"

This question wasn’t necessary to the interview, but the reporter had succumbed to his curiosity. He

really wanted to know what had happened.

It was too bad that Sorrowless kept laughing while Blood Dagger shook his head and said, "There’s

nothing much to say; we just lost to him."

"But you hope to see Lu Li in the individual round?" The reporter bitterly smiled. He had no way of

getting these experts to talk, especially given the mood that they were in.

"Yeah, and I also hope that Lu Li won’t avoid this challenge. It’s likely that the Xin Xin Mercenary Group

will be sending him out anyway," Blood Dagger said indifferently.

"Are you confident that you will be able to defeat Lu Li?" the reporter asked.

Water Fairy who was standing off to the side scoffed; his next words were going to be meaningless.

He couldn’t even defeat her, so what hope did he having of defeating Lu Li? Although she was

pretending to maintain an air of elegance, she was still upset that they had lost to at hands of Glory


Blood Dagger mustn’t have seen her; he faced the camera lens and stated, "Regardless of my chances, I

will fight him fairly with my all."

There was a strong emphasis on the word ‘fairly’. Clearly, he was referring to the time when Lu Li and

Lucky Southern Persian had banded together to defeat him.

After the competition, Lu Li went back to farming. To him, this was like any other day; it was as if the

next day wasn’t the championship finals. Moonlight was about to go to the Warsong Canyon before he

was invited by March Rain to learn some of the harder techniques. She seemed to be the only normal

one out of the three.

"Where are you?" Water Fairy’s message didn’t waste any time on useless talk.

This was a beautiful woman without a single bit of affection. Who knew if there will be anyone in the

future who would be able to change her?

"Scorched Plains, killing fire wolves," Lu Li responded.

Ten minutes later, a cold flash was directed at Lu Li’s neck.

The attack was cunning and silent, but ultimately not successful. The moment the dagger was about to

make contact, Lu Li, who was fighting a monster, instantly warped to another location 10 yards away.

"Is that what you used against Green Flag Wine?" Water Fairy gave up on her test.

"Hmph." Lu Li quickly finished off the monster he was fighting and stopped for a moment to reply

indifferently, "What are you here for? Do you want to farm together or something?"

"No, I just want to ask you. Are you confident in fighting Blood Dagger?" Water Fairy shook her head.

Lu Li hesitated before saying, "Didn’t you just beat him? Don’t you think I’ll be able to as well?"

At this level, it was difficult to be fully confident. Of course, Lu Li was just being cautious.

"The only reason I beat him was because my equipment was better and I got lucky. How would I know if

you can beat him? I thought you were confident?" Water Fairy responded.

To her, Lu Li was really mysterious and always did the unexpected.

"It’s better to be careful, but I don’t think I will lose." Lu Li noticed that a fire wolf had respawned next

to him. He attacked it as he spoke, completely disregarding the beautiful player that was standing next

to him.

Water Fairy didn’t have anything to say. After some thought, she started to take off…

"What are you doing?" Lu Li asked in shock. He then got hit by the fire wolf multiple times.

If it weren’t for his exquisite equipment, he probably would have died.

Anyone watching would have been equally perturbed. A female tycoon was undressing in front of him.

"Give me your equipment." Water Fairy stared at him, as if he had done something wrong. She was

telling a stranger to take off his clothes in front of her; she must have gone insane.

Of course, you couldn’t remove all clothing unless there was a very specific reason for doing so.

Otherwise, there would just be a single layer of cotton clothing underneath that looked like pajamas. It

didn’t expose much skin, but it did reveal a person’s body shape more so than if they were just wearing

the normal leather clothing.

Water Fairy’s body shape was quite shapely; she had matured well in every sense. However, Lu Li’s

attention was fixed on the equipment that was being traded to him.

Dawn’s equipment could be worn by either gender, but it would appear slightly differently when

different genders were wearing them. The female version was a little prettier while the male version

looked more masculine.

The shirt was a level 25 Silver-grade that gave bonus attack as its special effect. This was a completely

different style to what Lu Li had and he rejected it after some thought.

He also rejected the Bracer without even looking at it. He would never give up his bracer that gave him

bonus damage against the Undead. Blood Dagger was an Undead, so he would definitely be able to

enjoy his Bracer’s effects.

The shoes, belt and shoulder pads weren’t necessarily better than Lu Li’s, so he traded those back as


"You should find this necklace useful and this… ring," Water Fairy offered as she held out the ring in her

hands. Lu Li finally realized the significance of these pieces of jewelry.

After looking at the pendant, he found out that he was right. It had an activated effect that increased

Detection by 30%. It couldn’t be compared to Stellar Union Silver Radiant’s item, but its activated effect

was quite comparable.

Lu Li traded for the necklace before accepting the ring.

Obviously, he didn’t trade his Supreme Ring, nor could he anyway. He traded over another ring instead.

Water Fairy’s ring had pretty good attributes and also gave bonus Armor Break and Critical Hit. These

attributes could be considered one of the best among all rings. Who knew how much money she had

spent on this?

There was also the headgear. Lu Li’s headgear wasn’t bad, but it just couldn’t compare to Water Fairy’s.

It gave Detection and also immunity to Crowd Control effects, although it had to be activated before the

skill landed to take effect. It had a duration of 5 seconds and wouldn’t work if activated too early or too

late. It had a very high technique requirement and Water Fairy was unable to successfully use it during

her match. However, Lu Li really liked this item.

"I’ll lend you my gloves as well. Remember to give them back," Water Fairy said as she reluctantly took

off her gloves.

She had already given him such a strong ring and she still had something even more exquisite? Lu Li

accepted immediately, eager to see what it was like.

Hunter’s Gloves (Gold): Armor 28, Agility +20, Strength +10, Special Effect 1: Equipment Requirements

reduced by 20%, Special Effect 2: Attacks have a certain probability of silencing the target for three

seconds. Special Effect 3: Disarm, cause the target to be unable to use weapon effects for 3 seconds. 120

second cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 30, Durability: 64/64.

It was a Gold equipment!

It even had its Equipment Requirement reduced to level 24 because of its effect.

No wonder Sorrowless was affected by Water Fairy’s crowd control. Lu Li had been wondering what was

happening the whole time he was watching. He also noticed that she had somehow disabled Blood

Dagger’s weapon effect. At the time, he suspected she had some kind of trump skill.

However, he didn’t think it was actually an exquisite piece of level 30 Gold equipment.

He was actually a little frustrated. Lu Li looked at his own equipment and realized that beyond the

Supreme Ring, he didn’t have a single piece of equipment that was comparable to his rival’s gloves.