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Chapter 320: Swapping Around The Equipment

Chapter 320: Swapping Around The Equipment

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Equipment requirement reduction was necessary to access equipment in the next tier. Although it didn’t

affect the effects of the equipment itself, it could still double the value of an item.

Otherwise, Lu Li wouldn’t be drooling at the sight of these level 30 Gold gloves.

The ability to silence was such a useful skill; it would be perfect for disarming Sorrowless. It must have

had a low occurrence rate for such a low-level equip to possess such an overpowered ability.

No wonder the female tycoon was reluctant.

Normally, Gold equipment was very difficult to acquire. One had to either fight a high level Wild Boss or

perform a very cumbersome test. Even then, there was a very low drop rate.

He didn’t know how Drizzle Court had gotten their hands on this equipment, nor did he have plans to


In return, Lu Li was planning to trade his level 25 Exquisite Silver equipment. It was much stronger than

the level 15 Steel equipment that he was holding and also applied a Bleed Effect.

Water Fairy’s two badges were rather ordinary, but Lu Li borrowed one of them to reduce Freeze

duration. This could be useful to provide some resistance against the Mage’s ice skills.

A headgear, dagger, necklace, glove, badge and ring…

"I’ll be taking these six items. I guess I owe you one?" Lu Li had planned to further express his gratitude

but he found himself unable to do it. She had just been too generous and Lu Li had no way of refusing.

With regards to Blood Dagger, if he had a 60% chance of winning before, he now had an 80% chance of


In a duel of this caliber, any bonus attributes or effects provided significant value. If the value had to be

put into monetary terms, it would easily be in the billions.

"A favour? Does that mean you’ll do whatever I tell you?" Water Fairy burst out laughing. She had

shown quite a few different emotions today and had even cracked a joke.

"Uh…" Lu Li was a little embarrassed; he had never really experienced true friendship before. He could

barely understand males, so females were like wild animals to him.

"Alright, I’ll get going. Let me cash in on that favor as well; make sure you beat Glory Capital. Don’t let

them get first place, but give the equipment back to me first. The first match tomorrow is mine against

Peerless City." Water Fairy wasn’t trying to embarrass him, so she moved on when she sensed the


"Oh, okay," Lu Li quickly traded the equipment back to her.

"…" Water Fairy suddenly regretted her actions. She hadn’t really thought this through.

What was she doing? Had she just exchanged her clothes with a guy?

Where was her usual elegance? Where was her usual posture? Impulse really was the devil.

In reality, it didn’t really matter to Drizzle Court if either the Glory Capital or the Xin Xin Mercenary

Group got first place. She and Lu Li didn’t even have that deep of a friendship either and were just

cooperating while it was convenient.

Lu Li hesitated for a moment before putting all his equipment on show for Water Fairy. He hadn’t held

anything back other than the Supreme Ring.

"Your equipment is not bad. Not only do you have Amor Pierce, but you even have a Phantom Image. I’d

like to play with that." The Corrupted Fang was borrowed.

"Wow, this is also really good. You can get so much bonus damage!" The Wristwraps of Undead Slaying

were also borrowed.

"This badge’s level is so low, but it has such a good effect. Where did it come from?" The Bloodstained

Badge was also borrowed and was now hanging on the female tycoon’s chest. As Lu Li’s eyes glanced

over her chest, his eyes lingered for just a single moment.

"It was a quest reward." Lu Li had no intention of mentioning Medivh.

"What about the ring?" Water Fairy’s face became a little flushed when she asked this question.

However, it wasn’t that red and you could only see it if you were watching carefully.

"Show it," said Water Fairy. Lu Li was helpless.

"Wow, you’re so dishonorable. You clearly have another ring on. It’s right there…"

She had just shown her opponent all of her equipment and felt like she should have been afforded the

same treatment.

"It’s bound; I can’t take it off," Lu Li sighed.

"Tsh, bound?" Water Fairy asked incredulously.

There was once a game that bound any item that was equipped. These items couldn’t be dropped or

damaged, but that game later went out of business.

There were also bound items in the current conventional games, but these were limited to the

particularly exquisite ones. Water Fairy couldn’t help but wonder whether it was an Epic Equipment, a

Legendary Equipment or perhaps even some kind of high-end God item?

"You can use the others, but just remember to look for me after your match." Lu Li started to feel a bit

of regret.

If this tycoon just logged off or ignored him, he would basically have to face Sorrowless or Blood Dagger

naked. That scene was too scary to imagine.

Water Fairy then straightforwardly took the items and started equipping them.

She had actually only taken three items – a Dagger, a Bracer and a Badge. Her other equipment was all

better than what Lu Li had. She also had a different fighting style to Lu Li, which meant that they used

different equipment.

A male and a female exchanging clothes was not an innocuous matter.

Fortunately, this was a level 30 mob area, which meant that there was no chance that anyone would be

here. Otherwise, someone would have recorded this and posted it to the forums where it would cause

an uproar.

The next day, Drizzle Court would battle Peerless City.

The Tire Killer was still level 24 as he was unable to farm up in time. As such, he was easily beaten by

Water Fairy who also had the borrowed equipment.

When a second Water Fairy appeared on the field, even the most reasonable people in the audience

cried out.

"Lu Li you actually lent your equipment to Water Fairy?! How shameless are you?"

This Phantom Image must have come from a really rare piece of equipment. How could there be more

than one?

It didn’t take much to figure out that this female tycoon was cheating. How could Green Flag Wine not

get angry?

This wasn’t an official rule among professional circles, but it was an unspoken agreement. After all, no

one wanted anyone riding off each other’s backs.

However, Water Fairy had turned a blind eye to that and was dealing damage that even Lu Li couldn’t

compete with. She quickly crushed Green Flag Wine.

Water Fairy had won the individual round while Green Flag Wine looked like he had aged a few years. As

a veteran, suffering such a crushing defeat must have had a significant psychological effect on him.

In reality, this was quite a normal occurrence. Dawn had innovated many different aspects compared to

the conventional games, so each professional player needed to adapt to the new styles of combat. This

was especially so for Green Flag Wine, who was such a consistent fighter. It took him much longer to

adapt to his combat style compared to the newer players. However, once he adapted, he would be able

to stand up to any trial.

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Chapter 321: Blood Dagger and His Revenge

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The group match consisted of a Thief, Mage and Priest playing against a team of Warrior, Priest and


Unlike Glory Capital, Peerless City didn’t make a comeback in the group match. However, it wasn’t an easy

victory for Drizzle Court either – they almost lost the match.

Fortunately, Water Fairy was using Lu Li’s dagger. At the most critical moment of the match, she managed

to escape from the cornered situation and saved her life.

In the Shadow Cup this season, Peerless City had come in at fourth place, while Drizzle Court was placed


The time for the final match had now arrived.

The final round in this season of the Shadow Cup was quite strange.

One of the teams in the finals had been gone for three years, and were now aiming to make a comeback.

On the other hand, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group was renowned as a bug in the game.

However, their entrance into the finals has truly brought them popularity. PVE players admired Lu Li for the

First Clears that he took and at the same time, their competition success earned them respect from the PVP


Right now, countless people were keenly awaiting the outcome.

They were also expectantly waiting for Lu Li’s guild to form.

Thousands of people had planned to apply for the guild as soon as it was formed.

As such, Lu Li’s guild had a much stronger start compared to the other guilds.

The leaders of the other big guilds sat in the bar, while they held back their tears in memories of the ‘good

old days’ and complained about the loyalty of the average players.

Wasn’t it just a few First Clears?

Wasn’t it just the final round of Shadow Cup?

What was so amazing it about all?

It was quite an achievement for them to have entered the final round, and the big guilds were all very

envious of this.

There was nothing they could do to bring them down anymore; they were already in the finals now.

From another perspective, a guild entering the finals was less embarrassing than a mercenary group doing


Not to mention, the formation of Lu Li’s guild was unstoppable.

Which guild had so much discussion when it was first formed?

There was no doubt that as long as Lu Li’s guild caught up in levels, there would be a constant stream of

people applying for it.

Some guilds who were on bad terms with Lu Li, such as the Imperial Secret Service, had already joined

together for a discussion about what to do with this situation.

Were there any possible ways to slow down his development?

After a lot of thought, it seemed like none of the usual tactics would work. Lu Li was too popular!


If the Xin Xin Mercenary Group really won the championship, the forces in the gaming industry would really

start to change.

They also thought about the information that had leaked out from Drizzle Court and Peerless City. It

seemed as though Lu Li and Water Fairy had shared equipment.

This dirty couple!

All those who heard about this information were angry, but in reality, they were filled with fear.

Water Fairy’s gear was simply too good.

Could Glory Capital emerge victorious?

The crowd didn’t need to wait for long; the Shadow Cup had always been known for its punctuality. After

the battle between Drizzle Court and Peerless City, the curtain was raised for the Finals.

Before the match began, there was a short interview.

The reporter kept his questions short and asked Lu Li first, "It must be your first time attending a game

competition like this, right?"

Many people questioned if Lu Li was an expert gamer in disguise. This wasn’t just an impossible assumption

– perhaps he was an expert gamer who hadn’t played for many years, or who had plastic surgery.

"It’s my first time participating in a competition like this," Lu Li answered honestly.

"How do you feel about the competition this time?"

"Very remarkable. Hmm, the prize money is very rewarding too," Lu Li said.

"Blood Dagger wants to have a single match against you. Will you accept his challenge?"

"Maybe." Lu Li glanced at the others who also sat in this room.

Opposite to him was the Priest, White Westhill, who kept his head down like a meditating monk. Blood

Dagger stared at Lu Li, with the lust for battle written all over his face, while Sorrowless remained


It seemed as though Sorrowless had already found out who assassinated him. This was quite normal –

there were many in the Alliance faction who knew about what had happened. One of them must have

given away the information. With the amount of power that Glory Capital wielded, there was no way that

they would be kept in the dark about this.

Lu Li wasn’t afraid either; he pulled up the corner of his lips and smiled in return.

The reporter continued to ask more questions; there was a lot of questions for the two teams that had

made it into the finals.

Although there were six players in the room, none of them were the talkative type. As such, the interview

was extremely one-sided – the contestants only gave responses based on the questions they were asked.

Sometimes, they didn’t even bother answering at all. The reporter was obviously relieved when the

interview finally ended and escaped from the room without even looking back.

Lu Li took up the challenge in the single match.

It was a duel between two Thieves.

Blood Dagger was very cautious; he had even changed his equipment. The guild had managed to find a few

equips for him that buffed his Stealth ability.

Unfortunately, the preparation was rushed - none of these equips had extraordinary attributes, so there

was no guarantee that he wouldn’t be detected by Lu Li.

By now, everyone knew that the Xin Xin Mercenary Group was working together with Drizzle Court. Water

Fairy had exchanged some of her gear with Lu Li and had successfully won against Peerless City. There was

no doubt that Lu Li would have some of Water Fairy’s gear on him as well.

Water Fairy’s detection abilities were truly terrifying; Blood Dagger had to swap out two of his equips to

decrease his chance of being caught.

But was that really enough to protect him?

The Sap that landed on his head was a clear indication that he was too naive.

Blood Dagger wasn’t impressed; he should’ve kept onto his old equipment. The extra Stealth attributes did

nothing for him.

Lu Li didn’t hold back all; he found his chance to attack and so, he did.

Blood Dagger used Gale Steps to block the spell as he turned around to attack Lu Li.

Lu Li’s reaction wasn’t any slower than his. There was no need for Lu Li to force a fight, so he teleported a

dozen yards away and went into Stealth with Shadowmeld.

Both of them were in Stealth again and it seemed as though nothing had changed from the start, except for

the fact that Blood Dagger had used his Gale Steps. However, anyone with a sharp eye could tell that he

was at a disadvantage.

The comeback was fast – it was Blood Dagger who caught Lu Li the second time.

The necklace from Water Fairy was already on cooldown. Under the circumstance where they both had

gear to increase their Stealth and there weren’t any major difference between them, the deciding factor

would be their positioning, technique and luck.

Lu Li didn’t hesitate; he used Gale Steps too.

Seeing that Lu Li had used Gale Steps without even thinking twice, Blood Dagger suddenly felt sympathetic

towards him – they were the same type of player.

There was no way that an average player would use their skills so easily. Carelessly using a skill like Gale

Steps would mean that they had lost their advantage.

None of them really thought too deeply about this though – once they died, their skills would become

pointless as well.

Lu Li didn’t allow Blood Dagger to crowd-control him. Although Blood Dagger didn’t use Kidney Strike in the

group matches or in his fight against Water Fairy, Lu Li knew that he definitely had the skill and was most

likely planning to use it as his trump card.

After he used Gale Steps, Lu Li entered an invincible state.

Blood Dagger quickly vanished. If he didn’t use Vanish, Lu Li would definitely run over and catch him.

After he lost Blood Dagger, Lu Li wasn’t in a rush, but slowly searched for the position of his opponent.

Perhaps the Goddess of Luck favored Blood Dagger; he still struck first in their third encounter, but Lu Li

had backup plans as well. He activated the special effect on his helmet.

This helmet was from Water Fairy.

It increased his detection ability and also came with a one-time effect that allowed him to become immune

to crowd-control effects. However, it had to be activated before the skill landed on him. The effect lasted

for five seconds and the time could not be shortened or extended.

He couldn’t be immune to Sap, but he could be immune to Cheap Shot instead.

Blood Dagger was shocked to see that his four second stun had lost its effect.