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Chapter 323: Exchange

Chapter 323: Exchange

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The group match began an hour after the single match!

Lu Li’s motivational words to Moonlight were simple: "It doesn’t matter who you are or what happened in

the past – you’ve returned to put everyone under your feet."

He then said to March Rain, "You’ve practiced long enough. It must be tiring, but this is the day that you’ve

been waiting for."

Then Lu Li told himself, "Fate gave you a second chance. There’s no need to hold onto grudges from the

past, but you’ve got to make the best you can out of your life, and this is your chance."

He had only reincarnated, so he didn’t magically gain the abilities he didn’t have in previous life.

The lottery sounded like an easy option, but it was incredibly hard for someone to actually remember the

prize number for a particular season.

He didn’t dare to try and change federal events with his future knowledge either; this wasn’t something he

could intervene with.

He only knew how to play games and he also liked playing games. All he needed to do was to be the best at

what he could manage.

The two teams stood facing each other on the stage. In comparison to the calm expressions of the Glory

Capital’s team, the team members from the Xin Xin Mercenary Group looked very anxious.

Only those who understood the situation knew that they weren’t as calm as they seemed.

To be fair, it was enough for the Xin Xin Mercenary Group to reach this stage. It wouldn’t make too much of

a difference if they proceeded further.

Although popularity was important, it was crucial that they would be able to process it.

Entering the top hundred was enough for a big guild – guilds that reached the round of 16 would be famous

enough to form their own guild and club.

There were pros and cons of becoming the champion.

However, for the Glory Capital, this was a different case. They had been the leading guild for many years

and their pillar of support, Sorrowless, had even stepped forward to lead the team himself. If he lost the

championship, it would damage both his reputation and his guild’s.

Glory Capital had been the only leading guild in the Horde Faction of Dawn. As such, there were a countless

number of other guilds who were quite unhappy about this.

The prosperity of a guild required money, but there were too many rich people in the game. You could tell

this just by looking at those who had recently tried to collaborate with Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

If you needed a celebrity contestant, you could hunt for them elsewhere, as long as you made a big enough

offer and painted a bright future ahead of them.

As for people?

The last thing the game lacked was people. As long as a figure had prestige, many would flock to their call.

The most valuable thing was prestige.

If Glory Capital lost, their prestige wouldn’t remain unharmed either. Although it still wouldn’t affect their

superior position in the Horde faction, it would leave some space for the other guilds to advance. From a

certain perspective, losing the championship weakened Glory Capital.

"Who are we killing?" Moonlight asked.

"The Priest," Lu Li replied.

The other duo on the opposing team, Sorrowless and Blood Dagger, were both level 25. They had an entire

set of Silver gear and weren’t easy targets. In his previous battle with Blood Dagger, Lu Li was unable to kill

him after two complete rounds of all his skills.

Of course, this was also because he had refrained from using Kidney Strike.

Only White Westhill, the Priest, was still level 24.

It was hard for a Priest to level up; they had to rely on teaming up with others. If it wasn’t for Lonesome

Flower, a brother who loved his sister dearly, there was no way March Rain would be so high-leveled.

No matter how skilled they were, there was no way for a level 24 Priest to make up the difference between


Great minds think alike – Sorrowless and Blood Dagger aimed straight for March Rain. If they managed to

kill the opposing healer, they would be able to outlast their opponent, which also meant that victory would

be waving at them.

Lu Li even used his cape effect straight away to get close to White Westhill faster.

Moonlight didn’t charge onwards; he stood in front of March Rain and temporarily stayed to protect her.

However, most of his attention was placed on Lu Li. Once he saw an opportunity, he would rush over


Premeditation, Cheap Shot!

Premeditation could be used in Stealth and gave two combo points, while Cheap Shot was a crowd-control


White Westhill retained his composure and activated his badge, dispelling his crowd-controlled state.

This was what he relied on to survive. With this badge and Soul Shriek, anyone who tried to kill him first

would always fall into the trap. Additionally, he also had some damage reduction skills.

Lu Li failed to crowd-control White Westhill, but this didn’t stop him from dealing insane damage. He

focused immensely and gave it his all to kill the healer before him.

Lu Li’s attack was fast, accurate and merciless. He also wore Water Fairy’s gear which slightly increased his


White Westhill was forced to constantly position himself, otherwise, Lu Li’s skills would have a high-level of

completion and would deal massive damage.

Premeditation gave him two combo points, Ambush gave another two points and the last point was from

Backstab! That was five combo points in total!

White Westhill squinted his eyes and attempted to judge whether Lu Li was going to use Backhand

Backstab or Slit Throat. He studied Lu Li’s actions carefully and was prepared to use his damage reduction

skills at any time.

Glory Capital paid a lot of attention to Lu Li’s skill set and whether or not he had Kidney Strike. At first, they

thought he was hiding it as a trump card, but after some careful analysis and attempts to bait out the skill,

they concluded that he didn’t have it.

The drop rate of Kidney Strike was too low, and there were only a few Kidney Strike skill books in the

market. Most of them were rewards from rare quests; this wasn’t a skill that could simply be obtained with


Blood Dagger had only acquired his Kidney Strike in the past few days and it had costed a few hundred gold


The Xin Xin Mercenary Group only had ten people; their income was limited and they weren’t supported by

an organization. Even if they decided to spend the money, there was no guarantee that they could find a

source to buy it from.

Most importantly, in the past matches, no matter how dangerous the situation was, Lu Li had never used

Kidney Strike.

White Westhill misjudged the situation and this led to a terrible result. When Lu Li’s yellow dagger sliced

across his head from right to left, he realized that they had been tricked.

A five-star Kidney Strike – this was a 6 second stun.

So much could be done during this time.

As Lu Li casted Kidney Strike, Moonlight, who had been protecting March Rain, charged over to kill the

healer with him.

With two high-level players focusing him down, White Westhill was dead for sure, unless if he had a second

skill or equip to dispel crowd-control effects and turn the situation around.

Sorrowless and Blood Dagger exchanged glances and shook their heads. They began to frantically attack

March Rain; all they could do was to make an exchange.

If both parties lost their healers at the same time, the situation would possibly turn around.

Under the circumstance that there were no healers, a combination of Thief and Mage had a greater chance

of victory against a combination of Thief and Warrior. Sorrowless had faith in himself.

White Westhill died first, but March Rain barely had any health left either – she was playing against two of

the best players.

Blood Dagger casted a Kidney Strike on March Rain. It was almost impossible for her to wake up before her

health bar was emptied.

While Sorrowless attacked, he even had the spare energy to direct his Water Elemental. His Water

Elemental stretched out its hand and as White Westhill fell to the ground, a layer of frost appeared around

his body.

Lu Li and Moonlight were both frozen, while March Rain’s end had come. Whether it be the four analysts or

the audience below the stage, everyone thought that an exchange was going to be made.

Not only would March Rain be dead, Moonlight and Lu Li were also in a dangerous situation.