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Chapter 324: Champion

Chapter 324: Champion

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Frost Nova was a skill that lasted for eight seconds. Once March Rain fell to the ground, Blood Dagger and

Sorrowless would have ample time to deal with the two players who had been crowd-controlled. This was

not to mention that Sorrowless had only used the Frost Nova from his pet; he still had his own Frost Nova


Moonlight could only silently watch as Lu Li was killed.

However, no one expected Lu Li to go down easily – players familiar with him would know that he still had

Vanish and Gale Steps!

But what was the point of escaping? He couldn’t save March Rain.

To everyone’s surprise, Lu Li didn’t cast Vanish or Gale Steps, but instead, he began to deform.

The audience almost thought that the livestream was broken; how could a person deform?

Only players from a particular profession gasped.

They were Druids who were familiar with their transformation process; it looked exactly the same as what

was happening on stage.

Druids could transform into anything and during the transformation process, they became immune to all

crowd-control effects. This advantage attracted many guilds at some point to create master PVP players

from the Druid class, but they were quickly disappointed. Druid was a class that was capable of everything

but specialized in nothing.

The only Druid masters at the moment were Old Man Power from Gangnam Royals and Mini Meow from

Purple Lunar Paradise.

Under the shocked gazes from the audience, Lu Li turned into a little panther.

The panthers in Dawn were all very cute and the gold Panther created by Child of the Forest effect was no


However, everyone thought that the scene before their eyes was extremely eerie!

The little panther extended its four feet as it raised its head and let out an angry roar.

After the initial surprise, the audience’s first reaction to the little panther’s roar was the urge to laugh.

A Thief transforming into a Druid was shocking indeed, but what use was this?

Were Druids any better than Thieves?

Did Lu Li transform into a panther just to look cute?

Sorrowless and Blood Dagger noticed the strange scene unfolding on Lu Li’s side, but they didn’t have time

to worry about it. March Rain was already very low in health and as long as they killed her, it didn’t matter

what Lu Li transformed into.

However, they soon discovered that there was more to Lu Li’s roar.

After the roar, March Rain, who was supposed to remain stunned for another three seconds, was freed

from her crowd-controlled state.

She raised her hand to put a shield on herself and activated the special effect on her weapon as she began

to frantically heal herself!

She healed herself and quickly ran away at the same time; it was as if the small Priest had activated some

bug in the game.

Blood Dagger activated his movement speed buff to chase her and Sorrowless also flashed in to follow, but

their hearts sank.

It wasn’t only March Rain – even Moonlight, who was supposed to be frozen, had recovered. He waved his

big axe to join the battle and stopped Sorrowless and Blood Dagger from focusing March Rain.

After Lu Li roared, he transformed back to his human form and pounced into the fight.

Stampeding Roar!

Stampeding Roar, Instant Cast, Cooldown Time: 60 seconds. Let out a roar that causes the movement

speed of allied players within 5 feet to increase by 30%. Lasts for 5 seconds, and removes all snare and trap

effects. Current Level: 1/5.

Lu Li’s Supreme Ring allowed him to learn a few Druid skills and he had learned quite a few of them, but

only this skill seemed to be useful in battle.

Although the Supreme Ring wasn’t a bug, it was surprisingly more effective than one.

This skill removed all snare and trap effects, allowing all three of them to remove the crowd-control effects

on them. Their movement speed was also increased by 60%, which lasted for eight seconds. This allowed

the three players from the Xin Xin Mercenary Group to freely run around the stage. They were able to catch

their opponent, but there was no way Sorrowless and Blood Dagger could catch March Rain again.

Sorrowless was incredibly skilled; his gaming mechanics were even slightly better than Blood Dagger. If Lu Li

went and told others that he was only level 18 a few days ago and was helpless against his assassination, no

one would have believed him.

Unfortunately, Glory Capital’s healer had already died.

He had died at the hands of Lu Li, the sly player who had fooled everyone. Lu Li had kept Kidney Strike and

waited for a long, long time to finally surprise Glory Capital.

Their healer died, but March Rain had escaped.

The one who caused this was also Lu Li – he actually turned into a Panther and casted a very rare ability

that allowed him to dispel crowd-control effects from a group.

Among all players in Dawn, only a few Druids had the Stampeding Roar skill.

How unreasonable was it for a part-time Druid to have this skill?!

Lu Li’s health rapidly dropped from Sorrowless’ attacks, but March Rain stood behind Lu Li, healing him

nonstop. She even out-healed the amount of damage that Sorrowless dealt.

Blood Dagger fought against Moonlight and was slowly losing; Warriors had always been the counter to


However, Blood Dagger didn’t give up. His expression was ice-cold as he focused on the battle against the

plated Warrior in front of him.

At the start, there was some mocking laughter from the audience, but gradually the laughter disappeared.

Countless pairs of eyes silently watched as the few players gave their best efforts in the battle on the stage.

A wave of applause!

Lu Li’s double ‘ace’ that he had hidden for so long had successfully outplayed Glory Capital.

He and his team would become the new legends in gaming history. As a new player, he had fought through

numerous teams to finally make it to the finals and win the championship.

However, Sorrowless and Blood Dagger also won the respect of others.

From them on, people recognized this display of sportsmanship in their unwillingness to concede; they saw

what it meant to be a professional competitor.

Even if there were no paths ahead of them, even if fate had already announced their failure, they were still

going to try, to give their best effort and make their best plays in the situation.

Although they were close to victory, Lu Li and his team didn’t try to bring their opponents to shame either.

They were just as serious as they were from the beginning of the match.

One minute and twenty-eight seconds – by the time the match got to this point, Moonlight had slashed

Blood Dagger into a ray of white light. Sorrowless and Lu Li were still fighting head-on against each other,

but because there was no help from a healer, Sorrowless was at a disadvantage.

Moonlight held onto his axe, but he didn’t charge forward to help.

He stood and watched as Sorrowless fought to his very last moment and turned into the final glow of white

light like Blood Dagger.

The match was on livestream and the final scene was played on numerous big screens. The camera stopped

on the team from the Xin Xin Mercenary Group, who accepted the admiration of the crowd as they were

crowned the champions of the Shadow Cup.

This was the rise of another gaming legend!

Lu Li felt like he was about to faint when he accepted the System’s announcement of victory.

It was still hard for him to imagine – he had finally succeeded.

Even though he had used his advantage as a reincarnated person and had more experience than the other

experts, he had still been successful.

Success – this simple term was too unfamiliar to him.

He hadn’t dared think about it in his twenty years of life!

I won’t just be a flash or a spark; I’ll grow stronger and become a real winner. Not with the advantage from

reincarnation or luck, but simply with my brave heart!

This was the first time that his motivation wasn’t his sister.

Lu Li felt a strong desire rise from within him.

He wanted to be a real winner, even if it was just in a game.