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Chapter 326: Member Recruitment Frenzy

Chapter 326: Member Recruitment Frenzy

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Just because the tournament had ended didn’t mean that it was time to relax.

If anyone had such mentality, they might not even make the top 100 in the tournament next year.

Lu Li and the others had a lot of work to do to prepare themselves for the future.

Firstly, they had to continue their progression into the Instance Dungeons. Lu Li’s knowledge from

his rebirth might have been very advantageous for them, however, if they lacked the opportunities

to utilise the knowledge, it would become useless.

For the Xin Xin Mercenary Group, the best way to maximize the use of Lu Li’s rebirth knowledge was

through Instance Dungeons. They had to continue to strive for First Clears and set records in order to

obtain equips and SP.

Apart from this, their mechanics had to reach the next level.

Lu Li knew better than anyone else that the target behind his back was becoming bigger and bigger.

The gap between him and the other professional players was shortening as they continued to

develop their game knowledge and game sense.

Lu Li had put in so much effort just to stay ahead of everyone. If he wanted to continue to be the top

player, it was crucial that he worked even harder in all aspects of his game.

Lastly, he had to develop Xin Xin Mercenary into a guild. Through this tournament, he realised the

importance of a guild and a community that strived towards one goal. No matter how many First

Clears their current group could take, they still lacked the numbers and resources for tournament


Lu Li had finally realised what the phrase "strength in numbers" meant. A small team of elite players

would never be able to defeat an entire army of noobs.

If Lu Li could form 100 small groups, he could pass on his knowledge to them after he had completed

an Instance Dungeon. The groups would then follow in Lu Li’s footsteps and clear the Instance

Dungeon 100 times.

100 Elite Groups – this was the goal that Lu Li had set for himself. It was also the maximum limit in a


Every other major guild that entered the professional league tournament also obeyed this rule. It

was common knowledge that you needed at least 100 elite groups to sustain a guild.

The players required for instance dungeons in Dawn varied from 5 up to as many 40 players.

One hundred elite groups was equivalent to 10 teams of 40 players.

Super-guilds like Glory Capital were rumoured to have more than 3000 elite groups, which was more

than 100 teams of 100 players. This was the fruit of their 10 years of hard work.

Lu Li was quite discouraged because every time he cleared the Howling Caverns, Glory Capital would

have cleared it more than 1500 times.

As such, he had a lot of work to do to catch up to the other guilds. Since the tournament had just

ended and everyone was talking about Xin Xin Mercenary Group, Lu Li used this opportunity to

recruit as many players and potential experts into his new guild as possible. Lu Li and Square Root

Three had already announced their new guild name "Ruling Sword" during the championship

interview from Home of Esports.

When they announced this, many players searched for it in the guild browser.

It’s not there?

It’s not there!

Many players were disappointed because they couldn’t find it.

They had announced the guild before it was officially created, and players felt like they were being

teased by Lu Li.

However, although everyone complained, they still waited to join the guild.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the guild of the championship team.

Three years ago, some people had joined a small and unknown guild, not expecting much at all. They

only joined because they thought the name of the guild was cool. The guild then continued to

develop and grew to become one of the top elite guilds in the game.

That small guild was called Peerless City!

They weren’t famous for anything nor did they offer any incentives for their guild members.

However, they were lucky enough to become of the largest guilds in the game.

Now, an even better opportunity had arisen in the form of Ruling Sword. The members could brag to

others that they were from a guild that had won the championship.

Usually, during the initial stages of building a new guild, the guild master wouldn’t put any

restrictions on joining. Otherwise, the guild would lack numbers and create an arrogant reputation

for themselves.

They would seem too good for others.

As the guild became more and more powerful, then they would set restrictions and only allow the

better players to join.

Lu Li had only created the guild at the end of the day and announced it on the world chat.

"The Guild has been created. Recruiting all players to join.

His announcement was instantly drowned in messages from other players. The entire server was


Earth Dragon: "Blood Red War Flag congratulate the establishment of Ruling Sword."

Water Fairy: Drizzle Court congratulate the establishment of Ruling Sword."

Stellar Star Silver Union: "Azure Guard congratulate the establishment of Ruling Sword."

Lucky Southern Persian: "Seventh Heaven congratulate the establishment of Ruling Sword."

Dancing Star Dream: "Gangnam Royals congratulate the establishment of Ruling Sword."

Wood Fearing: "Gods of Dusk congratulate the establishment of Ruling Sword."

Whether it was the guild masters, celebrity players or famous gamers, everyone was excited to see

how Ruling Sword would develop.

It was a great start to their newly established guild. Lu Li and the others had gained respect and

recognition purely by their own strengths, which was a very commendable thing.

Lu Li was well aware that despite all the congratulatory messages, many were planning and

developing strategies to defeat them.

Only one team could win the Shadow Cup and most people would do anything to achieve that.

By searching the guild name, players could see the IDs of players who were above the Elder rank in

the guild.

Ruling Sword had one guild master, two co-leaders and nine elders, with all the other positions being

empty. It was currently a level 1 guild and allowed a maximum of 1000 members.

The guild master of Ruling Sword was Lu Li, the co-leader was Square Root Three and Wandering

was an elder. The three were too busy to pay attention to the world chat.

They were busy recruiting players!

There were a countless number of players that applied for the guild. Within 30 seconds of the

announcement, more than 5000 players had applied to join their guild, and there were many more

to come.

"Recruit more Mages and Priests," Square Root Three said.

Lu Li and Wandering began focusing on recruiting Mages and Priests, as well as other classes that

were popular within the current meta.

Mages could level fast and they had high damage potential. Priests were an essential class for

Instance Dungeons. As such, you could never have too many Mages or Priests. Besides these two

classes, Shamans, Warlocks and Hunters were also very useful in Instance Dungeons.

"Try to aim to recruit players that are above level 15. If their name seems dodgy then be careful,"

Wandering suggested.

You could tell the personalities of some players through their ID. For example, a player with the ID

"Daddy is Lit" would most likely be a troll or useless player. It would be wise to filter out these

players and prevent them from joining.

The restriction was added and all players that were level 15 and below were filtered out.

Fat Monkey!

This name immediately caught Lu Li’s attention.

The future king of fire mages! He then looked at his level; Fat Monkey was level 11….

Whether he was level 1 or level 11, he had to be recruited into the guild. Lu Li accepted the future

elite player into the guild without hesitation.

Beard Stubble, level 7 – a formidable Hunter in the future. From Lu Li’s memory, he was the first one

to lure a Wild boss to a quiet place and had spent more than 10 hours to solo-kill it.

Eternal Night Light, Power of Friendship and Wolf Fang were all potential star players.

If Lu Li saw a familiar ID, he immediately recruited them into the guild. Knowing that all these players

had the potential to become top players was a great feeling.

This was another advantage that he had gained from his rebirth. Lu Li could see the future glory of

these players before they developed.