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Chapter 327: Developing The Guild

Chapter 327: Developing The Guild

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With players continuously joining the guild, the guild reached the 1000 player mark before long.

The guild channel was bustling with excitement.

Some players were trying to get the attention of the guild managers, hoping that they could get a place

for their friends as well.

Lu Li was more than happy to satisfy these requests. Those who brought in little parties of their own

were more likely to be consistent and easier to form teams with. If they disobeyed the guild’s

instructions, they could easily be kicked anyway.

Lu Li also reserved 20 empty spots for any emergencies. When a guild first started, no one felt a sense of

belonging towards it. As such, it would be disastrous to kick someone out for no reason.

His consideration wasn’t unreasonable either; it wouldn’t be long before more players would request to


"Great God, we also want to join," Little Bear Huan Huan said in a message.

Wasn’t this one of their female landlords? Lu Li was surprise and replied, "Why would you want to join


Drizzle Court had taken third place in the Shadow Cup so their popularity had skyrocketed. They were a

great guild to be part of and even treated their members really well. The landladies should have been

quite happy to be where they were.

This was of course, unless if something had happened?

"We’ve already left the guild, so if you don’t accept us, I will have to tell Xin Xin," Don’t Hit Dou Dou said


"Alright then. Apply and I’ll let you in."

Lu Li didn’t inquire any further. They were all living in the same house, so he couldn’t reject them.

The three girls were added to the guild.

"Hey, isn’t that Drizzle Court’s Dou Dou? Why have they come here?"

Drizzle Court’s average beauty was quite high, but it was nothing compared to Dou Jing Jing, who was

also very charming and had friends everywhere. She was quite famous among the ordinary players.

They quickly also recognized Little Bear Huan Huan and Willow Yi Yi. The world truly was a small place.

Before long, Lu Li’s little sister, Xin Xin, was also added.

The guild was even more lively now.

It wasn’t because Lu Xin was famous, but once she was added, all the original Xin Xin Mercenary Group

players came out to meet her.

This little hunter was only level 10.

"This is my little sister, so take care of her," Azure Sea Breeze said first.

The number 1 Main Tank’s sister.

This sentiment was repeated throughout the newer players. They all vowed to make her their sister as

well. If anyone bullied her, they would make them suffer for a generation.

"…" Lu Li’s face turned blue.

After some changes, the number of players finally settled.

"Greetings, I’m Lu Li."

A few words were usually said when a new guild was established. As the Club President and spiritual

leader of these people, Lu Li was unwilling to give up that role.

The guild quietened down.

Of the players who had joined the guild today, most of them had done so because of Lu Li. He had led

the Xin Xin Mercenary Group to take countless First Clears and was the reason they had claimed first

place in the Shadow Cup Championship.

In the same way that Sorrowless was Glory Capital’s God, Lu Li was the Ruling Sword’s spiritual leader.

As such, everyone became quiet, eager to listen to what Lu Li had to say.

Was he committed to everyone’s welfare? Or was he going to pick players to become part of the Elite

team? Or was it going to invite players into the club? The new players listened expectantly.

Only some of the sober players were critically watching Lu Li.

"Those who have joined us today, must have done so because they saw that we were the champions of

the tournament," Lu Li said rudely. Although this was true, saying it like that sounded snobbish to


Some players immediately left the guild.

Lu Li didn’t mind and continued, "You probably don’t have a better place to go, or you feel like you need

to join a guild. Perhaps you were even kicked out of your old guild. Fortunately for you, we haven’t

assessed your income as a criteria for entry."

Another few people left the guild; this leader’s words were simply too hard to listen to.

As Lu Li continued to speak these harsh words, players kept leaving the guild. Some players who left

even left some harsh words in return and went on the forums to vent about it. They obviously couldn’t

challenge him to a fight – who could possibly fight Lu Li?

"Sister Yi Yi, why is Lu Li doing that?" Dou Jing Jing was puzzled and messaged Willow Yi Yi.

Out of the three of them, Zhou Huan Huan had the best temper, but was a little lazy. Willow had a keen

mind and generally had insightful thoughts. Dou Jing Jing would often ask for her advice.

Willow responded, "The players that have left are all arrogant in some way. They think that they’re

better than this and can’t bear to listen to this talk. It doesn’t matter if they leave; it’s not really a loss."

"But what if they all leave?" Dou Jing Jing didn’t know what to say.

In a game like this, who wouldn’t have at least a slight temper?

"Why would they all leave? Lu Li might be speaking words that are hard to hear, but it is still the truth,"

Willow said unexpectedly. "Even if everyone leaves, the guild can be refilled in a few minutes."

It was true – Lu Li had the luxury of doing this. If those players were offended by these words, then they

weren’t fit to stay anyway. It was best that they left as early as possible.

Now that Ruling Sword had been established, they didn’t need some charismatic leader, but players who

could obey the guild and understood what was expected of them.

Additionally, Lu Li’s won’t receive that much resentment for his words due to his fame, even if dozens of

players had left the guild.

At this moment, Square Root 3 sheepishly stepped out and said, "You all have a keen eye and are very

lucky to have joined the champion’s guild. Our future is bright and as long as we all work hard together,

we will have glorious times ahead."

This was the strategy that they had discussed. Lu Li was the spiritual leader, so he needed to build up

respect, but he couldn’t be too approachable. On the other hand, Square Root 3 was going to manage to

guild, so he needed to craft a more approachable image.

The result of this was significant. After Square Root 3 spoke, the tension in the air disappeared.

They knew that Lu Li was right. According to their current standards, there was no way for them to be

champions even if they entered another big guild.

The big guilds had various benefits for the ordinary members. This goes without mentioning the benefits

that were provided to the higher-level guild members.

The guild warehouses were one of the most attractive places.

They generally contained a variety of materials, exquisite equipment and rare items that guild members

could use their points to redeem.

These points could be earned by doing guild quests or donating equipment.

Once a guild was up and running, it was like a small country.

"Our guild will now have its first event," Square Root 3 tactfully declared. "Players who complete the

guild quests will receive double points for the next two weeks. The player with the highest points at the

end will receive three level 25 Silver equips. The second will receive two pieces of equipment and the

third will receive one. The fourth and fifth highest players will receive a rare material that is commonly

used in their profession. I hope everyone…"

Before he could even finish, the guild channel was swamped.

A happiness had welled up in the players, who were surprised by this great event.