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Chapter 328: Discrimination

Chapter 328: Discrimination

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Most people who had joined the guild did it for the benefits, but anyone with half a brain knew that

nothing was for free. They couldn’t hope to gain anything before they had done work for the guild.

However, Ruling Sword was different. Not only were they the Champion’s guild, but their first event was

also very generous.

It was normal for the guild to set up guild quests as this was the way to grow the guild. However, no one

would ever set six Silver equips as the reward.

Square Root 3 didn’t even have to do anything to mobilize the members. The thousands of members

called on their friends and quickly formed parties. They then rushed into the Mercenary Hall to apply for

guild quests. The streets were filled with Ruling Sword members rushing about; it was a sight that easily

made the other guilds jealous.

For a guild to reach level 2, a certain number of completed quests and a certain amount of material was


The former required manpower while the later required financial resources.

The money that Lu Li had earned from the Shadow Cup was almost entirely spent on the guild.

Moonlight and March Rain did the same thing and collectively, they had devoted about 5-6 million. This

money was the result of their club and they didn’t really mind parting with it.

As such, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had both the manpower and the financial resources.

According to Square Root 3’s estimates, if things went smoothly, the guild could reach at least level 15 in

two weeks. After all, the players’ levels were quite high and they could complete the quests relatively


When he saw that there wasn’t much time left in the day, Lu Li escorted his sister offline.

However, the little girl was confused about the day and night system, and yelled about finishing her

quest. She wanted to contribute as well, so Lu Li made sure to watch over her. He didn’t want her to

stray from the safe areas.

The next day, Lu Li fully entrusted the guild to Square Root 3, intending to bring the old Xin Xin

Mercenary Group to do an Instance Dungeon.

He completely disregarded Square Root 3’s protests.

After all, they had invited him to manage the guild. He was already receiving such a high salary, so what

else would he want to do?

Lu Li had not yet planned to go to the Scarlet Monastery. Although it could be accessed at level 25, it

was a level 30 Instance Dungeon. The mobs within it were all around level 30.

Instead, he first went to see the Keeper of the Grove Remulos in the Moonlight Forest. Now that he

knew how to further upgrade his Supreme Ring, he acquired a quest from Remulos.

It was to complete the Blackfathom Instance Dungeon at nightmare difficulty.

Blackfathom could be accessed at level 20, but was a level 25 Instance Dungeon. There were six Bosses

within it that ranged from level 25 to 30.

The Nightmare difficulty unimaginable, but Lu Li didn’t plan to waste his time.

He was familiar with Blackfathom’s terrain. In his past life, when Azure Sea Breeze was desperately

hunting down upgrades for the Supreme Ring, Wandering had taken him into Blackfathom.

The complex underground passages offered some natural protection and Lu Li had also given him

several supplies for his journey.

With regards to the Blackfathom Instance Dungeon, Lu Li had never seen it before. However, he had

seen the general strategy for it on the forums, which gave him some advantage over the newly-arrived

ordinary players.

Recently, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had also purchased an assortment of good equipment, which

made the Nightmare difficulty feel like it was within reach.

Blackfathom was located in the Zoram Strand in Gray Valley. It was a glorious temple which honored the

Night Elf Goddess, Elune.

The temple had collapsed in the explosion of the Eternity Well and had sunk into the depths of the

Veiled Sea, isolating it from the outside world. That is, until the Naga and Satyrs were attracted to the

ancient temple’s power and sought to explore its secrets.

Remulos had asked Lu Li to kill everyone who was desecrating the temple. This was a very aggressive

decision, but it could be understood.

In a sense, Remulos was the son of Cenarius and the grandson of Elune. If there was a group of people

who had occupied and were desecrating your grandmother’s domain, killing them all was already quite


Before he took them to the Instance Dungeon, Lu Li first brought them somewhere else – Blackfathom


Blackfathom Camp was situated along Zoram’s Coast and was a part of the Alliance. There were three

Elves in this camp – Shindrell Swiftfire, Talren and Muscle Man Brass.

"Oh, adventurers. Lots of adventurers," Blacksmith Brass muttered under his breath.

Even though this wasn’t a welcome sight, he still had to admire the courage of these guys. With the

recent increase in Blackfathom’s power, the Twillight Hammer and Naga raids had been constantly

harassing the Blackfathom Camp. They had just been doing whatever they could to get by.

"Oh, adventurers really have come," said Talren. He went before Lu Li and the others before touching

Hachi Chan’s head and saying, "Your head is so small but you’re already out adventuring. The young

people nowadays are great."

Hachi Chan grimaced. Why didn’t he say that she was young? Why did he say that her head was small?

She wanted to kick him, but her manners told her otherwise. Instead, she politely bowed and replied,

"Uncle, I have many friends and they’re very strong."

"I can see that; they are all very brave."

After a glance, Talren turned and continued talking to Hachi Chan.

The others were crying at the thought of being ignored like a piece of furniture. He was obviously only

paying Hachi Chan any attention.

After talking to Talren, they learned that he was an explorer and archeologist. He had a large ship that

was taken by a group of Naga at the ruins of Zoram, and was the only survivor who had made it back to


"How unlucky."

Hachi Chan’s wide eyes were becoming teary and she began to act cute.

Everyone else silently insulted her bad acting.

However, this NPC fell for it and quickly comforted her.

"Oh, don’t be sad little girl. Adventures are filled with death and surprises; it was just too bad that my

adventures ended badly."

"What did you get from your adventures?" The little girl showed a face of curiosity.

"We had explored the ruins of an ancient city some time ago and found some ancient statues inside.

Those damned Naga have long abandoned the arts of the Elf family. I heard that they discarded the

statues onto the seacoast. Can you guys get them back for me?" Talren asked.

"My partners are also very enthusiastic; can they help?" Hachi Chan hadn’t forgotten the others.

"Them?" Talren frowned with disdain. He didn’t intend to issue the quest to the others but it seemed

like Lu Li and the others would be helpful in dealing with the desecrators.

Lu Li had seen Talren in his past life, but he wasn’t this eccentric.

Dawn’s charisma property must have really had a significant effect; it could completely affect the

behavior of an NPC. It sounded very unfair but Lu Li hadn’t believed it until now.

Although Hachi Chan looked like a fool, she was an extraordinary treasure.