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Chapter 329: Damning Halo

Chapter 329: Damning Halo

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"There are many Naga on the coast; I’m a little scared. Please uncle, let me take my partners on the

quest too?" Under Wandering’s private guidance, Hachi Chan went on the offensive.

Talren felt like it was a little dangerous to send a little girl alone to the coastline and began to recognized

the value of Lu Li and the others. He readily gave the quest to them.

Afterwards, everyone received a few more quests from Brass and Shindrell that related to the Instance

Dungeon and the surrounding area. However, the most important quest they finally received was the

main quest – Demon in Blackfathom.

‘Demon in Blackfathom’ was a special package in the Blackfathom Instance Dungeon. It didn’t reward

any equipment, only EXP.

The package gave a particularly large amount of EXP. It would make Lu Li’s EXP jump by about 30%,

which was roughly equivalent to a full day’s worth of farming.

This was the reason why Lu Li had brought everyone to the small camp.

In reality, this EXP package only had a 30% chance of being found – many players had attempted and

returned empty handed. However, with Hachi Chan’s luck, it was almost certain that they would get it.

"This is the situation – there have been many rumors that the Twillight Hammer has formed an alliance

with the Naga in the North of the Black Sea Coast. The scout Thaelrid that I sent to scout out

Blackfathom has been gone for weeks, but he hasn’t sent back any reports," Shindrell said.

He had disappeared, so something must have happened.

Lu Li and the others listened carefully, trying to memorize Shindrell’s words and derive some useful

information from them.

"The problem is that the camp is currently short of manpower, so we can’t afford to look for him. Help

me find Thaelrid and help him finish his quest, young elf." Shindrell Swiftfire sent Hachi Chan a map and

continued, "This map shows Blackfathom’s topography and where Thaelrid was exploring. Although it is

not very accurate, it’ll point you in the right direction."

"I… can’t read this map."

"We will help her. Please relax," Lu Li said quickly. He quickly took the map from Hachi Chan and stored

it. Although he already knew the landscape of Blackfathom, this would arouse less suspicion.

"I hope you will return safely," Shindrell said as he nodded contently.

"Is there anything else we need to pay attention to, sister?" Hachi Chan tilted her head and gave an

enthusiastic smile.

"Little sister, there’s nothing else for today, but come again next time." Shindrell was very satisfied with

Hachi Chan and pinched the little girl’s face.

In this one meeting, they had become like siblings.

The others looked away so they wouldn’t become teary. Now that they were doing quests with Hachi

Chan, they clearly knew what the difference was.

If God could open a door for you, he could open a window for you too

What were they nervous for? What were they afraid for? Dealing with these eccentric NPC was now

worth it.

After receiving the quests, their first course of action was to the collect the Ancient Statues quest.

This seemed like a very ordinary quest, but it wasn’t. Given the standard of quests at the Blackfathom

Instance Dungeon, there was a big difference between ignoring and completing this one.

There was a creek at the front of the Spider Lair and the pool outside the Howling Caves. They didn’t

know what the Death Mines had – perhaps, it had not yet been discovered. However, this quest had the

same effect for Blackfathom.

The task of collecting the Ancient Statues wasn’t difficult; it could even be done alone.

The quest was completed when each person had collected 10 statues.

After they collected the statues, they returned to Talren.

"This is fantastic! These are all the items I’ve lost! I must reward you; please wait…" Talren then

rummaged in a pile of statues while absentmindedly saying, "Have you guys seen a stone box? I got it

from the sacrificial altar in the city; it contains secrets about the city."

"Uncle, don’t worry. I’ll look for it for you," Hachi Chan hurriedly said.

Lu Li watched how Hachi Chan did quests. Unsurprisingly, she easily recevied another quest. Because her

charisma value was relatively high, she presumably received a lot of quests and a lot of goodwill.

Additionally, most players completed quests with the reward in mind.

However, Hachi Chan was more involved than that. She didn’t consider the quest’s difficulty nor the

reward she was receiving. Perhaps her legendary luck was a blessing for her silliness.

Talren nodded and said, "After I fled, I recalled a red Naga taking my stone box."

"A red Naga? Was it Luzel?" the blacksmith who was standing nearby interrupted. "That damned

degenerate. He hides on an isolated island. If you go north of the coast, you’ll soon find an island with

red hills."

And so, the next part of the quest was given.

These quests didn’t necessarily result in more rewards, but it did save them a lot of effort. Otherwise,

without a strategy guide or the reminder, they wouldn’t have found the island, even after 3 to 5 hours of


Luzel was standing at the top of one of the hills on the island, and was much bigger than an ordinary

Naga. His skin was dark red, which was exactly the same color as the mountain. If you weren’t paying

attention, you wouldn’t be able to see him.

"This is it?" Azure Sea Breeze tightened his grip and took a few steps forward.

No on responded because it was obvious. A monster that was targeted in a quest probably wasn’t much

stronger than they were, right?

"Hypocritical elf. You should die." Without saying anything else, Luzel rushed down from the hills.

Azure Sea Breeze raised his shield and ran forwards. The strength disparity between them was obvious.

Luzel had gained momentum from running down the hill and was pushing him backwards. He almost

backed him into the ocean.


Azure Sea Breeze’s axe was digging into Luzel’s chest. A weak damage value floated up.

However, Luzel didn’t have much HP – he only had about 30,000. Being a level 25 monster, this made

sense – he only had a little more than an Elite.

Luzel exclusively used physical, single-target attacks. He kept fighting Azure Sea Breeze while the others

dealt damage to him.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group currently had two healers, so healing was a very easy task. There was

never a critical situation throughout the whole fight and Luzel was defeated in minutes.

He dropped an ancient stone box and an ancient elf seal.

Seal of the Ancient Elves (Special): They have abandoned the Glory of Elune, their souls have been

condemned and they have received the damning halo. All Naga within 30 yards receive a 20% weak

effect and a certain chance of losing their armor. Lasts for three days.