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Chapter 330: Tricking An NPC Into Doing An Instance Dungeon

Chapter 330: Tricking An NPC Into Doing An Instance Dungeon

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The Seal of the Ancient Elves was exactly what they were looking for.

There was only a small probability that Luzel would drop this item, but this probability was increased to

100% when you accepted Talren’s quest.

This was the strategy that not many people knew about.

Lu Li, being someone who had experienced rebirth, wouldn’t miss such a detail. He equipped the Seal of

the Ancient Elves onto his badge slot, giving the whole team a Damned Halo.

This aura did not conflict with Remnant Dream’s Trueshot Aura.

Lu Li didn’t need to change any of his equipment to accommodate the new item. He had long since

returned Water Fairy’s items.

After they had gotten what they wanted, they returned to complete the quest before heading for


Blackfathom was a stretch of ruins that was once the site of Zoram City. Within the ruins, there was a

collapsed area where the temple had sunk into the ocean. An entrance could be seen poking above the


There was a tower of stone by the entrance and two Elite Magic Mobs guarding it.

"Breezy, take a party to fight the left one. Wandering, take a party to fight the right one. Make it quick;

end the fight in 15 seconds," Lu Li directed as they approached the tower.

If these two Elite guards fought for more than 15 seconds, they would call a large number of Naga for


Although they were strong enough to deal with them, that wasn’t the issue. Lu Li didn’t want to waste

time on these level 25 mobs that gave barely any EXP.

With ten players relentlessly attacking them, the two Elite guards didn’t even have time to summon

Water Elementals before they were killed.

"Riceball, give everyone an Underwater Breathing Potion. We need to jump in from here and there is

water at the bottom."

Lu Li indicated at Sesame Rice Ball to give them the Underwater Breathing Potions.

"I don’t want it; I can swim." Hachi Chan wanted to show off her Druid capabilities.

Lu Li also didn’t need it either; his Druid ability to transform wasn’t really a secret anymore. He didn’t

need to hide it, especially in front of his own people.

Lu Li took the lead and jumped in; he was quickly followed by everyone else. They were only so brave

because it was a video game. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have jumped in with such confidence.

The landing space was a body of water and there was a big splash as they fell into it.

"Take the potion now, and follow my lead. Do not fall behind; do you understand? Wandering and

Breezy, you guys cover the back. Don’t let anyone fall behind.

The next section was an underwater maze with many twists and turns.

In Lu Li’s past life, an incident had occurred here. There was a female player who had gotten lost and

had a phobia of either the deep sea, mazes or the darkness. As a result, she couldn’t take the mental

pressure of being lost and collapsed.

Although the system promptly disconnected her from the game, she suffered very real mental trauma

and the game company gave her some monetary compensation.

There were four girls in this party; Lu Li didn’t want that kind of incident to happen now.

Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering could handle themselves, so they could stay at the back.

Everyone followed Lu Li and dove underwater. They watched as he swam close to a rock wall and went

in. The rest then followed him in a line.

The underground environment was quite complex. It was mostly collapsed buildings, but you could

occasionally see the ruins of the temple.

As Lu Li had experienced rebirth, he found the journey quite easy and familiar. They were only

underwater for seven to eight minutes before they surfaced again. The next section was quite complex

as well, but it wasn’t underwater.

As they left the water and set foot onto dry land, everyone felt a sense of security. However, this feeling

was short-lived as they were rushed by a group of Naga.

Azure Sea Breeze instinctively moved forward and Taunted, which was decisively followed by everyone

else’s attacks.

"Now, we need to find Thaelrid. We’ll split into two teams led by Wandering and I. Take this map; you

want to search the three areas with the red dots. Say something in the chat if you find him."

Lu Li gave Wandering the map and they parted ways.

He led one party to search in another area.

The annoying Thaelrid was silent and didn’t have a fixed position. Otherwise, Lu Li wouldn’t have to go

through all this trouble.

Fortunately, he knew the places that Thaelrid was commonly found at, and splitting up would help them

quickly cover more ground.

Sure enough, Wandering soon found a dying Sentinel at one of Lu Li’s marked locations. He quickly

messaged the rest of the players to meet up with them.

When Lu Li arrived, Thaelrid started to speak. He wasn’t mute like Wandering had described.

"This is our party leader," Wandering said as he pointed at Lu Li.

"Greetings, brave adventurers." Thaelrid struggled to get up and bluntly said, "My strength is fading; I

need your help!"

"We are willing to serve," Lu Li responded and accepted the quest.

"A long time ago, this was the majestic temple of Elune. But now, by the powers of the Ancient Gods,

this Sacred Moon Well has been tarnished and ruined. Aku’mai, a servant of the Ancient Gods, has also

suddenly emerged from the waters." Thaelrid’s eyes widened in fright as he trembled and continued,

"By the Moon Gods, I swear, I really did see Aku’mai!"

Aku’mai was an ancient demon; it wasn’t that strong, but the meaning it represented was shocking.

Thaelrid pessimistically believed that the Ancient Gods would return with Aku’mai’s coming.

"The Moon Gods will never fear these demons." Lu Li stepped forward and looked at Thaelrid for a long

time before confidently saying, "All of the desecrators will be punished."

In the normal storyline, you would agree with Aku’mai and then escort him back to complete the quest.

However, Lu Li’s radical performance could draw Thaelrid out of his pessimism.

Sure enough, after hearing Lu Li’s words, Thaelrid clenched his fists and hissed, "Thaelrid doesn’t fear

death. Let’s see if Aku’mai can feel fear."

"Very well. My teammates and I will obey your commands," Lu Li said graciously.

The system prompted then them that they had officially received the "Blackfathom Demon" quest. It

seemed to all depend on his acting. Lu Li had put in a lot of effort just to receive this quest.

"The Twillight Hammer is working with the Naga; the influence of their power can be felt throughout

this temple. Twilight Lord Kelris had commanded them to fight in order to exchange lives for Aku’mai. If

you want to deal with Aku’mai, you must first kill Kelris,"said Thaelrid.

"You rest here. I will bring you Kelris’ head," Lu Li promised without hesitation.

What he was doing required knowledge of the story, not charisma. It had a complete different trigger,

so Hachi Chan couldn’t help here. Lu Li was following the strategy guide to gain the most advantage.

"No, I can still fight." Thaelrid had been infected by Lu Li’s zeal and demanded to fight.

Now, Lu Li had completed all the preparatory work required to complete the Blackfathom Instance

Dungeon. The first was getting the Ancient Elf Seal and the second was Thaelrid.

Thaelrid was a level 25 Sharpshooter that could deal more damage than Lu Li. He was also part of the

System, so he had overpowered amounts of Defence and HP. Taking him with them to the Instance

Dungeon would make it a breeze.