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Chapter 332: Blackfathom (Part 2)

Chapter 332: Blackfathom (Part 2)

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From afar, everyone could see what was happening on that island.

There were swirls of magic surrounding a Great White Turtle and entrapping it.

That was Ghamoo-Ra, guardian of the Temple of Elune. It had lived a long life, but ever since the arrival

of the Twilight Hammer, it had been imprisoned.

A madman was torturing Ghamoo-Ra, attempting to study what would happen when its soul was ripped

from its body.

The cruelty of this endeavor could only be imagined and the only reason Ghamoo-Ra why was still alive

was because of its tenacity. However, it was no longer its normal self – if it wasn’t for the Twillight

Hammer’s crowd-control, it would immediately go insane.

The Twillight Hammer had lost their asset. They intended to use this turtle to defend them, but they had

made it go insane instead.

When he saw other people approaching, the Twillight Priest started to become anxious. He quickened

his hand movements and cried out at the turtle, "Resistance to my magic is futile, Ghamoo-Ra. Soon you

will yield to the power of the Ancient Gods and then, I will use you to pour out our wrath onto these


‘These people’ was obviously referring to Lu Li and the others.

Ghamoo-Ra looked up at these adventurers with a complex look on its face. It then let out a low growl

before retracting into its shell and spinning on the spot.

As it spun, a moonlight-like energy was generated all around it.

This was power from the Moon Goddess. Ghamoo-Ra had used up the last up the last of his strength to

do this. The power around it was released and instantly killed the Twillight Priests that surrounded him.

"Get ready!" Lu Li shouted.

Their opponent was none other than the newly-freed Ghamoo-Ra.

Now Ghamoo-Ra had used up the last of its divine power, it had completely lost its mind. It would kill

anything in sight, even its son, Pahboo-Ra.

However, it still retained some of its primal instinct – it didn’t rush straight for Pahboo-Ra, who was the

closest to it, but attacked Lu Li and the others first.

Ghamoo-Ra had high HP and high Defence. Its signature skill was Trample, which could be used to deal

significant damage to players around him. It also had Spit, which was a usually cast at Ranged

Professions. The magic that was holding Ghamoo-Ra was now also useless because it didn’t have any

more divine power. Otherwise, the Priest would have used its power to oppress Lu Li and the others.

Thaelrid was extremely powerful and could deal more damage than Lu Li; the NPCs in this game were all

incredibly strong. Although he had been quite meek and depressed when they first met him, he was

now filled with vigor.

Ghamoo-Ra’s HP steadily decreased until it eventually laid down and faced Pahboo-Ra ten minutes later.

This was its son.

Pahboo-Ra hadn’t been subjected to the same cruelty, as the Twillight Hammer was using it as leverage

to prevent Ghamoo-Ra from acting rashly. However, it must have been terrible for it to watch its father

being tortured.

When its father fell, a continuous stream of tears rolled down Pahboo-Ra’s pale face.

For countless days, Pahboo-Ra had painfully wished for its father to be free, but now that its father had

been freed, its heart was filled with excruciating sadness.

It could no longer see its father anymore.

Today, the father and son had bid farewell.

"Don’t just stand there," Lu Li snapped at Remnant Dream while pointed at Pahboo-Ra. "Quickly use

Tame Beast before it breaks out."

Once Pahboo-Ra broke free, it would also go insane like its father.

It was likely a specific to its species, but Pahboo-Ra looked really young, even though it had grown for

many years. Its head was not much bigger than the palm of a hand.

Once she heard the words ‘Tame Beast’, Remnant Dream immediately cast it.

She was very familiar with this skill as she had practiced it thousands of times. As for how she managed

to get so much practice, Hachi Chan had something to do with that.

Pahboo-Ra quietened down the moment the Tame Beast skill was cast on it. After a few seconds, the

system prompted Remnant Dream that she had acquired Pahboo-Ra as a pet.

The pet form of Pahboo-Ra was even smaller; it was now only as big as the palm of a hand.

However, it was really cute. The girls crowded together and were taking turns playing with it.

Lu Li got Remnant Dream to send him its stats. These girls were obsessed with its appearance, but he

was more interested in the little guy’s skills and attributes.

Remnant Dream shared its stats.

Just like its father, it had high HP and Defence. It also had decent Attack, so it was definitely above

average. However, if you just compared the Attack attribute, it couldn’t compare to the rare Shadow

Claw pet.

Like Shadow Claw, Pahboo-Ra had four skills, which made it an exquisite pet.

There was a standard attack which had an area of effect.

Crustacean Carapace. Rebounds 20% of the damage. When HP is less than 40%, Defence is increased by

100% for 10 seconds.

This was a very strong pet skill. Ordinary turtles had a small chance of activating Crustacean Shield, but

this didn’t have the Rebound effect. On the other hand, Crustacean Carapace had the Rebound effect

and was guaranteed to activate this when the user’s HP was less than half.

With this skill alone, Pahboo-Ra was already worthy as the heir of the guardian.

The third skill was Trample, a crowd-control skill. They had already seen it in action with Ghamoo-Ra and

its strength was obvious.

The fourth skill was called Revolving Feast, which was the same skill that Ghamoo-Ra had used to kill the

Twillight Priests. Of course, Pahboo-Ra couldn’t draw on divine power like its father, but it was still very

good as an area of effect skill. Lu Li was very satisfied with these skills.

This pet definitely wasn’t worse than Shadow Claw.

However, Remnant Dream probably wasn’t going to become more powerful, even after acquiring this


Pahboo-Ra had a fatal flaw – it had a very slow movement speed. This meant that it was useless in a PVP

battles and could only be used against mobs in Instance Dungeons.

Even so, Remnant Dream was still very satisfied with her new pet. It looked good and could be held in

her arms due to its small size.

Shadow Claw was still smaller than its original size, but it had grown as its level increased. Remnant

Dream was finding it more difficult to hold it in her arms.

After catching the pet, everyone realized that that they hadn’t checked what Ghamoo-Ra had dropped.

Lu Li knew that Ghamoo-Ra wouldn’t really drop anything good, because Pahboo-Ra was considered to

be one of the rewards.

As long as there was a Hunter in the party, pets could easily be caught. However, the attributes of the

pet varied from person to person.

The First Clear and the Nightmare Difficulty both made the rewards better. As such, the turtle pet that

now belonged to Remnant Dream was quite exquisite.

Ghamoo-Ra only dropped one item – Ghamoo-Ra’s rope, a cloth belt.

It was a level 25 Silver equipment and had attributes that were higher than normal. However, Lu Li and

his party had no need for this item, so it was thrown into the guild warehouse where players could

redeem it for three points.

They now set off to face the second boss – Domina.