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Chapter 333: Blackfathom (Part 3)

Chapter 333: Blackfathom (Part 3)

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On the shores of the island where Ghamoo-Ra was located, two Murlocs were torturing a prisoner.

After the Murlocs had been slain, the prisoner begged the heroes to rescue the other survivors at the next

stop. For the sake of his reputation, Lu Li couldn’t find any excuse to turn down the prisoner’s request.

Seeing that Lu Li had accepted quest, the prisoner guided him to the passageway that led to the next stop.

The passageway was very obscure indeed – it was located in an underwater cave; even Thaelrid was unable

to detect it.

They arrived at a brand-new location after they swam through the cave.

This was Domina’s territory.

Domina was a Naga, or rather, a high-level caster among the Nagas.

She was familiar with summoning magic, defensive spells and also studied the ancient arts of immolation.

The Twilight Hammer reserved a small fjord for her in the Blackfathom while they continued to offer her

living sacrifices. With her ceremonies and protection magic, the followers hoped to protect themselves

from the monster with many heads when they worshipped it.

However, as Aku’Mai grew more and more vicious, Domina was no longer a match for him.

Gradually, more and more believers were devoured by Aku’Mai during worship ceremonies. As such,

Domina had no choice but to research a new kind of protection magic. She was also hoping to provide

Stealth with this magic for the further protection of her believers.

She placed so much effort into her research because she understood that once she failed to protect the

believers, she would become useless in Blackfathom. The crazy believers wouldn’t mind handing her over

to Aku’Mai once she failed to prove her value.

When Lu Li and the others saw Domina, she was deeply focused on her magic studies.

"We’re lucky, let’s go."

Lu Li didn’t say much, but he led the charge.

Why was the decision made so soon?

Because Domina had just used all of her mana and didn’t have any time to recover.

Even if Domina had mana, she wouldn’t be a tough opponent either.

Without her mana, Domina was unable to cast any of her spells, such as Forked Lightning and Frost Nova.

As such, she had no way to effectively apply crowd-control; she was only able to deal damage to Lu Li and

the others by shooting them.

Perhaps it was the inheritance from the Night Elves that flowed in her blood, but Domina wasn’t just a

simple caster. She was also familiar with bows and arrows.

Her archery was surprisingly good; she rarely missed an arrow.

However, because her attributes tended towards being a caster, there was only so much damage she could

deal with her archery skills.

With the help of Thaelrid, Lu Li and the others only spent a few minutes to defeat Domina. The lucky girl

this time was March Rain, who received a skill point.

As characters gained more and more skills, skills points only grew in value.

Compared to other celebrity players who weren’t interested in dungeons, the First Clears that Lu Li and his

team had obtained were an invisible advantage that built up slowly over time. After all, there was a larger

chance to receive extra skills points from First Clears.

Other than this, Domina also dropped an equip and a rare material.

The rare material was a "Purple Murloc Scale". These were a fairly common rare material that could be

found in the Blackfathom, and could be used by Tailors to give extra armor to cloth and leather gear.

Blacksmiths could also use this when forging chain mail.

The dropped equipment was a Silver-grade Mold for her bow – Naga Heartpiercer.

This weapon came with an Armor Penetration effect, which with the help of some luck, would cause attacks

to deal 3-5 times their original damage.

Although this bow was extremely good, Remnant Dream wasn’t smart enough to use it effectively, so it

wasn’t assigned to her in the end.

There was a magic circle where Domina had been researching her magic. Lu Li requested Lonesome Flower

and Sesame Rice Ball to activate it.

Although these magic circles belonged to the system, players could still activate them by casting magic on

them. After the two of them investigated the magic circle, a dim blue light radiated from it and all those

who stood near it received a special buff: +10% to all attributes.

This effect only lasted for half an hour, but it was still a welcome surprise.

The team treaded back on their original path and followed a different fork at the intersection as they

headed towards the next territory.

Lu Li led the way in front and purposely walked against the walls.

Suddenly, a giant tentacle stretched out from the walls. It grabbed onto Lu Li as black energy began to boil

– it was as if the energy wanted to devour him.

A damage value of -30 popped up over Lu Li’s head. The damage wasn’t significant, but the rate at which it

was applied was incredibly fast. Within the blink of an eye, he had lost around six hundred points of health.


March Rain was caught by surprise; it took her a while to react before she began healing Lu Li.

Under the focus-fire from everyone, the tentacle was quickly destroyed.

The tentacle had 10,000 health, which was equivalent to an elite monster in a dungeon. Moreover, they

also appeared randomly and dealt high damage. The feeling of being caught and tossed into a mouth was

also not pleasant at al. If it was someone else that had been caught, they would have most likely been

terribly frightened.

Lu Li couldn’t act like he knew everything, so the least he could do was to "experience" everything. By

telling the others through his actions, he would be able to notify them of the possible dangers that they

would be facing. He wouldn’t be frightened by these tentacles as he already knew about them beforehand.

After this incident, Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze walked on either side of the walls. If a tentacle popped out,

they would quickly destroy it.

Soon, they reached an intersection, and Lu Li randomly picked one to continue their journey.

He already knew that this was a dead end.

The reason why he had chosen this dead end was because there was a special monster at the end of it.

It was a golden Murloc – the Blindlight Rotter. According to the records, this monster was a binge eater.

However, it had been born in Blackfathom where there was nothing much for it to eat. As such, it began to

feed on corpses.

The monster wasn’t ugly, in fact, it looked rather fancy. Hunters had a small chance to tame it, but

Remnant Dream wasn’t interested in it at all. The girl dug her head into Hachi Chan’s lap and refused to use

her taming skills.

She saw with her own eyes the way this monster ate the limb of an unknown creature.

The sound effects of bone crunching were too horrible.

Only a guy would want a pet like this and most people probably wouldn’t be able to accept it. In this case,

Lu Li and the others killed the monster.

Blindlight Rotter was a rare monster, so it dropped a level 25 Silver-grade equip – a defensive ring. Azure

Sea Breeze didn’t fight for it and willingly gave it to Wandering. Clearly, their relationship wasn’t as bad as it

appeared on the surface.

The third boss, Gelihast, was a Murloc.

He waved around his dual swords like a sword master.

According to the legends, Gelihast had come to Blackfathom heeding the call of the Old Gods. On his way,

he had killed a dozen shocked Twilight Hammer believers with his two swords. The believers admired his

great strength and violence, and allowed him to build his own shrine in Blackfathom.

Through worship ceremonies, Gelihast received hidden, but evil blessings from ruined shrines.

He was a visitor, but this visitor was violent indeed – he knocked out half of Azure Sea Breeze’s health bar

in their first engagement and forced him to use his damage reduction skills.