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Chapter 334: Blackfathom (Part 4)

Chapter 334: Blackfathom (Part 4)

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Generally, high attack means low defense, and Gelihast’s defense was poor indeed. Lu Li’s Backstab dealt

around 200 points of damage to him.

His total health pool was only around 50,000, which was rather unfitting for his level 25 character.

"Everyone stay on guard. Apart from the main tank, no matter what you do, make sure you don’t get

attacked twice by him." It was very rare to find a boss in Dawn that would focus on the tank for the entire

battle. They would always switch their targets every now and then.

His first choice was Lu Li; Gelihast’s first strike dealt around 800 points of damage.

Another blow from his sword followed…


Lu Li was caught by surprise – how was Gelihast’s able to deal so much damage?

During the beginning of the game, many players did not have friends to play with them and they protested

about this Boss. Since the game company wanted to make Dawn a game for everyone, the strength of

Gelihast was later adjusted to make the game more balanced.

However, Gelihast was still at the peak of his strength during this time.

He made a huge leap and casted a Whirlwind as he landed on the ground.

Moonlight’s Whirlwind was nothing compared to this one – it was so weak that he should have just quietly

dropped it from his skill list. Gelihast’s Whirlwind range was much greater; it hit almost everyone.

Massive damage values began to float up from everyone. Hachi Chan and March Rain both had to quickly

cast their heals, and those who had damage reductions skills used them. The others who didn’t began to

focus on dealing damage instead; they wanted to deal as much damage as they could before they died.

Sesame Rice Ball died first. He didn’t have a shield like Lonesome Flower and he hadn’t learned

Metamorphosis either.

Soon, Lonesome Flower died as well. Although he had a shield, it couldn’t protect him forever. His damage

was too high, so the Boss ended up focusing him and attacked him multiple times.

"Don’t panic; we still have a chance. The boss only has 30% health left," Lu Li said calmly.

In Dawn’s instance dungeons, team members dying or an entire team being wiped out was a very common

occurrence. Everyone had already been trained to maintain a good attitude, but some people would still

lose faith if too many team members died in front of them.

However, that would never happen to Lu Li. As long as there was the slightest sliver of hope, he would

never give up.

He had a persistent soul that always persisted.

After the two magic-damage- dealers died, Lu Li and Sakura Memories became the main sources of damage

output. As for Moonlight, his gear was more suited for PVP, so he wasn’t as powerful as Sakura Memories

in dungeon battles.

After two hits, Lu Li’s health bar was nearly emptied.

He activated the special effect on his shoes and instantly teleported away, with only a dozen health points


However, he would be good to fight again after his health bar was topped up.

His survival was also thanks to his quick reaction. The few attacks before were clearly one of Gelihast’s

combo skills – the gap in between his strikes was almost too short to be noticed. Only gaming masters like

Lu Li would be able to escape in time.

20% health, 10% health...

Hachi Chan died next. She had good gear, but her technique was quite average. Acting cute wasn’t enough

for her to survive when facing a Boss like this.

Gelihast casted a skill – Leviathan’s Grip – which grabbed a player to sacrifice to Aku’Mai.

Theoretically, there was no doubt that the person being hit by this skill would die, since it lasted for a long

time and also dealt a lot of damage...

However, it was because of this skill, especially when Wandering was the targeted, that Lu Li and the others

saw their chance to grasp victory. During the cast time of Leviathan’s Grip, the boss wouldn’t be able to do

anything else, so everyone was free to deal damage. Even if Wandering died, this wouldn’t affect the

overall outcome of the battle.

Wandering died when Gelihast had 2% health remaining.

His next target was Remnant Dream, but his health dropped too rapidly and he died before he completed

his second sacrifice.

There were no skill point rewards this time, but everyone received a great amount of experience. Since

quite a few of them had died during the battle, a generous bounty of gear was also dropped by the Boss.

Remnant Dream picked up four items this time.

Soul Blades.

Judging from the name, this item sounded like a weapon, but it actually wasn’t – it was a rare material that

could be used to forge level 30 Gold-grade swords for Paladins. The drop rate for this item was quite low

and it could only be found in Blackfathom, so it was worth at least 200 gold.

A skill book was also dropped – Whirlwind.

This was the signature skill of high-leveled Warriors. Moonlight had it as well.

Lu Li tossed the skill book to Azure Sea Breeze – he had earned it. However, whether he wanted to learn

the skill was entirely up to him.

The other two items were level 25 Silver-grade molds, one of which was for a Thief weapon. Lu Li planned

to forge this Mold to see its attributes first before making a decision on what to do with it. The other Mold

was a bracer for plated classes. The recipient of this item would depend on the attributes after it was

forged, so both items were left with Lu Li.

The boss after Gelihast was Serra’kis.

Serra’kis was a Thresher that the Twilight Hammer believers had kept here because of its specialty – laying


That’s right, the ground was covered in eggs that had been laid by the monster.

Even when Lu Li and the others saw it, it was still laying eggs.

Serra’kis came from the ruins. It followed the instructions from the Guardian of the Deep and continued to

lay eggs which hatched and spread through the groundwater of Azeroth.

This was an ambition that left many speechless.

There wasn’t much to say about the Boss – it had a lot of health, great defense and decent attack, but it

barely had any skills.

The only troublesome part was the eggs that it laid.

Each time the boss lost around 10% of its health, a pack of Threshers would break through the eggs and

charge towards them.

Average teams would be easily wiped at this point, but Lu Li and his team members were definitely not


Each time this happened, Azure Sea Breeze would pass the tanking job over to Wandering. He would then

activate his damage reduction skill and cast a Trample on all of the monsters to stun them, allowing

Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball to easily take care of them.

One group stun obviously wasn’t enough, so Moonlight would approach for a follow up.

Remnant Dream’s new pet was also useful – it stunned any monsters that were missed.

Serra’kis was very broke – it barely dropped anything noteworthy, but there was one item that it would

definitely drop – the Rod of Serra’kis.

This was a level 25 Silver-grade weapon that focused on agility as its main attribute and strength as its

secondary attribute. Wild Druids would use an item like this, but what really made it valuable was its

special effect.

Fishing success rate +20%.

This was a top-tier equip for players who learned fishing. There was no equal for this Rod among the other

sub-level 30 equips with regards to the fishing profession.

After Serra’kis had been slain, they found an underground palace that contained three treasure chests

hidden within. Lu Li had the others on standby while he went around and brought back three level 20

Silver-grade equips and two skill books.

The equips weren’t useful to them, after all, level 25 gear was the norm.

One of the skill book was Slit Throat and the other was Circle of Healing.

Lu Li had already learnt Slit Throat, so this was a skill that could be placed in storage. One the other hand,

the Circle of Healing was a surprise.

There were quite a few skills out there in terms of group healing, but most of them had their own

weakness, whether it be the long cast time, or the low amount of healing. There were only a few group-

healing skills that were particularly strong. Circle of Healing was one of the best healing spells for the Priest

class because it was powerful and an instant cast.

Without a doubt, this skill was assigned to March Rain.

After they received the book, everyone was happy, perhaps even happier than March Rain herself. The

stronger the healer, the safer they all felt.

Poor Executioner Ghale thought he had run into a bunch of madman. He was crushed and left behind a

Cloak and a Mold for a Robe.

The Cloak provided a decent amount of agility and had two special effects. The first special effect was

Critical Strike and the second was Lifesteal, so it was very suitable for Thieves. Unfortunately, there was no

way Lu Li would change Cloaks; there were no Cloaks that could replace his Shadow Cloak at this point, but

he still held on to the one he had obtained.

Generally, there was no chance for the Shadow Cloak’s special effect to be used during dungeons,

especially when he had another special effect on his boots to escape. In times like these, he would be able

to swap out his Cloak.

After the Supreme Ring lost its Lifesteal effect, his Lifesteal abilities had become very weak. He had to drink

potions when he fought monsters alone in order to sustain himself.

There were only two bosses left – the Twilight Lord and Aku’mai, who were both level 30.

They were the main focus of the Blackfathom dungeon, which also meant that they were the most

challenging Bosses. Lu Li estimated that although they would most likely be able to complete the dungeon,

the team would also have to wipe a few times first.