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Chapter 335: A Very Weak Boss

Chapter 335: A Very Weak Boss

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The Executioner dropped to the floor; there were no easter eggs this time. [TLN: ‘Easter eggs’ is a Chinese

slang that refers to a hidden surprise].

The easter eggs in this dungeon were hidden bosses. The Executioner had another hidden identity; he could

be found throughout the entire dungeon.

If the hidden boss showed up, Ghale would step out and reveal his true form.

Lu Li had never seen Ghale in his true form, but based off some word descriptions, Ghale’s real powers

were incredibly strong. He was harder to defeat than Aku’mai, and if a team of level 30 players ran into the

hidden boss in Heroic mode, there was an 80% chance that the team would wipe.

In Dawn, you could challenge the usual bosses as many times as you liked. No matter how many times your

team was wiped, this didn’t affect the Boss at all.

However, there was a different case for hidden bosses. Once a team wiped, the hidden boss would

disappear the next time they entered the dungeon. Even if Lu Li and the others ran into the hidden boss,

they wouldn’t have been able to defeat it anyway, so it was better if they didn’t encounter it.

The hardest part about the Blackfathom dungeon wasn’t the boss – it was the terrain.

At this point of the dungeon, they had already travelled past the most complex terrain. It didn’t take them

much effort to arrive in the room where Twilight Lord Bathiel, the ruler of the dark, was located. As for

Aku’mai, he was just an evil spirit without any reasoning or intellect.

Bathiel was living quite a lavish life. Not only were there numerous slaves in the room, but there were also

four Warlock beauties, who were either Elvish or Human.

Although the Twilight Hammer wasn’t the strongest, its structure was definitely one of the most complex.

Elves and Humans were also mixed within the believers.

Not only did the Twilight Hammer cross between factions, but it also crossed between races. Many neutral

powers were also a part of it.

Bathiel was an Orc. He held a giant staff in his hand that had an orange-yellow gem embedded into its tip.

Bathiel’s Staff was of the two possible Gold-grade items that could drop in Blackfathom, but the drop rate

was extremely low.

However, since Lu Li and his team planned to take the First Clear in Nightmare mode no less, the drop rate

would be slightly higher.

Perhaps the drop rate would increase from 0.001% to 1%.

"Breeze, start the fight. Make sure the boss has its back facing towards the team. This is how most boss

fights should be started in the future."

After they cleared the other monsters, Lu Li saw that everyone had recovered and gave the announcement

to begin the battle with Bathiel.

There was no way he would just give them the cheat guide straight away before the battle even started.

That would be pure stupidity.

It was normal to have the boss facing the tank and its back facing against the team during boss fights. Azure

Sea Breeze understood this too; Lu Li only emphasized it.

To the surprise of Azure Sea Breeze, Bathiel was quite weak.

"Is this what a level 30 boss is like?" he exclaimed, unable to believe what he was experiencing. If all level

30 bosses were so weak, the game had probably reached the end.

Balancing a game was no easy task – it couldn’t be too hard, or else the average players wouldn’t have an

enjoyable time. However, it couldn’t be too easy either – that would kill the fun.

Players would only enjoy the game when they were constantly challenging themselves.

Azure Sea Breeze only lost a hundred points of health when Bathiel hit him; this was less damage than the

easiest boss of this dungeon.

When Azure Sea Breeze landed a hit on the Boss, it received around 100 points of damage as well. A main

tank dealing this much damage was like a bug.

The health bar of the boss dropped even faster when the other players dealt damage. For a high-damage

like Lu Li’s, each hit dealt around 200-300 points of damage, while a critical strike could even go up to 500


The boss only had 90,000 points of health.

"Haha, we’ll finish him off in a few minutes. Take a look at my strongest, most invincible, demon-destroying

slash..." the crazy patient who was clearly out of his head, laughed to himself proudly.

Lu Li didn’t want to laugh at all. He could imagine how hard the rest of their days were going to be with

such a silly main tank. Hopefully, Azure Sea Breeze would still be able to laugh later on in the fight.

It only took about a minute for the health of the boss to drop below 50%.

At this point, Bathiel raised his giant staff and recited a long spell with an incredible long cast time. The cast

time was around a dozen seconds and couldn’t be interrupted.

After the cast time was finished, a circle of small, white balls formed around him and began to expand


After they expanded out to eight yards, these small balls became Water Elementals.

Sixteen of them – Lu Li knew the number without even counting.

"Hurry and kill these Water Elementals. Don’t worry about the boss; don’t you guys realize that the boss

isn’t taking any damage now?" he quickly yelled.

Everyone quickly reacted and focused their attention to the Water Elementals. They had no clue why the

Water Elementals were closing in on the boss and neither did they know what was going to happen, but

their senses told them that they weren’t going to be happy with the outcome.


One strike from Lu Li’s dagger only dealt a little damage.

"Focus on the one in front of me; don’t worry about the others."

Lu Li forced himself to calm down, constantly telling himself, "I have the guide, I have the guide. There’s

hope as long as I have the guide."

His directions were well-timed; they managed to kill one Water Elemental before it reached the boss.

There were still another 15 left!

These fifteen Water Elementals became shrouds of mists besides Bathiel and quickly evaporated into his


Bathiel’s health bar, which was at 40%, suddenly began to rise.

Forty thousand, fifty thousand, sixty thousand, seventy thousand, eighty thousand, ninety thousand...

max health…

It rose until it finally stopped rising at a hundred and ten thousand.


Azure Sea Breeze dropped his shield and axe on the floor.

"My goodness..."

The main tank’s crying voice echoed everyone’s thoughts.

The fact that the boss had returned to full health was already a bug. Why was there another extra twenty

thousand HP on top?

This was definitely cheating! It had to be reported; there was no way around this.

"Why are you all standing there? Keep hitting the boss."

Fortunately, Lu Li was more rational; he continued in a casual tone, "We haven’t even lost a single member,

so why are you all looking depressed? If the developers made a boss like this, there’s got to be a way to kill


Everyone agreed – the worst that could happen was a team wipe.

In all honesty, Lu Li was actually worried. If the team wiped, would Thaelrid die as well? Players could

revive, but there was no guarantee that NPCs could also revive.

All along the way, Thaelrid had helped them a lot.

"The boss... seems to have gotten stronger."

After a few engagments, Azure Sea Breeze drew a conclusion that frightened everyone.

In all honesty, it wasn’t a lot stronger. It was only had a little more attack, a little more defense…

"Does the boss get stronger each time after it summons and absorbs the Water Elementals?" Wandering

made a judgement that pretty much summed up the truth; there was no need for Lu Li to explain further.

"I suspect these Water Elementals are the key."

Sesame Rice Ball was a timid boy who didn’t like to talk much, but every time he made a comment, it was

straight to the point.

After the boss’ health dropped to half, the Water Elementals were summoned again.