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Chapter 337: Golden Weapon: Bathiel’s Staff.

Chapter 337: Golden Weapon: Bathiel’s Staff.

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When Bathiel fell, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

This was such a hard-fought battle because there were no shortcuts or strategies that could be taken

advantage of. This fight tested the sheer willpower and strength of the team. The only way to pass

this stage was to defeat as many Water Elementals in the shortest amount of time possible.

For example, if Lu Li and the others had made the slightest error, Bathiel would have devoured the

5 th Water Elemental. This would have meant certain death for the entire party. Azure Sea Breeze

particularly struggled in this fight; he was barely clinging on for life when Bathiel devoured the 4 th

Water Elemental.

If the entire team was defeated, they would lose the help of Scout Thaelrid, which would make this

Instance Dungeon impossible to complete.

Luckily, Azure Sea Breeze was very skilled in Instance Dungeons and March Rain was able to

maximize her potential as a priest.

Lu Li needed his teammates for all these First Clears and could never do it alone.

The decisive factor in a party was always the Healer and Main Tank; these two classes were essential

to completing all Instance Dungeons in Dawn. Lu Li’s guidance and strategies only pointed them in

the right direction and unless they were executed well, it would be all for nothing.

Everyone’s EXP bars increased quite significantly since the boss was level 30.

Lu Li was now on 21% EXP at level 27 which placed him at 4 th on the level rankings board. The three

players ahead of him were Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower and March Rain.

These three had surpassed Lu Li because of the Defend the Meisnera Outpost quest. However, no

one had received the bonus SP reward.

"I’m going to search his corpse." Remnant Dream looked up into the sky as she clawed at Bathiel’s

lifeless body. Others who were passing by would probably think that she was some sort of pervert.

"Go ahead. If we don’t get the Golden Weapon, we’ll sell you off to the merchants," Hachi Chan said.

"Fine, but if it drops, you become my pet," Remnant Dream replied as she looked at her best friend

expectantly. These two had always had a good relationship, which was why Remnant Dream wanted

her to become her little pet.

"In your dreams. You can’t even tame players as your pet so stop threatening me with your Tame


"Hurry up. If you don’t, then I’ll do it," Wandering said impatiently. He was annoyed by the senseless

conversation between the two girls.

"No! I want to do it!" Remnant Dream squealed as she jumped onto the corpse.

The first item was a level 30 Superior Silver equip – Curse of Bathiel. It had a special Cursed effect

and was a great piece of equipment for Warlocks.

There was only one Warlock in the party, so Sesame Rice Ball happily accepted it.

The second drop was a rare material – Twilight Soul. Although it was very useful, it was also quite

common in a lot of other areas. Even the Twilight Disciples dropped these, which made them very

cheap and not worth selling.

The prices of Rare Materials were based on demand and supply.

If the demand was high and the supply was low, the material would sell for godly prices.

Lu Li remembered from his past life that the rarest material was called Krypton Dog Eye. This was a

material used to craft the level 50 legendary ring. The only way to obtain it was to grind for

countless hours in the Krypton mine – it had a minuscule drop rate. Each Eye could be sold for

$1.7million in real life.

It might sound absurd, but those were the prices that rich people were willing to pay for a virtual

game, especially those who were rich and were also contending to be the top player.

The third item that dropped was a skill book called Beacon of Light.

Beacon of Light: Your heals, including multi-heals, on other party members or raid members will also

heal the Beacon of Light target for up to 50% of the amount healed. Your Flash of Light and Holy

Light on the Beacon of Light target will also refund 40% of their mana cost.

This was a very powerful skill which made healing Paladins very strong.

There were currently no Paladin Healers in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

However, Ruling Sword had thousands of members, so Lu Li could easily find someone to give it to.

He was no longer that person who would do anything for money. He realised that the best way to

earn money was to invest time and effort into a guild so that they could excel in tournaments.

Since they had completed the dungeon on Nightmare mode, they would be rewarded with more

loot. Everyone was very excited for the last two items.

They all held their breath as Remnant continued to dig at the corpse.

A long staff was pulled out.

The loot that dropped from boss fights in Dawn wasn’t scattered around the ground like other

games. You had to physically take it out of the Boss’ body which added to the realness of the game.

It was a giant staff with a yellow-orange gem – an exact replica of the one that Bathiel held during

the fight.

Bathiel’s Staff – one of only two Gold drops that could be obtained from Blackfathom Deep.

From level 30 to 40, Bathiel’s Staff was considered to be the godliest weapon for DPS Mages. Anyone

who equipped Bathiel’s Staff was considered an expert.

It had a very overpowered Special Effect – Spell Steal.

Spell Steal gave a player the chance to steal a beneficial magic effect from their target. Although a

single buff did not seem like much, the effect was able to strength yourself and weaken your

opponent at the same time.

If the Mage in a party had Bathiel’s staff, this would be extremely advantageous for them during

Boss’ berserk mode because they would be able to steal it.

The skill book version of Spell Steal didn’t offer this feature; it was something exclusive to the special

effect on Bathiel’s Staff. The special effect on the staff was the upgraded version of the Mage skill.

Comparatively, Lu Li’s Shadow Step on his cape was the weaker version of the Thief skill, Inferior

Shadow Step.

The staff alone made the dungeon extremely worth it as it could be sold for a handsome amount of


"I’m good! I’m so good!" Remnant Dream smiled as she hugged the staff. Everyone patted her head

and praised her unendingly.

Lu Li had to admit that she was a lucky charm for the party.

Normally, the only person Lonesome Flower cared about was his little sister; he only had her in his

eyes. However, even he couldn’t hold back and beamed at Remnant Dream.

The Golden Staff could only be equipped by Mages, and as the only Mage in the party, he was the

ecstatic recipient of it.

His goal was to out-DPS Lu Li. Although he was currently nowhere near Lu Li’s DPS, the Staff

definitely closed the gap between them. However, his main goal right now was to level up to 30 for

the Mage power spike.

Lu Li, just you wait.

After Bathiel was killed, the room faded away and everyone could see clearly again.

Surrounding them were metal cages, each imprisoning a frail and miserable prisoner. They seemed

to be bound by some sort of magic, as they were all unconscious. These people were the sacrifices

for Aku’Mai.

Before being fed to Aku’mai they were beaten and tortured.

"Cast a small Blizzard onto them," Lu Li said.

Lonesome Flower casted Blizzard without hesitating and the room was immediately filled with wind

and snow.