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Chapter 338: Lonesome Flower Carry

Chapter 338: Lonesome Flower Carry

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The prisoners were already suffering from the pain and the sudden Blizzard only added onto their


They started banging and wailing in the cages.

"Open the cages and let them out."

Lu Li commanded everyone to free the prisoners from their cages. Scout Thaelrid was impressed

with their kind-heartedness and praised them for their good works.


Lu Li’s main goal wasn’t to receive praises from Thaelrid but to increase their Stormwind City


Since it was a game, the seemingly disabled prisoners ran out of their cages once they were freed, as

if they were running for the Olympics. Each and every one of them bowed in gratitude and hastily

escaped the dungeon.

"Whoever freed the sacrifices for the Old Gods shall face Aku’mai’s wrath of fire. Come you puny

bugs! Come and witness the power of the Old Gods!"

This was Aku’mai, a scumbag who used his master’s power to intimidate people. He relied on

devouring lifeforms offered up to him by the Twilight Disciples.

In reality, he was nothing but a pet of the primordial Old Gods. There was an ancient war between

the Stone Giants called Titans and the Old Gods. The Titans killed off the Old Gods using the Sword

of Domination at the Blackwater Coast. The Twilight Disciples believed that Aku’mai was one of the

surviving Old Gods, but in reality, he was nothing more than a servant.

According to Lu Li’s research, Aku’mai was a high-ranking servant of the Old God Soggoth the

Slitherer. After Aku’mai suffered injuries during the war against the Stone Giants, he fled and hid at

the temple ruins.

From then on, he resided in the Blackfathom Deeps, content with ruling over the dungeon. His

followers and disciples, however, were faithful in wanting to summon the Old Gods again. Aku’mai

couldn’t care less about this and only cared about the sacrifices offered onto him.

Lu Li and the others released all of Aku’mai’s sacrifices which angered him. A stone door opened

from Bathiel’s dungeon room which led to the nest of Aku’mai.

"If we lose, then we’ll become the first creatures that Aku’mai devours. AHAHAHAHA…" Such an

annoying laugh could only come out of Azure Sea Breeze’s mouth. Aku’mai probably wouldn’t even

want to devour him after hearing that.

Everyone looked at him weirdly like he was some sort of maniac.

Azure Sea Breeze laughed awkwardly when he saw that nobody else understood his joke. He ignored

the awkwardness and waved his shield around shouting, "Heroes, Aku’mai lies before us! Once we

defeat him, we’ll have all the women and gold that we want!"

As soon as he charged in, he was hit in the face by a giant tentacle which sent him flying. No one

really cared and didn’t bother asking if he was fine.

He began trash talking the developers and designers of the game, demanding that they paid for his

healthcare costs.

This was the tail clone of Aku’mai which they had encountered on the way before. It was easily

defeated and it shrivelled back into the wall that it came out from.

Lu Li commanded everyone to defeat the all of the clones that they encountered.

These clones were all a part of the Aku’mai boss fight. Defeating them would make the actual boss

fight much easier.

Between Aku’mai and Bathiel, many people found Aku’mai to be more challenging.

In reality, Aku’mai was much easier, as long as they had a guide and figured out the boss pattern.

For example, each clone they countered had 10,000 HP. Killing a clone lowered Aku’mai’s defence by

1%. Along the path from Bathiel’s dungeon room to Aku’mai, at least 15 clones would appear, which

equated to a 15% decrease in defence.

Besides this, there were many other inside tricks which made Aku’mai much easier to defeat than


"Aku’mai is so godamn ugly."

These were the words of the little hunter. She preferred adorable little animals such as dogs and


"You disgusting creature. I bet you don’t have a girlfriend because no one would ever love you."

Wandering took the words right out of Lu Li’s mouth, but he phrased it in such a creative way.

His entire body was buried into the earth, only showing his neck and head like a Loch Ness monster.

Lu Li knew why it hid its body in the ground. When Aku’mai was defeated, it would respawn with

two more heads, because he was actually a three-headed hydra.

"Ok, I’ll explain how to defeat this boss. Heads up everyone, let’s aim to clear this in one go." Lu Li

clapped his hand to gather everyone’s attention.

Everyone was excited for the boss fight and looked towards Lu Li for guidance. His serious expression

always meant that he had wisdom to give to the team.

"From the beginning to the end of the battle, Aku’mai can cast Tearing the Void which summons 4

clones. We cannot kill the clones because more will be summoned, up to a total of 15."

Everyone became discouraged because there seemed to be no hope.

How were they supposed to defeat it if they couldn’t hit it?

"The four clones deal damage, but the annoying bit is the stun effect that lasts for 2 seconds with a

cooldown of 10 seconds."

If there were four clones that stunned someone for 2 seconds every 10 seconds, they would be

stunned for the entire duration of the battle.

"Azure Sea Breeze, you’re in charge of aggroing the boss. When he opens his mouth, run as far as

you can. Poison Spit deals less damage with increasing distance."

Azure Sea Breeze nodded confidently.

"Wandering, whether we succeed or not will be completely up to you," Lu Li said sternly as he stared

into Wandering’s eyes.

"Me?!" Wandering was surprised that he was the key to this battle.

He never doubted himself – in fact, he was the most narcissistic person on the team. However, he

never thought the day would come where he would be more of a decisive factor than Azure Sea

Breeze and March Rain.

He was just the secondary-tank.

In other words, he was just a supporting character, a substitute for Azure Sea Breeze when needed.

"That’s right. Your job is to aggro the four clones and let them stun you continuously," Lu Li

explained. "The cooldown on their skill is about 10 seconds and the duration of the stun is about 2

seconds. This means that you only have a 2 second window to draw the aggro again. The most

important thing is that…"

"What else? Just say it." Wandering was becoming impatient.

He knew how hard this mission would be and he was out to prove himself.

"You can only dictate the direction of the four clones, but you’re not able to move them because

they’re stationary."

"What the hell?!" Wandering swore.

"You can swear at me later; I’m not done yet," Lu Li continued calmly. "The skill stuns all targets in a

straight line, so you must make sure that there are no teammates in the line of attack."

"I can’t do it," Wandering admitted bluntly.