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Chapter 340: A Mole In The Guild

Chapter 340: A Mole In The Guild

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At this time, the Boss didn’t stop moving just because it had summoned the images. In fact, its attacks were still continuous. The venom spray was particularly strong – it had a short interval between attacks and would often splash upon impact, affecting the players around it.

After 20 seconds, the four tentacles shrunk back into the ground.

"It’ll be back right away, so get ready. Everyone, make sure you don’t get hit by the tentacles. If a tentacle appears next to you, immediately run away – the further the better," Lu Li carefully directed.

The second time the tentacles appeared, their position had changed.

This time they were a little unlucky. The tentacles were quite scattered and Wandering couldn’t taunt them all in one spot. Fortunately, he had Lu Li’s boots which made him faster.

Tempest Leather Boots (Silver): Armor +25, All Attributes +10, Movement speed +5%, Special Effect: when escaping, you can activate this skill to appear in a random location 15 yards away. 360 second cool down. Level requirement: 25, Durability 50/50.

Although these boots were leather, they added points to all attributes so any profession could equip them.

Lu Li had finally changed into them because his original level 5 shoes simply weren’t good enough anymore. One provided rocket-levels of speed while the other made him walk like a turtle. They were on completely different levels.

However, this difference was very important, because it gave Wandering the speed he needed to keep everyone else safe while they were dealing damage.

At this point, some other players, in addition to those in Ruling Sword, had become concerned about the results of Lu Li and the others.

"Old Nuo, have they defeated it yet?" Heart of War sounded deeply worried.

Heart of War was a name that provoked anger, but no one dared to do anything about it because he was the current generation’s leader of the Gangnam Royals.

Although his level was quite average, he had stack upon stacks of money.

However, the person on the other side wasn’t so polite, impatiently retorting, "Dammit, you’re crazy. If they clear this, you’ll see another uproar on the World Announcements. They’re trying to claim the First Clear on Nightmare Difficulty."

In order to boost morale, Lu Li had tried not to say anything, but it was just too difficult to keep secrets when there were people in the guild who knew that they were doing an Instance Dungeon at Nightmare Difficulty.

Every big guild had an informant in every other guild.

Previously, a player’s ID wasn’t bound to their identity, so anyone could make any number of accounts to do this. Later on, games decided to bind a player’s ID to their identity so that each person could only have one account. This greatly increased the cost of being a spy.

However, in this world of tycoons, big guilds could always persuade someone with a generous amount of money to go undercover and spy on their opponents.

The Mage that Heart of War was contacting was actually a spy called Nuo Yu. He wasn’t doing it for the money, but instead, Nuo Yu owed the Gangnam Royals a favor.

This time, he had been sent to the recently established Ruling sword.

Who would be this concerned about Ruling Sword?

It wasn’t Glory Capital – they had never felt like they were in any danger.

It wasn’t Blood Red War Flag either. Ever since they had acquired experts and formed an elite team, their status had slowly but surely been rising.

The one who was most concerned was the originally second-ranked union – Gangnam Royals. They had been suffering at the hands of Glory Capital, Seventh Heaven, Drizzle Court and Peerless City. Now they also had to worry about the newly formed Ruling Sword.

They couldn’t use any of the conventional methods to suppress them, as the First Clear would make them too popular. Ruling Sword also wasn’t doing anything in the wild.

Nuo Yi was a professional spy. He would normally never contact Gangnam Royals and would play very fairly once he made it into a guild. He was actually ranked sixth on the guild rankings, which was why he knew this information.

"How many times have they been wiped?" Heart of War couldn’t believe it.

"That, I really don’t know," Nuo Yu said impatiently.

Doing undercover work was quite annoying. If he wanted to progress, he needed to do the quests. However, he would then see his guild points go up by a little and would not be able to help but feel a sense of achievement and belonging.

But he was a spy!

"Then when will the guild be doing the challenge? Do you think that they can do it?"

The guild challenge was something that happened every five levels. It was similar to an Instance Dungeon, but there was only one random Boss in it that refreshed at random times. A guild could send up to 20 players at once to clear it; it was a true test of strength.

"The vice president of the guild said that they would start it on the day after if they were free. Otherwise, they would put it off," Nuo Yu replied.

"Why? How can they reach level 6 if they don’t fight the Boss?" Heart of War couldn’t believe it and unwittingly probed deeper.

Nuo Yu wasn’t too happy at first, but eventually reluctantly explained, "Square Root 3 has been managing guilds for years, so he definitely knows what he’s doing. A level 5 guild can hold up to 5000 players, which is enough for them for the time being."

"Oh, I understand."

Heart of War breathed a sigh of relief when he remembered that his own guild had already been formed and stabilized.

However, given Ruling Sword was already a medium sized guild, given its size and strength.

"If there isn’t anything else, then don’t contact me. One report a week like we agreed on."

Nuo Yu cut off the conversation before waiting for a reply.

"Nuo Yu, quickly, we’re all waiting for you."

Someone was calling out to him. The player who was speaking was the party leader Fat Monkey. Although he was only level 21, he could deal almost the same amount of damage as Nuo Yu, who was two levels higher. He also gave very professional instructions; the other players couldn’t help but be compelled.

"Coming. I thought you had already killed the Boss on your own."

Nuo Yu went forward smiling as he joined the ranks of the fight.

The strongest players on the Ruling Sword guild rankings had banded together to form a party and were now in the Howling Caves. They had just killed Skum and were now heading towards Serpentis.

Skum, who was posing problems for most of the guild, posed no threat to their party.

They had a strategy!

Some of them didn’t think that it would be so easy. They had simply entrusted the whole run to Fat Monkey, believing that he would lead them through it.

When they reached Skum, they almost cried.

They hadn’t realized that standing in the water meant they were protected from the lightning!

They had previously been oppressed by that skill.

It was unclear what had happened in his mind, but despite the importance of this information, Nuo Yu had no intention of reporting this back to Heart of War.

Even the big guild’s elite groups could only rely on their superior equipment and levels to kill Skum. As such, you didn’t even need to think about what happened to the ordinary parties.

This was also the reason why Nuo Yu always felt irritated.

This guild was simply too good. It had just been established, but they were already the champions of the Shadow Cup and their superstar lineup had beat everyone else on the ranking list. They also had countless First Clears…

Joining this kind of guild gave a deep intoxicating sense of glory.

He had also never seen such positive guild members; they were just doing quests non-stop. If it weren’t for the Gangnam Royals’ financial and material support, he wouldn’t be able to compare to these quest madmen.

And now, the guild had directly given them the strategy for beating this Instance Dungeon.

This kind of trust was almost unbearable!