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Chapter 342: A Thrilling Killing Blow

Chapter 342: A Thrilling Killing Blow

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Fortunately, March Rain was in a stunned state. The vortex lasted for a second and eventually disappeared slowly.


This was the only word that could describe Lu Li’s feelings.

"Wandering, you lost it."

Lu Li was shocked when he saw the Boss starting to attack him.

He had the highest damage, so he was naturally the first target once the Main Tank had lost their aggro.

If they were to lose their main front line, everything up until now would have been for nothing. That was just how it was when it came to Bosses.

"Can’t you use Gale Steps, you idiot," Wandering insulted as he ran over and pulled the Boss once again.

"What would the others do if I ran away?" Lu Li replied defensively.

In any case, Wandering was still basically a Main Tank and couldn’t be one-shot by the Boss.

The survivors returned to their original positions and continued attacking the Boss.

Due to Aku’mai insane regeneration and the break they had just taken from attacking it, it had regenerated over 10,000 HP.

Fortunately, the strategy guide said that the vortex would only be cast once.

The strategy guide…

Lu Li then remembered the embarrassing seven-hit combo and no longer believed that the players who had written the strategy guide were the ultimate authority.

This was the Nightmare Difficulty after all.

His cautious attitude greatly assisted them.

When the Boss’ HP had reduced to 20%, a second vortex was cast, but they managed to avoid another disaster with the same move.

When its HP had reduced to 5%, Aku’mai went berserk.

Berserk Aku’mai had at least three times its original attack speed, as well as a similar area of effect to the tentacles.

However, its buff also had a corresponding debuff to it defence. Any skill that hit it dealt over 100 damage.

Even so, this was the most difficult moment of the fight. The Main Tank had been hit by the seven-combo-one-shot again, forcing Wandering to go in to cover for him.

Moonlight and Riceball…

Both of them had been one shot.

Even Thaelrid wasn’t strong enough. He was sent flying by a hit from the Boss and lay on the ground, unmoving. However, he didn’t appear to be dead.

Perhaps he was waiting for the whole team to die before dying.

"Give it all you’ve got. Don’t give up until you’re dead. I even want the healers to go and hit it with your Healing Staffs," Lu Li commanded after using Gale Steps.

If he hadn’t retreated immediately, he definitely would have died.

However, he had also given up on using Vanish to escape. He didn’t want to waste any time running; he had to deal as much damage as he could now.

The fight wasn’t only bitter anymore, it was tragic.

Aku’mai’s HP rapidly dropped from the thousands to the hundreds as the members of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group died one at a time. Eventually, there was only one left – Hachi Chan.

The Boss tilted its head, revealing its dark-red eyes and face that was covered in blood. It was so scary that Hachi Chan subconsciously closed her eyes.

Then, she remembered what Lu Li had said before he died and how each of her party members had died valiantly.

The little girl, who was just over 10 years old, opened her eyes and raised her Magic Staff.

Mom, this time, I’m not a scaredy-cat.

According to any combat analysis system, Aku’mai should have won this battle.

At the time, the Boss had 645 HP and was recovering 165 damage every second. Hachi Chan had 1710HP, but she was significantly weaker than the Boss. At the very most, she could take two hits from the Boss before dying.

As for Aku’mai’s HP, Hachi Chan simply couldn’t deal enough damage to get through it.

Her equipment was exquisite, but it was biased towards healing effects, so her overall attacks were relatively weak.

But even so, her status as the System’s daughter was about to manifest once again.

The Boss refused to die and bit her head.

Hachi Chan’s HP dropped to 1300; she was about to die soon.

However, it was much worse for the Boss. Although Hachi Chan’s attack had only dealt 200 damage, it suddenly took 1950 damage and immediately fell onto the ground.

System: Ruling Sword’s Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze, March Rain, Lonesome Flower… have successfully completed the Blackfathom Instance Dungeon at Nightmare difficulty.

The system gave an announcement before Hachi Chan opened her eyes again.

Hey, she wasn’t dead.

She had also levelled up.

How did this happen?

Could it be that the Boss thought that she was too cute and had decided to let her go?

"Oi, girl, can you Ressurect us?" Wandering said through his clenched jaw. His corpse was lying on top of Azure Sea Breeze’s corpse’s butt.

"Oh, yes, gotta save everyone," Hachi Chan responded.

The real reason was quite simple. Aku’mai had hit Hachi Chan’s head and her exquisite helmet had rebounded two times the damage.

It should have been 2600 damage, but the Boss had some resistances which reduced it to 1900 damage.

Even so, this was enough.

The players were slowly resurrected and everyone looked at Aku’mai’s body. They were at a loss for words.

It wasn’t that they weren’t excited. The whole situation felt unreal because they hadn’t really defeated it. It had just… killed itself.

Lu Li had to admit that they really wouldn’t be able to defeat Blackfathom at Nightmare Difficulty unless they were all level 30 and had some level 30 equipment.

"Haha, Hachi, you’re just too great! Wait no, your head is just too great!"

Azure Sea Breeze jumped up and began vigorously rubbing Hachi Chan’s head.

"This is so rude!" the little girl cried out.

She had made it big this time. Originally, she was level 25, but now, she was level 26 and her EXP bar was almost full. She could be level 27 by the next day.

As a level 25 player, she had received all of a level 30 Boss’ EXP!

She had even received a Skill Point; this was the fourth Skill Point that the Blackfathom Instance Dungeon had given out.

After the First Clear prompt, everyone received another System Prompt.

Lu Li opened his bag to find that he had received a parcel. It was a very impressive Dagger.

Abyssal Poison Fang (Gold): Damage 26-32, Agility +18, Strength +10, Special Effect 1: Critical Hit +12%, Special Effect 2: All attributes +20 after Critical Hit has been achieved. 30 second duration and 30 second cooldown. Special Effect 3: Continuously attacking the same target five times will cause the fifth attack to deal 5x damage. 30 second cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 30. Durability: 65/65.

Praise God.

Lu Li stroked this dagger and was completely satisfied.

The damage was high, the attributes were good and most importantly, it had three special effects.

The first special effect increased Critical Hit which didn’t need much explanation.

The second special effect increased all attributes on a critical hit. Perhaps it wasn’t as good as increasing attack speed and damage on a critical hit, but it had a long duration. Moreover, it could be used in conjunction with crowd-control and other skills. It was definitely a powerful effect.

The third effect was a five-hit combo.

This was quite similar to Aku’mai’s seven-hit combo. Although the five-hit combo was a little weaker, Lu Li was still very satisfied.

If he could hit a target for 100 damage, his fifth attack would deal 500 damage. That was stronger than an Ultimate Skill – how could he not be satisfied?

He needed to level up and quickly reach level 30. The last time he had fought Glory Capital, he still needed to borrow Water Fairy’s dagger, which defeated the point of him having experienced Rebirth.

Everyone else also received great rewards. However, other than Lu Li’s Gold equipment, only Sesame Rice Ball had gotten one as well. It was a shirt that could give him a 40% bonus attack if one of his party members died.

Now, it was time to loot Aku’mai’s body.

There were only two opportunities in Blackfathom for Gold equipment to drop – Basel and Aku’mai. Soon, they would know if the Goddess of Luck was at home.