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Chapter 343: Bloodthirst Skill Book

Chapter 343: Bloodthirst Skill Book

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If they were lucky enough, Aku’mai could drop a Gold Shield. It was a very strong defensive piece of equipment.

Remnant Dream knelt in front of the corspe and put her hands together before reaching forward. She could be heard faintly calling on some kind of deity, but they didn’t know who was blessing this little girl’s hands.

The first item was a level 30 Silver equip. It was made of leather, gave bonus Intelligence and was for Druids. It had good attributes, but Hachi Chan’s level wasn’t high enough, so it was sent to the Guild Warehouse.

The second was a skill book – "Bloodthirst".

Bloodthirst, Instant Cast, Consumes 22% Mana and increases all party members’ attack speed and damage by 30% for 10 seconds. 8-minute cooldown. Allies affected by this skill will then become content and will no longer be affected by Bloodthirst for ten minutes.

This book was so unexpected that Lu Li didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He was getting ready to complete the quest for this skill book after completing this Instance Dungeon.

However, he didn’t think that this extremely rare skill book would simply drop like that.

No wonder the players of the past had claimed that the First Clear rewards were truly bountiful. It wasn’t that Lu Li didn’t believe them, but rather that you had to experience it firsthand to truly appreciate it. They had gathered some truly astonishing rewards.

This was his true advantage in being reincarnated.

Many people claimed that they would act in a certain way if they got a second chance.

However, the reality was that no one expected to actually be given a second chance, so no one was truly prepared for it.

One could only rely on the information that they knew to create some advantage.

There was nothing more than that.

Being a PVP expert relied on individual mechanics, talent, effort, diligence and mental fortitude. As such, only the low-end players would be concerned with strategy for such matters.

However, PVE was different. Even if you had talent for it, it would still be wise to explore strategies.

Having these strategies meant that Lu Li was always one step ahead of everyone.

So far, the Spider Nest, the Death Mines and the Howling Caves had all been publicly engraved with his name as the one who had achieved the First Clear. These First Clears also meant that his equipment and level were always one step ahead of even the top players.

With that advantage, Lu Li’s team were able to fight their way through the Shadow Cup and unexpectedly become the champions.

"Dammit, this skill is really overpowered. Ah, but it only lasts for a short time."

Wandering smacked his lips and looked at Sakura Memories contently. It seemed like their decision to bring in a Shaman was a good one.

"Don’t talk about things you don’t understand. If it was any stronger, it would break game balance. If we could Increase our attack speed and damage by 30%, not as many of us would have died." Azure Sea Breeze was surprisingly content.

He wasn’t wrong either – this single Bloodthirst skill book had made them significantly stronger.

With this skill book, Lu Li was even ready to test out the Scarlet Monastery’s difficulty.

However, after giving it some thought, he decided that he should wait for all of them to reach at least level 27 before actually considering it.

"This skill book is yours then," Lu Li said as he handed the book to Sakura Memories. "How many Skills Points do you have now?"

"Three. I’ve kept them for the stronger skills, so my current skills aren’t very strong."

Sakura Memories was a close-range buffer, but she would only start becoming strong 10 levels from now. There weren’t many skills currently available to her.

That’s why she still had three Skill Points available.

"You should use all of them to upgrade this skill. Bloodthirst must take first priority," Lu Li said bluntly.

A fully-levelled Bloodthirst didn’t increase attack speed or damage, but it significantly increased the duration. If Lu Li remembered correctly, a level 5 Bloodthirst would last for 20 seconds.

Its strength made the skill almost like a bug.

Bloodthirst was one of the Shaman’s strongest supporting skills.

The third item was a level 30 Silver Mold for Paladin Plate Armor Shin Guard. It had decent attributes, but it wasn’t the anticipated Gold equipment.

Generally speaking, unless a Boss dropped more than 5 items, only two of those would be equipment. Everyone had seemed to let go of the idea that some Golden Axe with amazing attributes would now be dropped.

But that was okay.

The Instance Dungeon couldn’t just keep dropping Gold equipment – that was impossible, even on the First Clear.

Basel had already dropped a Gold Magic Staff which was a pleasant surprise.

The last item that was dropped wasn’t an equip, which was what they expected. It was a rare material – Abyssal Crown.

Wait, the Abyssal Crown!

Lu Li rushed over and picked it up with his own hands. He gently stroked this small, rough stone crown, not minding its abrasiveness at all and reveling in its elegance and glory.

This was the Abyssal Crown.

It was a rare material that only dropped from Demons, Abyss monsters and other special mobs, and was one of the materials he needed to upgrade his Supreme Ring!

To Lu Li, this item was more valuable than a Dark Gold equip.

"I want this thing. I’ll put something else into the Guild Warehouse later, so don’t deduct this from my contribution." Lu Li wanted this Abyssal Crown so much that he was willing to give up everything he had received from this Instance Dungeon.

"Look at how excited he is for that – It’s unbearable."

Wandering leaned on Azure Sea Breeze’s shoulder as he shook his head at Lu Li.

"Humph." Lu Li couldn’t be bothered talking back at him.

These guys just didn’t understand.

If they knew that a Dark Gold item he had would soon be upgraded to an Epic item, they wouldn’t be surprised at all.

It was too bad that this upgrade would not be easy.

Lu Li had just remembered that he needed to collect blood for the ring upgrade. Aku’mai didn’t belong to the Burning Legion, but instead belonged to a long line of Ancient Demons. As such, he wasn’t sure if it would work.

Lu Li stretched out his ring and a foggy mass of blood floated up from Aku’mai…

The blood was waving at him to approach it.

Based on the visual effect, it appeared that Lu Li should have been able to absorb this blood.

This scene was just plain weird. Lu Li looked like someone in the movie who was about to be consumed by the demons. Even Azure Sea Breeze was afraid.

"Hey, have you gone insane? Are you trying to revive it?"

It certainly appeared that this was the case.

"You’re always thinking about all that messed up stuff."

Lu Li quietly got up and walked to the Sentinel Thaelrid.

"Wait, you’re not going to eat him too, are you?"

Azure Sea Breeze stood in front of the Sentinel. It was too bad he wasn’t a Paladin, otherwise, he could use Holy Light and shine his golden armor in protest.

"Go away." Lu Li rolled his eyes at him.

"Tch, you won’t even play along. You’re so boring; you deserve to be a bachelor forever," Azure Sea Breeze said as he bitterly moved away.