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Chapter 344: A Pile Of Equipment To Choose From

Chapter 344: A Pile Of Equipment To Choose From

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Lu Li felt a little guilty; he should have checked on Thaelrid the moment they defeated the Boss. Thaelrid had been really helpful to them – without him, they probably wouldn’t have completed the Blackfathom Instance Dungeon at Nightmare Difficulty.

He had just been so excited by the rewards they had reaped from this Nightmare Difficulty Instance Dungeon.

Even though he had been reborn, he was still a normal person.

He didn’t know if the Sentinel had died – that seven-hit combo was brutal.

"Sir Thaelrid, are you alright?" Lu Li cautiously stretched out his finger and poked the Sentinel’s back.

"Well, I’m not dead yet." Thaelrid moved a little to show he was still alive.

Lu Li couldn’t but admire his tenacity. When they first met him, no one expected him to join the team to clear out Blackfathom after a few stirring words from Lu Li.

He had shown his formidable strength along the whole way.

He had been struck by Aku’mai’s seven-hit combo, but was still lying alive on the ground.

Lu Li was a little suspicious. If they had all died, would Thaerid have escaped from the Boss and gone back to his original spot to play dead?

His title of ‘sentinel’ was not to be underestimated. In reality, between the League of Arathor, Warhammer Gryphon Regiment, The Seventh Regiment, the Thunderbolt Guard, Honor Hold Regiment and Argus’ Hand, the Night Elf Sentinels were the strongest troops of Azeroth.

This regiment had survived for over ten thousand years.

"Do you need me to help you up?" Lu Li asked tentatively.

"Help me up. I’m not sure if I’ll live for much longer," Thaelrid said.

"If you’re about to die, you better not send us on an escort quest," Lu Li maliciously said in this heart. He and Sesame Rice Ball helped him up together and leaned him against the cave walls.

"Adventurers, your heroism is admirable," the Sentinel began to say. He paused for a moment before continuing, "Blackfathom has been investigated and my quest is finally complete"

Were they going to get a reward?

Lu Li and the others looked at him in anticipation.

If he didn’t give anything at all, they were definitely going to kill him.

It was as if he sensed the tense atmosphere. Thaelrid cut to the chase and pulled out a parcel that was filled with items. "These are the trophies I have gathered over the years. You can all take one item each."

It really was a big pile of items – there was just so much stuff!

Everyone looked at each other before they watched Lu Li reach down and pick up an item.

It was a Silver Mold, but unfortunately, it was level 45, which made it quite ordinary. At level 45, even Gold equipment would not be rare anymore, let alone Silver equipment.

He was about to pick up another item before Thaelrid faintly added, "Each person only has three chances to pick an item."

"You…" Lu Li was just about to swear at this old guy.

He quickly retracted his hand. He had just wasted a chance and had to carefully weigh up his second choice.

There were at least a few hundred items in the parcel, ranging from materials to skill books and other miscellaneous items. There were things that even someone as experienced as Lu Li didn’t know about.

Although they couldn’t recognize most of the items, they could still recognize some of them.

"Can the others help me choose?" Lu Li asked cautiously. He was suppressing his excitement, trying to ask the question as flatly as possible.

"Of course." Thaelrid glanced at the others before nodding. "If they agree."

Each person could take an item, but they had three opportunities to choose. This meant that Lu Li had two chances to test. If he recognized both items, he could easily make a decision.

If this were any other group of players, they would already be kneeling before Thaelrid.

The second choice that Lu Li made was a very fine-looking dagger. The body of this blade was gold in color, so Lu Li guessed that this dagger was probably Gold-grade.

Although he already had two exquisite weapons, who could complain about having more of them?

Thaelrid smiled as Lu Li picked up the weapon. He wasn’t surprised to see Lu Li’s expression turn dark as he checked its attributes.

Bronze… it was a Bronze weapon that was level 40.

Big bro, you’ve been posing as some mysterious Sentinel but you pick up all this garbage that no one would want.

"When I was young, a lovely young lady gave that to me as a gift."

Thaelrid looked upwards, reminiscing his past.

"Since it’s so memorable, it’s best if you keep it."

Lu Li threw the item back. He only had one chance left, so he needed to find something that was good for him.

This one.

Lu Li confidently picked out a pale blue crystal from the pile of items.

Imbued Crystal – this was a rare material used for weapons. It only had a small probability to be dropped by high-end Magic Bosses. Lu Li could have sold this item in his past life for 300 gold coins.

Even a Gold equip might not be worth as much as this item.

Next, Lu Li elected Azure Sea Breeze to be the next to choose…

His luck was also very ordinary. His first two choices weren’t appropriate for him and he eventually settled for his final item which was a Sheet Material.

Of course, Azure Sea Breeze would be unhappy with this result.

Where was the Gold equipment? Where was the Dark Gold equipment? Where was the God tier equipment?

However, when he heard that this the sheet could be used to Forge a Dark Gold Shield, his dissatisfaction immediately dissipated. He almost grabbed Lu Li’s thigh and started to repent.

Wandering’s turn was simple. He was too lazy to think about it so he just assigned the task to Lu Li.

After Lu Li observed the items, he grabbed a skill book. Perhaps it was a strong skill book.

The value of skill books were not to be underestimated, but they probably weren’t worth as much as when Lu Li had asked Shen Wansan to buy them. The inflation at the time had primarily been caused by the Shadow Cup.

Please be a high level skill book – something in the same tier as Bloodthirst.

Lu Li followed Remnant Dream’s example and said a quick prayer.

However, when he actually looked at the book, it was ‘Track Beast’.

Track Beast was a Hunter skills that could be used to discover the recent activities of surrounding beasts.

This was useless for someone like Remnant Dream who never played along and was also a reward for Hunters when they reached level 20. As such, Lu Li had no choice but to put it back.

The second book, ‘Ritual of Summoning’, taught a ritual to open a transmission gate. It required a caster and two other allies to complete, but it could be used to summon parties or party members.

It was difficult to say whether it was good or bad, but it definitely had its uses.

As long as a Warlock had two party members around, he could cast Ritual of Summoning to call on a mighty force.

"I’ll take this one."

Wandering habitually considered its uses and immediately realized its potential in warfare.

In a PVP setting, one could dive into enemy lines and summon an army to turn the tides of a battle.

In a PVE setting, when a guild found a Wild Boss or something noteworthy, the thing that they feared the most was being noticed by everyone else. However, with this skill, a Warlock could go with two stealthy thieves and summon the entire guild without anyone noticing.

"Are you sure? Lu Li asked. "You still have another chance."

"I can’t be bothered."

Wandering took it and threw it at Sesame Rice Ball.