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Chapter 345: Mystic Dust

Chapter 345: Mystic Dust

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Sesame Rice Balls didn’t realize he was about to become a slave to the team; he was very touched as he learned the skill.

From the bottom of his heart, he was certain that he was among a great, warm family.

Definitely too warm.

"Rice Ball, I’m going pick in your place. Are you alright with that?" Lu Li asked.

"Of course. It’d be best if you can get something for Wandering, since I took his skill book," he added.

This was a drama show – what was with all of these requests?

Lu Li decided to ignore them; he squatted down and continued to pick up the next item.

This was quite similar to drawing a raffle – if he hadn’t been reincarnated, this would be a test for his judgement and luck.

Normally, only two or three people among a group of ten would receive something decent. The others would most likely be disappointed.

This was the standard for a quest reward – there was no way a quest would reward you with ten rare materials.

However, Lu Li was someone who had reincarnated, so Thaelrid was fated to lose a pile of his goods from the very beginning.

This time, Lu Li picked up a "Death Coil" skill book, which was for Death Knights. It appeared good because it was a skill for a hidden class, but this was still a rubbish item.

An equip was chosen on the second round.

Lu Li learned from his previous experience with the dagger and decided to choose something unassuming this time.

Hence, when he picked up a simple-looking staff, he nearly slapped himself across the face – this staff looked extremely useless and practically, it was also useless.

After two chances had been used, Lu Li had to modestly pick a rare material.

"Still six places left."

Thaelrid stared at Lu Li’s hands; he had started to become a little anxious.

The four items that Lu Li had chosen included a skill book and three rare materials. These were all good items, especially the three rare materials, and surmounted to a great loss, even for Thaelrid.

There were still six chances left; he could already feel his wealth leaving him.

Of course, Lu Li didn’t hold back. He stuck to his rules – an equipment first, then a skill book and if both of them were rubbish, he would go for materials.

Another rare material obtained.

"Did you guys want to give it a go?" Lu Li turned his head to ask.

The four rare materials that he was sure about had all been chosen. There were only two rare materials left in the pile that he hadn’t chosen because he was uncertain about them.

It was going depend on luck from this point onwards.

"No, no, you can continue..." The others shook their head in coordination.

They were all shocked by him.

No one could guarantee to be as good as Lu Li – of the five items he had chosen, none of them had been complete rubbish.

It was probably better to select equipment first.

It was fair to say that equip were the most important thing in the game; it would only be possible for players to face challenges with the help of good gear.

A hammer? What on earth is this hammer? How is it even possible for a Silver-grade equip to have such terrible attributes? Thaelrid, are you sure you’re not a garbage collector?

Skill book – "Cone of Cold".

Lu Li turned the book in his hands over multiple time before he finally accepted that this was just an ordinary Cone of Cold skill book for Mages.

Skill book – "Mutilate".

Mutilate, Instant cast, Cooldown 20 seconds. Instantly attacks with both weapons. The main hand deals 80% of weapon damage in the form of physical damage, while the off-hand deals 60% of weapon damage in the form of physical damage. Awards 2 combo points.

This skill was like a two-hit combo from left and right. The gap time was short and the damage wasn’t high; this was mainly a skill to store combo points.

It wasn’t a rare skill, but only high-leveled monsters had a chance of dropping it, so it wasn’t a very common skill at the game’s current stage.

"I’m taking this." Lu Li learned the skill right away.

An extra skill just meant an extra method to receive combo points. There was no way he would waste his precious skill points on this skill – he couldn’t afford to anyway.

The seventh time, Lu Li selected a level 30 Silver-grade mold. The attributes were unknown, but at least it was a safe option, much safer than the other unknown choices that were left.

He was rather unlucky on his eighth attempt. Not only did he fail to pick something good in his first two chances, but even the rare material that he thought he was familiar with turned out to be something entirely different.

He thought it would be Cold Mithril, but after he grabbed the item, he discovered that it was only an average Mithril Mineral.

The market-value of a Mithril Mineral was only a few silver coins.

On his ninth attempt, Lu Li selected the item that he suspected to be Mystic Dust. He found it hard to believe that Thaelrid would grab of a block of dirt to fool him, and couldn’t think of anything else that resembled the block of dirt besides Mystic Dust.

Although the use of Mystic Dust was limited, it was an essential item for some higher-quality equips. It would fetch a good price if someone rich needed it.

Mystic Dust, rare material.

As expected, it was Mystic Dust indeed. Lu Li had never actually seen this item in his previous life, but he had read about it in the chronicled adventures of a dwarf adventurer. The title of the book was "Sketchbook of Bryan, Copper Tribe"; it specifically introduced some weird items with stories in between. The language of the book was very entertaining and Lu Li had read it multiple times. It was like a novel to him.

According to the legends, Mystic Dusts were the broken pieces from Ancient Gods who had died in the past.

Of course, this was definitely a made-up explanation.

After Lu Li placed the Mystic Dust in his bag, Thaelrid changed his expression. He didn’t expect Lu Li to choose something that looked like a block of dust, or else, he wouldn’t have taken out the item in the first place.

To the players, Mystic Dust was = a rare material, but it wasn’t so simple for a Sentinel.

This small block of dirt was able to affect the detection ability of higher-leveled creatures. It had helped Thaelrid to hide himself from Dragons in the past, and allowed him to successfully sneak across the Dragon’s Canyon.

However, Elves were always egotistic. He was the one who said they could pick anything they wanted, so it would hurt his ego to take the item back.

He had already retired and wouldn’t have a chance to use this item anyway. The best he could do was to comfort himself.

There was nothing else from the massive pile that Lu Li was able to recognize. He couldn’t spot a single thing that he was familiar with in the slightest.

"Last chance. Suggestions, anyone?" Lu Li was speechless; these people really thought he knew everything.

"Maybe I can try. I’m pretty lucky in general," Remnant Dream offered.

"If you don’t get something good, we’re going to sell you to make up for it," Hachi Chan threatened. Remnant Dream rolled her eyes and lost her courage to speak; there was also a good chance that she was overestimating her own worth.

"You can try selecting rare equips. Even if the attributes aren’t the best, they’ll still be very valuable," March Rain suggested softly.

"Right, why didn’t I think of that?" Lu Li suddenly realized.