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Chapter 346: Love With No Regrets

Chapter 346: Love With No Regrets

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Generally, rare equipment referred to necklaces, bracelets, rings, badges, head accessories and masks,

The drop rate of these items were incredibly low and some of these were restricted to girls only.

It had always been easier to make money from girls, and the same rule applied even inside the game. There would always be plenty of millionaires willing to spend a great sum of money to please pretty girls.

The team gathered around to make their choice, having discovered two items from the pile that seemed like rare equips.

A necklace and a bracelet.

Which one?

Theoretically, necklaces would give better attributes, because bracelets and bracers shared the same equipment slot. It was impossible to put a bracer and a bracelet on at the same time.

In many cases, bracers had better attributes compared to bracelets.

"This bracelet seems pretty. Why don’t we choose this one?" Hachi Chan swallowed hard as she spoke. Remnant Dream nodded her head in agreement and even March Rain seemed interested. Only Sakura Memories, who was a little less feminine, didn’t seem to care.

The bracelet was beautiful indeed, far more than the necklace.

Following everyone’s opinion, Lu Li picked up the bracelet.

If the bracelet was useless, they still had two more chances to choose anyway...

"Let me take a look! Let me take a look too!"

Lu Li only managed to catch a glimpse of the attributes before the girls took the bracelet off him.

By the looks of it, even if the attributes were terrible, the girls would still take the bracelet.

Fortunately, the attributes weren’t terrible – they were actually incredibly good. Lu Li was still quite shocked from reading them.

It was hard to comprehend why a Sentinel between level 20-30 had something like this.

Stellar’s Dream (Gold): All attributes+15, Special effect 1: Increase bag space by 20, Special effect 2: Teleportation. Appear in selected location within eight yards after casting, Cooldown 90 seconds. Special effect 3: Creates a shield, protecting up to a maximum of three team members, absorbing (2000/total number of players) points of damage. Level Requirement LV30, Durability 120/120.

A row of orange text was engraved into the bracelet: Hero. I hope someday fate brings you to a love with no regrets.

Lu Li turned his head to look at Thaelrid’s expression.

Previously, when he had taken the Mystic Dust, Thaelrid’s expression seemed as if he had lost a best friend. Now that he had lost a Gold-grade equipment, he was bound to go crazy.

Surprisingly, Lu Li only saw a smile on Thaelrid’s face.

Was he so mad that he had lost his sanity?

Contrary to this, it seemed like his expression contained mixed emotions of attachment, affection and relief.

Lu Li was a determined person, a wise person, a reincarnated person, but he had no experience with relationships at all. No matter how hard he thought about them, he couldn’t understand the mixed emotions of Thaelrid.

"Sir, we’d like to take this bracelet. Is that okay?" Hachi Chan asked anxiously.

They all really liked this bracelet and had made up their minds that they wanted to keep it. They didn’t even ask for Lu Li’s opinion – if Lu Li objected, he would definitely be hated by the girls.

"Little girl, if you like it, then feel free to take it," Thaelrid said gently. "Now, please take some of my strength as a blessing to you all. May you all find someone in your future endeavors, someone special who can accompany you to the very end."

Right after he said this, Lu Li and his team heard the System’s announcement.

System: Quest Completed "Blackfathom Demon". Experience reward received, Silverwing Sentinel reputation received, one skill point received.

A lot of experience was rewarded – Hachi Chan, Moonlight and Sesame Rice Ball all leveled up to level 27, 26 and 27 respectively. The others saw a massive increase in their experience bar as well.

The uses of Silverwing Sentinel reputation were unknown, but many aspects of the game were involved with some sort of reputation, so it was better to have it than to have nothing at all.

As for the skill point reward, this was something that Lu Li didn’t expect. It had not been mentioned in any guides and the reward was also quite unreasonable.

That was ten skill points given away in one go!

Only high-leveled NPCs with a decent background in Dawn were able to do something like this, but they would much rather give out high-leveled equips than skill points.

For example, Medivh, who had accepted "Aegwynn’s Enchanting Book" from Lu Li, had taught Lu Li how to transform into a crow as his token of gratitude. However, he still felt like that wasn’t enough and also gave Lu Li the Bloodstained Badge.

In the end, no matter how good the badge was at the time, it would eventually be replaced as everyone continued to level up.

Skill points were a different story; they were the foundation to a player’s strength.

Thaelrid must have been crazy to away everyone ten skill points!

"You..." Lu Li raised his head and found that Thaelrid, the man that stood before him, seemed to have changed to an entirely different person. Half of his long, black hair had turned gray and his green eyes became misty. It was the first time that Lu Li had ever seen wrinkles on an Elf.

In an instant, time had cursed him.

"Send Shindrell my regards. Tell him that the elf in his old age is returning to the resting grounds," Thaelrid said as he slightly bowed and slowly disappeared into the mists of Blackfathom.

As expected from a high-leveled scout, he left in silence.

"Sir..." Even someone as dumb as Hachi Chan realized what had just happened and her eyes began to water.

All along the way, Thaelrid never spoke. He was even more silent than Remnant Dream’s pets.

He had helped everyone a great deal and saved the team multiple times, until he finally fell to Aku’mai’s seven combo. The Sentinel had demonstrated his value to everyone with his own strength.

In the end, no one had expected him to hand out so many rewards.

The dungeon was completed and they walked away with an inconceivable bounty, but no one was laughing.

Hero. I hope someday fate brings you to a love with no regrets.

Such a beautiful blessing.

It must have been Stellar’s Dream that caused him to give out all these skills points. Thaelrid was someone with a story, but unfortunately that had been taken away with him.

After they left the dungeon, they arrived at Blackfathom camp to hand in their quest, and received some experience, money and equipment. This was a very standard reward from a normal quest.

After Shindrell Swiftfire heard the words that they had brought from Thaelrid, her expression was filled with lament. She didn’t say much, but told them that if they wanted to see the sentinel again, they could head to the World Tree at Mount Hyjal to test their luck.

The girls finally smiled upon hearing that they could still meet the Sentinel again, while Lu Li and the others began to feel the heavy burden lift off their chests.

In the eyes of many players, NPCs were just massive piles of data, but they too, had their own lives to live and stories to tell.

Even someone like Thaelrid, who seemed rather average, had been born and raised, fought with all kinds of enemies, adventured around the world, and once loved with no regrets.