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Chapter 347: Guild Station

Chapter 347: Guild Station

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The attributes of Stellar’s Dream were impressive indeed. Even Lu Li was interested in it, but he didn’t take any action, since it was an item that was restricted for females.

Most of the equips in Dawn weren’t separated by gender. There were only a few exceptions to this and bracelets were one of them. Others included head accessories, forehead accessories and earrings, but these items all had a very low drop rate.

Besides gear that were bound by class, plated-armor classes like Paladins were able to equip plate armor, chain armor, leather armor and cloth armor. Hunters, who wore chain armor, were able to wear the other three kinds of armor apart from plate armor. Druids, who wore leather armor, were also able to wear cloth armor, while cloth-armor classes were only able to wear cloth armor.

This could be explained by the weight of these items. Plate-armor classes were able to carry heavier weights, so they were able to equip heavier armors such as plate armor. The same rules applied for other kinds of equipment.

Bracelets weren’t in this category; they were suitable for any kind of female player in any class.

As such, the ownership of Stellar’s Dream became a tough decision.

In the end, it was the girls who came up with a plan – they decided to share it. Everyone would take turns wearing it, but usually, the bracelet would be kept with March Rain.

When the team returned to Astrana, Square Root 3 had already rented a basement in the city.

The location was quite big – it was a courtyard that measured at least 1000 square meters, but it still wasn’t spacious enough for a thousand guild members.

When Lu Li and the others entered, the place was crowded. All sorts of players were shouting at each other; it was like a market.

The gaming company had announced that they would gradually allow the construction of guild stations in the future, but before that day came, even a guild like Glory Capital would have to rent someone else’s place.

The rent of this courtyard wasn’t cheap at all; it was 2000 gold coins per month.

Hence, many guilds still didn’t have their own resting location. Their group gathering was to make a group conversation for everyone.

"It’s Lu Li! Look! It’s Lu Li and the others!"

Their arrival had attracted the attention of the guild members, who welcomed them with admiration.


This was something that the executives from the other big guilds desperately wanted, but was a normal sight here.

First kills, championship.

Just these alone were enough for Lu Li to conquer the hearts of everyone.

"Guild master!"

"Guild master!"

All along the way, many people greeted him. Lu Li didn’t try to make himself high and mighty either; he responded anyone who greeted him. Extroverts like Azure Sea Breeze had already become friends with many in the guild.

This was a good thing – with the number one tank being an extrovert, it was only a matter of time before everyone felt like they were at home.

The temporary station was mainly just a big courtyard that supplied everyone with a location to share together. The other areas included the guild hall and a row of rooms on each side of the hall for trade skills.

Square Root 3’s office was located inside the guild hall.

This place was connected to the mercenary hall. Players were able to browse and accept some simple guild quests and normal quests here.

When Lu Li spotted Square Root 3, he happened to be talking to another player.

"Don’t worry. Everyone chose to believe in Ruling Sword; the guild won’t mistreat anyone," Square Root 3 assured as he patted the other player’s shoulders and ended the conversation.

"Guild master." The other player saw Lu Li and was startled for a bit before he uncomfortably greeted him.


Lu Li nodded his head as he watched the other player leave.

"Who is he?" Lu Li turned around to ask Square Root 3 after the player left.

"Someone who wanted to join us. He was previously a guild master from a small guild under Star Moon Union. He’s quite a capable man – he brought around four hundred people from his guild to join Ruling Sword," Square Root 3 answered as he poured Lu Li a cup of water.

This was when Lu Li remembered that Square Root 3 wasn’t just a nobody. He had managed Star Moon Union for many years and had his own reputation in the industry.

"Did many people follow you here?"

"Not many, only a few small guild members that I was close with. I turned down the other," Square Root 3 said calmly.

He had been able to obtain this position because of his own abilities and Lu Li’s trust. In order to head towards an even brighter future, he had to place his hopes in Lu Li and his team, so there was nothing for them to hide from each other.

He didn’t need to drag a bunch of people into the guild and make them his trusted subordinates either.

Of course, Lu Li wasn’t a natural leader either. There was no way he could make Square Root 3 give everything right from the start; everyone still kept a bit for themselves.

"Either way, I’m entrusting the guild to you. If you approve, then feel free to take them in. We need people anyway."

Lu Li didn’t want all the players in the guild to be newbies. Currently, all the big guilds were rapidly developing, so they couldn’t afford to waste time.

Although some guilds were smaller and had rather average achievements, even they had already formed teams for dungeons and events.

"We’ve already hit the five-thousand-mark for members. They’re all good quality and quite a few of them look promising."

Square Root 3 was mixed with all sorts of emotions and was being conservative with his words. The people he had taken in over the past two days were more than just decent; they were good enough to make people envious.

Considering he had spent so much time in the past to manage Star Moon Union, the high-salaried elites in the union weren’t any better than the current members of Ruling Sword.

A single championship title had caused countless players to flood in.

When other people established their guilds, they had to find all sorts of ways to become well-known in the hopes of attracting players to join. However, Ruling Sword was an exception. Over the past few days, Square Root 3 had to go around explaining to the players who wanted to join that the guild was rapidly leveling up, and that once spots were open, applications would be made available again.

‘Happy, but in pain’ – this was the perfect description for Square Root 3’s current situation.

"There are probably people from other guilds among these applicants," Lu Li reminded.

"We won’t be able to avoid this, but I’ve already planned to sign contracts in real life with the current elite group. The core elite groups will even be asked to sit in the office."

Square Root 3 was already well prepared for this.

To ‘sit in the office’ meant that these players would be like office workers. An office would be rented and everyone would play games together there.

"I see. I trust that you’ll be able to look after these things," Lu Li laughed as he pressed on Square Root 3’s shoulders. "Ruling Sword belongs to me, but it also belongs to you and everyone else. No matter what happens, I’ve already entrusted the guild to you. After a while, when the guild has settled, I’ll pass the guild master position to you."

Guild masters also had a fair amount of authority that was limited to them only. It was more than just a simple title.

"Don’t even think about ditching me with all this," Square Root 3 said, pretending to be angry."I’ve been so busy in these past two days."

"Haha, people with better ability should share more responsibilities. We should go out sometime in the future when we’re free, in reality, that is."

The last time he had seen Square Root 3, Lu Li had gone to the Star Moon Union to terminate his contract. At that time, they felt pity for each other. It was hard to imagine that they would be sitting together again after a few weeks time.

"You’re the boss; it’s on you," Square Root 3 joked.

There was no way he would ask Lu Li to give up on dungeons to manage the guild. He knew better than anyone else how important Lu Li’s First Clears were.

The guild had only taken two days to get on track. Not only were there plenty of people to complete guild quests, but guild members had even made their own parties to do dungeons.

The team that Fat Monkey was in charge of was performing exceptionally well. They had just defeated Serpentis, which was an achievement that many big guilds haven’t even accomplished.

Besides the PVP players who wanted to join the guild because of the championship title, there were a great number of dungeon players that had entered the guild.

Dungeon players were the supporting force of a guild. As long as they didn’t fall behind on dungeon progress, equipments, skill books and rare materials would constantly pour in to keep the club alive.

"When are we completing the guild challenge?" Square Root 3 asked.

"I thought you were going to assign some normal players to do it."

The guild challenge for a level five guild wasn’t hard to complete. In fact, it was extremely simple. It was a chance to group and form bonds between guild members.

"Give them a chance to fight alongside the champion team. They’ll love the guild even more," Square Root 3 chuckled.

He was much more familiar with manipulating and managing the guild than Lu Li.