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Chapter 348: New Elites In the Guild

Chapter 348: New Elites In the Guild

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"In that case, you can pick a few people. We’ll start tomorrow when we all come online."

Lu Li checked the time and estimated that they didn’t have enough time to complete the challenge today.

"I’ll notify them later. They’ll let you know as soon as they come online tomorrow."

Square Root 3 had already formed a list of who was more enthusiastic, who was more skilled...

"Sure, I’ll take a look at these people and maybe choose a few of them to play as substitutes for the main team, just in case we need substitutes in the future," Lu Li said.

"Are you planning to swap out Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream?" Square Root 3 probed.

He couldn’t decide what kind of answer he wanted to hear. He felt like Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream’s gaming technique was quite average. They would hold back the team, but at the same time, he didn’t want Lu Li to be someone would forget his friends as soon as he became successful.

A great part of the reason why Square Root 3 had left Star Moon Union was because Ao Jian violated this protocol.

A leader who only shared tough times but not the good times was truly a discouragement. No one could guarantee that this wouldn’t happen to them.

"No way – they’ve always performed well." Lu Li was slightly emotional as he continued, "Hachi Chan’s damage isn’t bad and her healing skills are decent too. She’s good enough for a second healer and as for Remnant Dream, her damage in the team is above average."

Currently, Lu Li dealt the highest damage, while Lonesome Flower was the second highest. They were followed closely by Sesame Rice Ball and Sakura Memories, but Remnant Dream wasn’t any worse than either of them.

As a matter of fact, she wasn’t only dealing damage by herself – her pet was making quite a large contribution as well.

This was not to mention that she also had lucky hands. Her lucky hands were something that existed if you had faith in them. Lu Li himself was someone who would gladly believe that Remnant Dream had a pair of lucky hands; this was most likely linked with her luck attribute.

Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream were the treasures of the team; there was no way that they would be swapped out.

Of course, Lu Li was also thinking about substitutes for their sake; both of these girls were underage and still growing. They had to class during the day and it was important that they got enough rest at night.

If they stopped growing and stayed around 140cm, wouldn’t that make him the culprit?

It was impossible for Lu Li to spend all of his time with his team members too.

He knew a lot of secrets about this game that others didn’t; this was his advantage from reincarnating. However, these advantages had to be put into use. He planned to spend some time in the dungeon with his team while he also adventured by himself at the same time.

At the very least, he didn’t plan to spend more time in dungeons that have already been completed.

For example, the Howling Caves – even if it was on Nightmare mode, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group would still be able to complete the dungeon with someone else. Lu Li had already taught everyone everything.

The next day, Lu Li woke up early to go to the hospital.

Apparently, the hospital had already found a suitable donor, but the matching level wasn't exceptional. The specialists recommended that Lu Li should wait a little longer; the hospital could do some preparation work in the meantime.

Of course, Lu Li didn’t have any objections. He even hired a physiotherapist to design a diet and training sessions for Lu Xin.

By the time he got online, the team had already been formed and everyone was waiting for him.

"This is Monkey," Square Root 3 introduced.

"I’ll call you Monkey too. I heard you guys passed Howling Caves yesterday?" Of course, Lu Li knew about the future Fire Mage Emperor. This was his greatest accomplishment in accepting applicants; he was a free celebrity player.

This guy wasn’t just a celebrity player; he also had his own understandings of dungeons.

In his previous life, many of the dungeon guides that Lu Li read had been written by this player.

Speaking of guides, Dawn had already been released for a month and many guides had begun to appear in forums. Some people had even managed to earn up to $10,000 by writing guides.

Guides were posted on forums and would usually charge viewers for about a month’s time. The authors were also paid by officials based on their views. Hachi Chan would write a lot of guides for quests in the future. She earned a lot from this and honestly wouldn’t have to worry about money at all.

"We can’t compare ourselves to you; we just followed guides and did an elite difficulty dungeon."

Fat Monkey was a buff looking guy and seemed slightly older than Lu Li, but this didn’t affect the respect he had for Lu Li.

Respect for someone due to their strength was true respect, as opposed to respect for authority.

"No need to be so modest. Have you met Lonesome Flower yet? You’re both Mages; you two must have a lot in common to talk about."

Lu Li pointed towards Lonesome Flower, who was bending down to talk to March Rain.

"Haha," Fat Monkey rubbed his nose as he spoke in a slightly awkward tone, "I can’t help it that I’m not a pretty girl."

"That’s a misunderstanding right there; that’s his sister," Wandering interrupted.

"Oh, his sister," Fat Monkey’s said as his eyes glistened. "If he has such a pretty sister, Lonesome Flower is definitely going on my friend list."

"..." Lu Li was left speechless. The celebrity player from his previous life had turned out to be another average person.

"This is Nuo Yu; he’s also a Mage."

Square Root 3 pointed at a player who looked slightly gloomy and said, "He deals a lot of damage and is level 24 already, but he’s a quiet one. He doesn’t talk much."

"Nuo Yu, welcome to Ruling Sword." Lu Li felt slightly familiar with the name.

In his previous life, when he had entered the game, this person had been hunted by the Gangnam Royals for a good amount of time. He eventually joined Peerless City and became a game master with some fame, so it was a surprise that he had joined the guild as well. It seemed like Square Root 3 really valued him.

People with good potential were like sharp objects in a cloth bag – they were bound to stick out.

"Hi," Nuo Yu responded as he bowed his head and refused to say another word. It was no wonder that Square Root 3 had claimed that he was a quiet one.

In terms of personality, Nuo Yu wasn’t cold like Lonesome Flower, but it seemed like he was carrying a heavy burden deep within him, so he simply didn’t want to talk.

"Global Friendship, defense Warrior, quite skilled. He was the tank that passed the Howling Caves this time," Square Root 3 said as he pointed at a short-looking male Warrior.

It wasn’t that this person was actually short; it was just the race he had chosen. It was hard for a Dwarf to be taller than a Night Elf.

"Just call me Global. I’m not good with my words, so if I offend anyone by accident, apologies beforehand," the Warrior said in a muffled voice.

"Don’t worry, if there’s any misunderstandings, just talk about it. We’re all brothers."

Lu Li didn’t dislike people who were sharp with their words, otherwise, he wouldn’t have tolerated Wandering either.

"Drifting Night Light, Priest. His nickname is Big Healer," Azure Sea Breeze laughed and spoke as he squeezed his way in. He gently punched the chest of the male Priest, who was a Human-race player, . It seemed like this person was easy to get along with, otherwise, Azure Sea Breeze wouldn’t be so carefree either. He was a little silly, but he understood social protocols.

Who to joke with, who to be serious with – these were all basic social skills.

Drifting Night Light was someone who laughed a lot; it seemed like he had a great personality.

"I’m Wolf Fang. Lu Li, you’re my idol."

Before Square Root 3 had the chance to made introductions, a Thief pounced over and grabbed Lu Li’s hands.

His expressions were filled with a crazy passion, like a pervert who had seen a beautiful girl. Lu Li was slightly frightened and wanted to draw back, but Wolf Fang was latched on tightly. He could only let Wolf Fang hold his hands while he said a few words. Wolf Fang was so touched that he teared up.

It seemed like this was a true fan indeed.

Lu Li’s fan base was quite complex, but Thieves took up most of the population.

A living text book – this was a position that barely anyone had the ability to snatch from Lu Li.