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Chapter 350: Rare Material Reward

Chapter 350: Rare Material Reward

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They had every right to brag about their accomplishments since they had dominated the game without help from a major guild.

Some people liked to challenge themselves, living for the fears and thrills of life.

"Wow we barely touched it and it died."

Azure Sea Breeze was impressed with Beard Stubble’s pretentious and arrogant attitude, and began to unconsciously imitate him.

The two looked at each other and laughed, as if they both knew how annoying the other was.

Wandering kicked Azure from his behind and said, "Stop embarrassing yourself. Do you remember who was the one who complained about how difficult Nightmare mode was? Stop pretending to be brave when you’re just a coward."

"Screw your dad. Wandering, do you have to mess with me every time?" His happy mood was instantly shut down.

"You were ‘flirting’ with Beard Stubble the whole time. Are you guys in love?" Sakura Memory added fuel to the flames.

Everyone laughed out loud and the mood became much less tense. The new members were more comfortable after realising that the winners of the Shadow Cup were easy to approach and were down-to-earth people.

After reaching level 6, the guild continued to progress at a very fast pace.

The maximum members allowed increased and there were more guild quests to be completed. Lu Li was glad to see that everything was going great.

"Is there anyone that still needs to complete Howling Caves? If so, then follow Wandering and clear it for the day. I won’t be joining you." Lu Li wasn’t interested in an Instance Dungeon that he had cleared already.

The chances of receiving SP from a boss were very low, especially if the dungeon run wasn’t a First Clear.

Lu Li had other more important errands to attend to and had no time for Instance Dungeons.

"I haven’t completed it yet," Beard Stubble said as he jumped up.

Everyone else had already cleared Howling Caves yesterday. Since Beard Stubble’s level was too low, he could only wait outside for his teammates. However, over the past two days, he had been trying very hard to level up and had finally reached level 20.

"Alright then. Wandering, you’re the shot caller," Lu Li said as he passed the party leader to Wandering. Whether they could complete the dungeon or not was completely up to them.

He couldn’t babysit every single dungeon that the group attempted, and Thieves weren’t particularly useful in dungeons anyway.

He trusted in Wandering’s leadership and his teammates’ abilities. Lu Li was confident that they could clear the Howling Caves, even on Nightmare level.

Lu Li left and went to the Moonlight Forest.

The Moonlight Forest was one of the most beautiful maps in the game. Lu Li would prefer staying and living here, besides the Moonlight Lake. He could enjoy the sunsets and sunrises in the comfort of his home, as well as the company of the moonlight as he laid beside the lake.

He could live a life without worries and simply admire the flowers in the garden as he watched as the clouds drift past in the sky.

It would be perfect.

However, this was an unrealistic dream that had flashed across Lu Li’s mind for a split second. He knew that he had bigger and greater things to achieve in his life.

His heart was with his friends and family, as well as Ruling Sword.

"Young adventurer, I didn’t expect to see you so soon. Are you troubled by something?" Keeper Remulos asked casually as he lazed around in the grassy fields.

Praise the Moon Gods.

Lu Li bowed and replied, "As you wished, I led a group of brave warriors and defeated the traitors in the Blackfathom Deeps.

"You defeated Aku’mai already…? How did you defeat him so easily?" Lu Li could sense a tone of disappointment in Remulos’ voice.

"Yes, I cut his head off," Lu Li said confidently.

"Just the one head?" Remulos asked.

"One," Lu Li nodded.

"Oh, I see. I’ll consider that as a success."

Remulos was surprised that Lu Li had been able to defeat Aku’mai and complete the Blackfathom Deeps at his current level and gear.

"Anything else that I can do for you?" Lu Li asked.

Quests had to be manually accepted in order to begin undertaking them. Lu Li was hoping that Remulos would give him another quest since he appeared to be in a good mood.

"Wait, I haven’t even given you your rewards," Remulos said.

"I received a lot of loot and good drops from clearing Blackfathom Deeps; I wouldn’t dare to ask for anything more."

From Lu Li’s past experience, there would be bonus benefits if he pretended to be humble and polite in front of an NPC. Conversely, the greedier and ruder you appeared to be, the more they would despise you.

As expected, Remulos was even more impressed with Lu Li’s attitude. He smiled and said, "This is no longer useful for me, but I hope you’ll find some use for it."

As he said this, he extended his arm and handed something to Lu Li.

The object was diamond-shaped and was as red as fire. There appeared to be some sort of energy flowing through the mineral.

"This is… a Fragment of Fire? Lu Li asked uncertainly.

"That’s right. I thought you’d like it."

"Yes, thank you Lord Keeper, your gift is greatly appreciated."

Fragment of Fire was a rare material that he needed to upgrade his God Ring. He wasn’t even sure where to obtain this.

He never would have thought that Remulos would reward him with this.

"I’m glad you like it. You deserve it for your bravery," Remulos said genuinely.

"Thank you so much. Is there anything else you’d like me to do?" Lu Li looked at him passionately, almost as if he wanted to kiss him. Anything that Remulos asked of right now, Lu Li would accept without hesitation.

"I don’t have anything for you to do, at least not for now anyway."

Lu Li was disappointed. In reality, he knew that the chances of receiving a quest that rewarded rare materials were very low.

The quality of rewards correlated to the difficulty of the quest. Since there were no other parties currently in Dawn that could clear the Blackfathom Deeps on Nightmare level, the rewards were very good.

"If you have any other requests, summon me and I’ll attend to them immediately," Lu Li offered.

Since Lu Li had past knowledge from his rebirth, he knew alternate ways to strengthen himself. The rare materials that he needed would be obtained eventually.

"I have nothing for you to do right now, however, my followers have been praying and asking me to help out his sick daughter," Remulos said. "Follow the 6th Street from Astrana’s North Gate and head east. You’ll see a purple wind chime hanging off the entrance of a small alleyway. They live in the second house in the alley."

"I will head there immediately."

With or without rewards, Lu Li had to maintain a good relationship with Remulos.

"May the Moon Goddess protect her people. Your efforts will be rewarded." Remulos was pleased.

Lu Li teleported back to Astrana and after following Remulos’ instructions, found the house.

He had a feeling that this quest was Remulos’ way of testing him and that more quests would be given if he did well.