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Chapter 352: Deep Pit Camp

Chapter 352: Deep Pit Camp

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"Where is that bottle of Wildfire?" Lu Li asked.

"They have built a camp nearby in order to harvest my hair. If you follow the route of the Orcs, you will find the camp," the ghost said.

Lu Li asked a few more questions, but didn’t gain any further useful information.

It appeared that he just had to try his luck. There were quite a few quests like this, where the exact location was unknown and you just had to work it out based on some clues.

Follow the route of the Orcs…

Lu Li looked around for any Undead Herbalists or Orc Supervisors, but was hard pressed to find anything that could help him.

Those characters were acting like regular mobs – they were not intelligent and were just following a fixed procedure. Each of them acted out the same thing over and over, and wouldn’t wander out of a small, fixed range.

With no other options, Lu Li could only farm the mobs here while watching to see if there were any special monsters around.

About half an hour later, he stumbled upon a bunch of Bathran’s Hair on the ground. He tried to collect it, but the System told him that had already had Bathran’s Hair.

His eyes then lit up in realization. Since Bathran’s Hair had appeared, a special orc would soon be here to harvest it.

His speculation was in fact correct. Soon, a dozen chain-mail-clad Orcs came to the Bathran Haunted House and collected the Bathran’s Hair, then hastily retreated in the same direction.

Lu Li cautiously followed them.

He then saw very clearly that these were all level 30 Elite Orcs. The leader was most likely an even higher level.

Lu Li wasn’t afraid of them; he could escape if he needed to. However, he was afraid that if he disturbed them, the temporary camp would disband and there would be no one left to lead him.

As such, he tried to keep himself hidden as best as he could.

He trailed the squad of Orcs for ten minutes before they arrived at the summit of a hill.

Then, they suddenly vanished.

Lu Li waited for a while, but there wasn’t any more movement, so he quietly followed their footsteps.

It turned out that the summit of the hill had been excavated by the Orcs to form a huge pit. They had built their temporary camp in this pit.

Lu Li turned his head and speechlessly discovered that the Maestra’s Post was close by. This group of Orcs had established a temporary camp right under the noses of the Sentinels.

If he went and reported to them…

Lu Li was drooling. He was going to report to them after he got the bottle of fire. Even if the reward was monetary, it would still be a handsome sum.

After he entered, he realized that this place was much more spacious than he had imagined. These Orcs had hollowed out the entire hill. There was some moss growing on the walls and some glowing stones embedded in them, so it wasn’t dark at all.

There were barracks, a kitchen, a warehouse and even an alchemy room…

Swarms of Orcs were patrolling about. It was a main base of operations; this place was no joke.

Lu Li watched the movements of his surroundings and slowly entered the alchemy room.

Wildfire – its name suggested that it was obviously a product of alchemy. Entering the Alchemy room was the right choice, but he didn’t know what else he would find in there.

As a Thief, stealing things seemed to be a perfectly justifiable matter.

Of course, Lu Li didn’t expect this shabby camp to contain any kind of heaven-defying treasures. He didn’t ask for tens of thousands; just a few thousand gold coins would satisfy him.

As he opened the door to the alchemy room, he saw three busy alchemists inside. They were wearing ragged robes and their bony hands were continuously putting things into a big pot.

The liquid in the pot was highly viscous and there were all kinds of smells being produced as the liquid churned.

Lu Li almost retched at the stench.

No wonder there weren’t many other Orcs in the area – they probably had to lose their sense of smell before they could properly work in this environment.

Lu Li went into Stealth before stepping in lightly.

Although these Undead couldn’t smell anything, there was nothing wrong with their Perception. When facing these level 30 Elites, it was best that he gave them the respect they deserved.

The cabin was hot and humid, and the smell was drilling into his nostrils.

Lu Li bit the bullet and quickly started to look around the potions in search of the Wildfire.

The materials on the test bench were quite strange. Most of them were animal organs and poisonous plants. Lu Li didn’t want any of these things.

After a while, he finally found the Wildfire on the bench.

Taking advantage of the Alchemists’ turned heads, Lu Li grabbed the Wildfire. He then quickly used Shadowmeld to enter back into Stealth so he could leave the damned place.

After this, he paid a visit to the Orc’s warehouse; there could be some valuable items inside.

However, his plans were quickly disrupted when the Wildfire that he was holding unexpectedly started to burn him. He almost called out loud in surprise and damage values began to appear over his head.

It was only three to five points, but this prevented Lu Li from using Stealth to escape.

He couldn’t enter Stealth if he kept losing HP like this.

Lu Li almost started cursing out loud before he threw the Wildfire into this bag. However, the Alchemists had already noticed his presence.

Lu Li could probably deal with a single level 30 Elite, but there was more than one of them before him. He also didn’t know how they communicated, but heavy footsteps were soon heard outside the door.

If he didn’t leave now, he might not have any chances left.

Lu Li thought for a while and instead of attacking the undead Alchemists, he turned into a Leopard and rushed out.

Two Orcs burst into the room, but by the time they noticed him he had already ran away.


There were javelins, dark arrows and Shadow Bolts being thrown at him, but he didn’t dare to look back. He zipped left and right to avoid the projectiles, quickly running with his four legs.

However a humanoid figure was rapidly approaching him from behind!

Lu Li wished that he had eight legs because his four legs weren’t fast enough.

He hadn’t really considered how bloodthirsty these Orcs were, but knew that this group of level 30 Elites could easily tear him apart, so he didn’t bother about the details.

This is just a quest; it should be easy!

The fire was in his backpack, but he was still taking damage so he couldn’t go into Stealth.

The only way to escape was the get out of this pit. They wouldn’t be so ferocious then, as the Night Elf Sentinels would never tolerate such a camp existing so close to an outpost.

Maestra’s Post was just around the back.

There was a rumbling and a loud voice. Lu Li couldn’t help but look back and almost peed himself.

It was a wolf!

A Wolf Rider!

The leopard gave him considerable speed, but it was nothing compared to that given by the wolf mount.

One, two, three… throw!

Lu Li threw a dark object behind him and continued to run.

A violent roar sounded throughout the camp, accompanied by a flash.

The Orcs and wolves were crying out; the scene had descended into chaos.

In reality, only a few of them had been hurt, but the sound was quite scary nonetheless.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Lu Li quickly ran and jumped out of the pit.