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Chapter 353: Wolf Rider

Chapter 353: Wolf Rider

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Lu Li was heartbroken that he had to throw a bomb.

The drop rate of Starwood was already extremely low and he only carried three spares on him. That single throw was worth hundreds of gold coins.

Bathran, I’ve sacrificed so much to burn you down. You better repay me well for this. Otherwise, even if you manage to reincarnate, I’ll cut you down and use you for firewood as payment.

When Lu Li got out, he immediately rushed straight to Maestra’s Post.

Why didn’t go to burn down Bathran? Because Bathran was already dead and couldn’t run away, but the Orcs would immediately start running away.

They had been discovered, so naturally, they would be trying to escape.

"Lord, I have important news."

Lu Li returned to his Night Elf form as he approached Maestra’s Post. He grabbed a human soldier’s shoulder and panted as he explained the situation.

Maestra’s Post was a place where Night Elves and Humans were working together to hold a defensive position. There were many humans stationed here.

"How is this possible?" The soldier simply couldn’t believe it.

A Horde camp less than 1000 yards from here? What kind of joke was that? If Lu Li didn’t look like an honest Night Elf, they would have shot him with an arrow already.

"It’s true…"

Before Lu Li could explain any further, another soldier nearby cried out.

He was pointing into the distance towards a crowd of crazy Orcs!

The first three were Orcs equipped with Chain Mail and riding wolves. They were staring intently at Lu Li with their red eyes while he was standing in the Post. They didn’t even slow down when they approached the Post, and rushed straight at them.

These lunatics had actually decided to chase him all the way here.

It was three Wolf Riders too!

These Wolf Riders were full members of the Steel Knights and were something that he couldn’t deal with right now. On top of that, the Maestra’s Post only had a few dozen human soldiers around.

"Where is Master Delgren?" Lu Li grabbed one of the soldiers as asked.

Delgren the Purifier was a Paladin who followed the command of the Silver Hand and had his own squire. He was supposed to be investigating a secret organization composed of Orcs and the Undead.

In other words, this was his domain.

"The Master has left for inspections today," the soldier cried out.

"Get ready to fight! Ready your defenses; I’ll go get help!" Lu Li didn’t care about the rewards. If this group of soldiers died, he wouldn’t be able to receive any benefits at all.

These people were about to be killed because of him.

After hastily transforming into a Crow, he flew out of the Post in a flurry.

He didn’t go looking for Delgren – who knew where he had to go to find that guy?

The nearest defense base was the Meisnera Post!

Since the previous battle with the Water Elementals, the Meinsera Post had stationed many more troops and would now have the ability to supply reinforcements.

"Your Excellency, the Maestra’s Post has been attack by Orcs. There are three Wolf Riders there; please send reinforcements."

Lu Li didn’t want to shock everyone, so he turned himself back.

While everyone was watching, a bird transformed into a person, causing the players nearby to exclaim in shock.

Could it be that this Druid has already learnt to fly? I still don’t even have a mount; are we even playing the same game?

No one suspected that he was Lu Li, because Lu Li wouldn’t have such a useless skill like this. He also had his face covered and was wearing leather armor like a Druid would.

The Meisnera’s Post never lacked players.

In order to see Meisnera, countless perverted players camped here. They had even made this Post their home and were happy to endure sleeping on the ground every night.

In peak periods, there were perhaps hundreds of thousands of players lingering in the area.

"Wolf Riders?" Meisnera’s expression suddenly turned serious.

She didn’t question Lu Li. Meisnera was particularly sensitive to the Blessings of the Priestess and she had seen the Carolina’s mark on him.

"There are also dozens of Orc Warriros and Undead Alchemists. The Maestra’s Post will not hold for long," Lu Li quickly added.

Meisnera didn’t hesitate to sound the battle horn as she climbed onto a white cheetah and rushed out. There were a dozen Night Elves riding panthers and a dozen Night Rangers who followed her through the woods.

"Defend Meisnera!" Lu Li shouted from within a group of players.

They players were shocked at first, but this phrase aroused their minds. They quickly roared in response to defend Meisnera and rushed to follow her as well.

As more players heard this familiar cry, they also joined in.

The ‘Defend the Meisnera Outpost’ event wasn’t too long ago and many players who were here had participated. As such, they were excited to get back into the action once again.

Hundreds of players began to follow her in a snowball effect. Lu Li could now finally relax.

However, this was assuming that the Soldiers of Maestra’s Post could hold out until the reinforcements arrived. If Meisnera arrived at the destroyed Post, then everything would have been in vain.

Lu Li’s Crow could fly quickly, so he got there before Meisnera.

Maestra’s Post had not been destroyed by the Horde like Lu Li had imagined. The strength of Maestra’s Post, Delgren, had appeared for battle in the nick of time.

The human Paladin was wearing heavy silver armor and was facing three enemies. He was covered in scratches but had not died yet.

"Master Paladin, reinforcements are coming!" Lu Li shouted before landing and running towards the Orc Wolf Riders.

His attacks weren’t strong enough to deal much damage to the Wolf Rider, but they were enough to relieve some pressure from the Paladin while Meisnera was still arriving.

Just as he finished speaking, Meisnera and the reinforcements arrived on the battlefield.

However, a decisive defeat of the Orcs did not happen like Lu Li had expected.

The Orc Wolf Riders were bosses while the Sentinel’s calvary were only high-level Elites. They weren’t truly part of the Night Elf Sentinel Regiment; they were actually just auxiliary units.

Meisnera was also a boss, but her profession was a Priestess, so she didn’t have much combat strength.

Even so, with this additional force, the balance began to tip in favor of the Alliance. The Orc Warriors and Undead were constantly being shot by the Night Rangers.

The last straw was when the players started crashing into the fight.

When hundreds of players swarmed the battlefield, the three Wolf Riders were obviously unable to deal with them.

Take that System! What are you gonna do now!?

"Defend Meisnera! Long live the Goddess!" the perverts howled as players as they charged. Even if a level 30 Sargeras was standing there, it wouldn’t have been able to stand up to these perverts.

The Wolf Riders weren’t afraid of these weak players individually, but you couldn’t forget the strong Paladin Delgren, Meisnera the Priestess and the dozen level 30 Elites that she was leading.