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Chapter 355: Turned On By the NPC

Chapter 355: Turned On By the NPC

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The surprise was indescribable. An NPC had just turned on them and killed a dozen players.

The hundreds of players were shocked.

First, they were stunned in disbelief before they started to become angry.

However, this anger faded as quickly as it came. The players saw the soldiers nearby raise their weapons and they also received a notification from the System.

System: Your behavior may be interpreted as a provocation against the Silver Hand. Please act carefully.

System: Your behavior may be interpreted as a provocation against the Sentinel Corps. Please act carefully.

Although the Silver Hand had already disbanded, they still had a far-reaching influence. In addition to the Brotherhood of Light, the Scarlet Crusade and Silver Dawn, there were still a high number of high-level Paladins who would rally under the name of the Silver Hand.

As for the Sentinel Corps, that was even funnier.

If they offended the Sentinel Corps, wouldn’t they be offending all the Night Elves?

There were mechanisms in Dawn to change factions, but so far, no one has ever succeeded in doing so.

After the players calmed down, they became scared. Although they outnumbered the soldiers ten to one, they slowly backed away from them.

It seemed like this NPC was actually protecting this Thief. Who knew what he had done to get so lucky?

"Brave adventurer, I would like to thank you," Paladin Delgren said as he climbed onto his horse. "If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have known about the hidden group of Orcs."

His tone was low and calm. He even gave Lu Li a salute at the end of his sentence.

"It was I who alerted the enemy. Otherwise, we would have had a better chance at destroying them,"

Lu Li looked at the battlefield and saw the corpses being packed away into body bags.

Maestra’s Post wasn’t annihilated, but there were still over a dozen dead soldiers.

"I am also grateful that you called in reinforcements for us. Otherwise, we would have lost more than these." Delgren looked sadly at the corpses that were being carried out while gripping the reins in his hands.

He was a Paladin, a Silver Hand Paladin. As such, he was very conservative and rather tenacious.

However, he still had feelings and he was upset about his squire.

The dozen players that he had killed might have just been him venting about it.

Lu Li gave the fallen soldiers a moment of silence before painfully saying, "They were all warriors and they’re not on the way home. May the light protect them forever."

"Yes, may the light protect them," Delgren nodded. "You are a brave adventurer and I hope that the light will guide your way as well."

The System prompted Lu Li to tell him that he had gained 100 prestige points for Stormwind.

In reality, 100 points for Stormwind wasn’t that much. When Lu Li was freeing the prisoners from Blackfathom, he had already gained a significant amount of points.

However, he didn’t dare to complain; this Paladin had saved his life as well.

Moreover, he couldn’t afford to offend this Paladin either.

There were many things that had happened in the background, and any action he took could influence future events.

Dawn had spent a lot of time on their NPCs, creating many different scenarios and pathways.

To put it simply, it was unwise to attack an NPC who was in the same Faction. Otherwise, you would need to do something for them to regain their favor. When Lu Li had attacked the Goblin Businessman, he gained the hatred of all goblins, but he could later settle their differences with some gold.

Of course, once you joined a particular group, there were less limitations.

For example, Lu Li really wanted to join Ravenholdt’s Manor. That was a Thief’s Paradise because they weren’t on any side and would assassinate anyone for gold.

After he left the crowd, Lu Li went into Stealth and snuck away.

The players had not managed to find out what his name was, so they could only curse at the fact that they couldn’t seek out revenge.

Just because the Paladin hadn’t given him a reward, didn’t mean that he had returned empty handed. He had just claimed all the rewards of a level 30 Wild Boss.

The first thing that he pulled out was the dual-handed Axe.

It was a Gold Equipment!

Axe of the Legion (Gold): Damage 40-58, Strength 20, Agility 12, 1 Slot, Special Effect 1: 15% Critical Hit, Special Effect 2: Hits have a 30% chance of causing Armor Pierce. Special Effect 3: Wrath of the Legion, all teammates within 8 yards will received a 20% increase in attack power for 15 seconds. 5 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 30. Durability 64/64.

What an exquisite axe this was indeed!

Lu Li stroked the axe, wishing that he was a Warrior.

In addition to this, there was also that level 30 Gold Dagger in his bag.

This must have been the standard equipment for the Orc Steel Corps. Its last effect had a particularly effective battle effect that made this a truly exquisite axe.

It even had a slot which only appeared on rare equipment. This slot could be embedded with a gem to increase its attributes.

There was also a Skill Book, "Apprentice Riding Training Manual".

With this item, you could accept training from a Riding Teacher. After you learned how to ride and acquired a horse, you would be able to do away with all the problems that came with walking.

Strength Elixir: A player’s attack power is increased by 20% for 1 hour when used. This effect will persist through death.

So the small item he had grabbed was an Elixir. Lu Li knew what this was, but most players right now probably wouldn’t recognize it. It would be useful in attempting future First Clears of Instance Dungeons. The 20% attack power buff wasn’t much, but it lasted an entire hour. No wonder the Wolf Rider had fought so ferociously – it must have taken one of these.

The last thing he had looted was a ring.

Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat; he was still lacking a good ring.

Legionnaire’s Band (Silver): Damage 16-24, Strength 12, Agility 8, Special Effect: the target of skills have a certain probability of being silenced for 1.5 seconds. Equipment Requirement: level 25. Durability 48/48.

He was going to keep this ring for himself. Although its attributes could not be compared to the Axe of the Legion, it was much better than the Sharp Tooth Ring he was wearing.

The Special effect was actually quite good. It was inferior to the Kick skill, but if he was lucky, he would be able to reap some unexpected rewards. However, it was all dependent on his luck. This was another piece of equipment that he just had to hope would trigger.

Lu Li was very satisfied with these rewards. He put the ring on and stored the elixir away. It was a consumable, so he was going to save it for another time. He wasn’t going to use the skill book for now because he didn’t have a good-enough mount just yet. He could fly faster than most mounts anyway.

As for the Axe of the Legion, this was the most valuable item.

Lu Li hesitated for three seconds before deciding to give it to Moonlight for free. Talk of money soured relationships and they were friends that had been through thick and thin.

Even if he could sell this axe for $100,000, Moonlight could probably earn more after a few competitions. Moreover, Lu Li didn’t really need money with such urgency anymore and couldn’t be bothered selling one item for the small sum of money it would yield anyway. He just wanted his club to continue to grow and prosper.

He hoped that Bathran would give him something good, otherwise, this quest wouldn’t have been worth it at all.