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Chapter 357: Mission Completed

Chapter 357: Mission Completed

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Since this was a quest with time restrictions, Lu Li didn’t waste his time and flew straight to Warsong Valley. He encountered some dangers along the way – he was almost surrounded by a pack of hungry vultures. Fortunately, there were a lot of other birds in the forest, so he made it out alive in his crow form.

After a dozen minutes of travel time, Lu Li stood beside Lake Farathim.

Lake Farathim had lost its beauty over the years. Following the disaster of the Well of Eternity, the water level of the lake had dropped significantly and the waterbed began to rise to the surface.

Lu Li needed to find a location where the moonlight had shone upon over the years, and soak the potion in the lake waters.

A rain of arrows poured down and knocked him out of Stealth mode.

Lu Li turned his head just in time to see a few Horde players pounce over. The one who attacked first was a Hunter who had Volley. Hunters with Volley had their own special part to play in group fights.

Previously, when Lu Li had trodden along the side of the lake, he had left behind watermarks that revealed his tracks. Upon seeing him, the Hunter immediately attacked him with Volley.

Players who hung around battlegrounds often had a strong urge to seek battle; they couldn’t care less about their targets.

"It’s only him; take him out quick." The leader was an Orc Warrior who charged at Lu Li.

Lu Li took a small step to the side and the Warrior’s Charge lost its target.

A dodging technique like this required good timing – if you dodged before the Charge skill completed its cast time, the other player would still change directions and charge into you. The only solution was to dodge this skill after the cast time had been completed, just like how Lu Li had performed it.

The Orc Warrior was stunned immediately by Lu Li as he dashed over.


Levels, equipment, skills.

There was a massive difference in all areas between the two players and despite being a plated class, the Warrior still lost a great amount of health.

The Orc was frightened; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Lu Li didn’t give him a chance to react; it only took him a few attacks to send the Warrior off before he pounced towards his next target.

Four Horde players, a Warrior, a Hunter, a Mage and a Druid.

The Druid saw that the situation was becoming dangerous, so he transformed and escaped, but the other three players on his team were slain in a short amount of time.

Lu Li only lost a little less than half of his health.

This was very normal; there was too much of a difference between the players, not to mention that Lu Li had caught them by surprise. These random players were unable to affect Lu Li at all.

However, things would be different if it was a dozen to hundreds of random players.

Lu Li picked up the equipment that dropped, which was quite average and wasn’t worth much. Lu Li didn’t bother to chase after the Druid; he still had a timed quest to complete.

While he searched around the lake, he tried his best to avoid players from the opposing faction.

After a few minutes, Lu Li found a place that seemed to fit Evena’s description. There was a little pond where the moonlight shone upon the surface of the green waters, and a thin layer of mist constantly rose upwards from it.

He placed Bathran’s Potion into the little pond and as soon as the potion entered the waters, rays of lights began to radiate from it. It was as if the moonlight had found an entrance and had begun to pour into the potion.

Lu Li had originally planned to go into Stealth and wait quietly for five minutes on the side. He didn’t expect the potion to cause such a big commotion.

Quests had always been hard; this was one thing that had not changed between his previous and current life.

It didn’t take long for people to be attracted towards the area – two Alliance players walked over.

"Sorry, doing a quest. Please step aside." Although they were in the same faction, Lu Li didn’t keep his hopes up at all.

"Quest? You’ve got to be kidding. We were the ones who found this item; when did it become your quest?" One player had his eyes fixated on the potion that was glistening above the waters; he didn’t believe a single word that came out of Lu Li’s mouth.

Or rather, he believed them, but he had other plans.

"Seems like you guys are planning to stay."

Lu Li didn’t bother with the talking; he took his words to action with a set of skills.

Stealth, Cheap Shot, Ambush, Backstab, Slit Throat – it only took one rotation slay the cloth-geared Warlock.

The other player’s jaw almost dropped to the floor.

How could you just start a fight like that and end it so quickly?

"What about you? Are you staying or leaving?" Lu Li picked up the dropped equipment and tossed it into his bag.

"..." What other choices did he have? The other player left with a bitter expression on his face, but he didn’t go too far. Instead, he stopped nearby. It was possible that he was waiting for his chance, or perhaps he was contacting his friends.

Lu Li didn’t worry too much about him; he knew that the real trouble had only just begun.

A small team of Horde players arrived. They killed the Alliance player who wouldn’t leave and started approaching Lu Li.

As they walked, the Priest suddenly froze on the spot.

Before the Priest even found the chance to warn the others that he had been Sapped, Lu Li had already turned around and casted Cheap Shot on the nearest Undead Mage. With his special effects activated, Lu Li didn’t even need to use an entire round of his skills to kill his target.

At this point in time, there were less than a hundred players in Dawn who had reached level 25. The chances of running into a level 25 player who was part of one of these small teams were extremely low.

Players under level 25 had to face a harsh punishment and take extra damage when they were playing against a level 27 player like Lu Li.

With the Priest Sapped and the Mage killed, the other three players were unable to defeat Lu Li.

After a short while, Lu Li sat down to eat some bread and regenerate his health. All five players were lying dead beside him.

Within a short time of five minutes, dozens of players had been killed by him. Some were solo players while others were in teams, and there were both Horde players and Alliance players mixed into the crowd. It didn’t take long for Lu Li to find himself with a dozen PK points.

Fortunately, this had occurred on the outskirts of the Warsong Valley. It was a more-deserted area and it was rare for big teams to appear.

The greatest number of people that Lu Li had run into were only teams of five, and teams of five made up from random players were no threat to Lu Li.

He had high detection attributes, so without some kind of special equipment, even Thieves in Stealth mode couldn’t make it past him. All those who tried to steal the potion were turned into corpses on the ground.

System: Bathran’s Potion has been purified.

Lu Li picked up his speed now. He killed his opponent before another wave of people approached, then took the potion with him and activated Gale Steps to leave.

The quest standards were set based on the average players. Lu Li and his flying skills were a bug to the quest; he still had a few minutes to spare after he recalled back to Astrana.

"Praise the Moon Goddess – this is the right potion," Evena said gladly. "Little Leila can be saved now!"

After the potion was used, a thin layer of moonlight masked the pale green face of the little girl. Lu Li and Evena could almost hear the whispers of the Goddess in their ears – it was near, yet far, like a petal that drifted with the wind, a soft feather that brushed across their hearts.

Even though Lu Li was a player, he was also touched by the sight.

Evena and Pelturas were both already on the ground, humbly worshipping Elune, the Goddess.

"Daddy, I think I’ve fallen asleep," the little girl said as she opened her eyes.

"Child, you’ve slept for too long. Daddy was almost going to lose you," Pelturas wept in tears of joy.

"Mmmm, I don’t want to sleep anymore. Daddy, can we go play outside?"

"You need rest now, my daughter."

"Alright, daddy, I think I heard a soft voice calling my name just then. It must be mummy calling, right?"

"Praise be with Elune; may her glory forever shine upon our land."

The conversation between Pelturas and his daughter was dull, but Lu Li felt warmth within him. It seemed like all the trouble that he had gone through had finally found its reason.

"You’ve saved my daughter. This is a debt that I’ll never be able to repay, but please take this with you. This is the most precious thing in my life besides Leila." With gratitude written all over his expressions, Pelturas passed a Longbow into Lu Li’s hands.

This was probably the final quest reward.

Was it a Silver or Gold grade equipment?