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Chapter 359: Queen Silith

Chapter 359: Queen Silith

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"I’ve heard that there are some troubles near the camp and hoped to be of some help," Lu Li said, expressing his intentions.

"You’re a man of good knowledge. That’s right, my soldiers have slacked on their scout tasks and didn’t realize that the back of this mountain was a basin full of spiders. The spiders have increased in numbers and often attack the camp," Marshal Paltrow acknowledged bitterly. "Can you help me wipe out some of these spiders?"

"Gladly," Lu Li accepted.

The system hinted that he had received the quest to slay spiders; the numbers and time for the quest was unlimited and the experience received varied.

This quest could also be received from soldiers, but the numbers would be limited to 50. Even though it was a repetitive quest, it would surely waste time running back and forth. There were guides which mentioned that Paltrow also gave out these quests, but in his, the numbers could stack.

Lu Li accepted the quest and went on his way.

He didn’t attempt to tell Marshal Paltrow that he would be assassinated someday.

They didn’t know each other well enough for Lu Li to warn him, and who knew what would happen if he tried to interfere with the system’s storyline?

Following a narrow path up the mountain, a small basin displayed itself before his eyes. Although it was small, it would still take quite a lot of time to walk across the entire area.

The trees in the basin were all an unhealthy shade of red and decorated with spider webs. Even the grass was affected; countless spiders crawled around everywhere.

The grey spiders were Deepmoss Creepers, while the green ones were Deepmoss Venomspitters. The Sharp-fang Spider King, was nowhere to be seen.

Lu Li picked a location where the spiders weren’t so packed and focused on killing the Creepers, as it only took a few attacks for him to kill one. There were lots of monsters everywhere, so his experience bar rose rapidly.

The items that the spiders dropped were quite standard. Besides all kinds of cooking materials like Spider Flesh and Spider Legs, only Thick Spider Webs were slightly more useful. This was a common material used in tailoring.

Lu Li collected a few spider legs to roast for food, and reserved all the other sections in his bag for Thick Spider Webs.

After a few hours, Lu Li’s experience bar had risen by about ten percent. At this rate, he would most likely be able to reach level 28 by the end of his game time. He had also saved a lot of Antidotes since he had avoided the areas with a lot of Venomspitters.

Eventually, he stopped killing monsters.

The forest was normally quiet, apart from the hissing of spiders and the sound of the strange wind that blew across the basin, but there seemed to be some other noises now.

Lu Li silently backed away to a location where there were no spiders and transformed into a crow after he left battle-mode.

With his wings widespread, he looked at the forest from a above.

As he chased the sound, Lu Li widened his eyes.

He saw the giant spider, Queen Silith.

There was only one word to describe Silith – big – she was as tall as 2 people. Lu Li could see her giant body clearly from the top of the forest.

Lu Li didn’t consider fighting this Boss of the basin. Even if he was level thirty right now, there was no chance for him to kill her.

Queen Silith was the hardest boss to deal with amongst all the level thirty bosses in the wild. She had a lot of underlings and husbands to help her, and her 240,000 HP also deterred teams with less than fifty people from attempting to fight her.

In this feminist society of the spiders, Queen Silith had many husbands. These assassins would crawl across the entire basin at Silith’s call and if players were unlucky, thousands of them would appear.

The thought of thousands of elite monsters all charging in at once was truly terrifying.

Just as Lu Li was about turn away from Silith, he noticed that there were lights of magic flashing around her. After he flew closer, he heard the sound of battle.

Someone was trying to kill a level thirty boss in the wild?

This wasn’t entirely impossible. There were treasure hunters who hunted around for chests, and it wasn’t hard to discover such a big Boss. Many big guilds wouldn’t mind conquering an unknown map.

Killing a boss in a faraway area also had its advantages; it meant that less people knew about it, so there was less of a chance for it to be stolen.

Lu Li flew around the branches and landed on a bush with lots of leaves. Through the gaps between the leaves, he saw the battle and found out who was battling the Boss.

Gale Legion!

Lu Li had fought against their team before in the Shadow Cup. Gaze, Cloudy Leaf and Wendelian were all celebrity players of the team.

This time, only Cloudy Leaf had come. The player in charge of the battle was "Thoughts with Poison".

Lu Li had heard of this player before, who was professional Warrior that focused on defense. He was the number one conductor in terms of PVE in Gale Legion.

He had brought around two hundred people for this boss fight, which in terms of raw power, was enough to deal with a level thirty boss. After all, they were the only guild here; there were no outsiders to disrupt them.

However, at this point, Thoughts with Poison had anger written all over his face.

"Who was the one who gave out the knowledge? Don’t let me catch you, or else you’ll be sitting in jail!"

It seemed like some others had found out about this event, which meant that there was a spy among these two hundred people. It was hard to keep it a secret with this many players involved.

As for him threatening to throw the culprit in jail, this wasn’t a joke either.

These two hundred players had most likely signed contracts with Gale Legion. To breach the contract meant that the law would stand by the guild and punish the player who had sent out the knowledge.

However, that was only if you could catch the traitor.

Seeing that things were becoming interesting, Lu Li stayed in his crow form and hid in the bushes, where it would be hard for others to catch them.

It didn’t take long for other forces to join, and it wasn’t just one force either.

Peacetime Dynasty, Glory Capital!

What an unbelievable sight for three major guilds to appear on the same map! Queen Silith was truly honored indeed.

It seemed like Peacetime Dynasty and Glory Capital had come together, but this was just Lu Li imagining things. There were more than a few hidden spies in Gale Legion.

After they had received knowledge about the Boss at Rumbling Gorge, both guilds could no longer sit still.

As such, they grouped their elites and rushed to the battlefield. The guilds had run into each other on the way and knew each the other’s intentions. How they got together remained unknown.

"Dammit..." Thoughts with Poison was unimpressed, either because he was about to lose the Boss, or possibly because there were spies hidden amongst their elite team.

A fierce battle erupted, and hundreds of people were killing each other in the basin.

For a short amount of time, nobody was bothered with Queen Silith.

Lu Li sat on top of a branch and watched the show; he decided not to leave. Judging from the current situation, perhaps he could get something out of this.