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Chapter 360: Contest

Chapter 360: Contest

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During the boss fight, Gale Legion had lost a few dozen players from their team of 200, but they still had about 160-170 players left.

Peacetime Dynasty and Glory Capital had each brought a team of 100. Their original plan was to wait until Gale Legion initiated the Boss fight before they jumped out. Although their plan was good, Gale Legion had unfortunately found out beforehand.

Even so, the combination of Peacetime Dynasty and Glory Capital still gave them an advantage in terms of numbers.

What Lu Li found strange was the fact that the side with more people didn’t seem to do better in the fight. In fact, it was Gale Legion who seemed to have the upper hand. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Boss was still chasing behind them, they most likely would have already defeated the teams from Peacetime Dynasty and Glory Capital.

This wasn’t too hard to understand.

Players from Gale Legion were raging over the fact that the other players were trying to steal their hard work. On the other hand, Peacetime Dynasty and Glory Capital only seemed as if they were working together, but they actually weren’t. They couldn’t draw out their entire potential as a 200-man team, so it was normal for them to be on the disadvantaged side.

The situation was a stalemate until Queen Silith took action.

Silith was constantly losing health. While the players were fighting each other, they also dealt damage to Silith, otherwise, there was no guarantee that they would receive the items later.

Once Silith’s health dropped under 60%, she began to summon her husbands.

The Sharp-fang Spider Kings were completely black and there were up to a thousand of them that came from all directions. Lu Li didn’t dare make the slightest noise; he was worried about attracting these spiders up the tree he was sitting in.

Although he could fly, he was still afraid of the webs from these Sharp-fang spiders – they were extremely accurate with them. It didn’t matter if you could fly; they would drag you down anyway.

Queen Silith was the hardest Wild Boss among the level 30 bosses. Her summoning skills ensured that teams with less than 100 people wouldn’t dare try to offend her. Even Lu Li, who came to level himself up in Web Winder Hollow, didn’t dare to try anything on this boss.

Some people had noticed these spiders and warned their team members.

Unfortunately, everyone was too focused on either the Boss or the players; nobody cared about these summoned spiders.

Sharp-fang spiders were known for their speed; they had already come into contact with the crowd. It only took a short engagement for a dozen players to turn into rays of white light.

Those who stood on the outer ring took damage from at least seven to eight spiders. Without the support of healers, there was no way that these players would be able to stay alive.

This was when everyone began to notice these intruding spiders.

With the Sharp-fang spiders joining the fight, the battlefield became even more rowdy.

In circumstances like these, there were only two ways that the situation could unravel. Either the players could work together to kill the boss first and split the reward equally, or every team could fight each other to the end and see who would come out on top.

This could be the spiders, or even Lu Li, who had been hiding on top of the trees.

At this time, a massive swing occurred. Gale Legion and Glory Capital suddenly joined forces, killing the players from the Peacetime Dynasty in one fell swoop.

"So many equips," Lu Li sighed from the bottom of his heart.

The dropped items from a hundred players was even greater than the reward from killing a boss. This was probably the foundation for their sudden teamwork.

These were elite teams, so there was no way they would drop anything of low quality. Both parties would at least receive a few dozen pieces of Silver grade equipment.

Peacetime Dynasty had lost experience and equipment, so it was almost certain that their overall strength was going to drop. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about this; it was too late to send more people over.

Lu Li didn’t know if he still had a chance.

The two guilds who had joined together still had around two hundred people on their teams. Even the Sharp-fang Spider Kings joining the battle wouldn’t make much of a difference.

After the last Peacetime Dynasty player was sent out of the battlefield, players from Gale Legion and Glory Capital began to wipe out the spiders.

The Paladins and Warriors stood in the front, tanking the monsters. Mages casted area of effect skills from the back and soon, there were a great amount of spider corpses lying everywhere on the ground.

The situation that Lu Li had hoped for didn’t occur; Queen Silith’s health quickly dropped below 50%.

The Sharp-fang Spider Kings had mostly been slaughtered and the Spider Queen was just a helpless boss now. Without any surprises, she would most likely be dead after a few minutes.

After Lu Li analysed the situation, he had to admit that he could only watch from the side this time.

Although there was a good chance for him to succeed if he went down to steal the last hit, how to make it out alive would become a big problem. His Gale Steps provided him invincibility for one to two seconds, but this definitely wasn’t enough for him to escape a team of two hundred players.

The Spider Queen didn’t want to accept her defeat; she shrieked and all the spider eggs that surrounded the area began to pop as small Spiderlings crawled out from them.

A few Warriors went to Trample these eggs.

Lu Li closed his eyes, unable to bear the sight before his eyes. Didn’t these poor players know that there was a type of spider called the Explosion Spiderlings?

Those few Warriors who had cast Trample were wiped out by the ensuing explosions.

"Ranged classes, take down the spiderlings. Close-combat classes, back away," Thoughts with Poison shouted.

There were a lot of spiderlings indeed, but they were low in health and defense. They were easy to kill as long as you didn’t get close to them.

The few ranged classes casted some area of effect spells towards the Spiderlings. The battlefield was filled with damage values as the Spiderlings exploded.

However, they had still underestimated the importance of these Spiderlings. If Lu Li was the one who directed the battle, he would ask everyone to kill every single Spiderling first. However, most of the players from Gale Legion were still focused on the Spider Queen; whose HP was rapidly dropping.

After the leftover Spiderlings ran behind the Spider Queen, a red mist rose from the Boss as they were devoured.

The Spider Queen’s health bar quickly rose from 30% to 60%, which meant that half of their previous efforts had gone down the drain.

Things were just harder without cheat guides; Lu Li was enjoying the show from the top of his branch.

"Don’t worry. We have so many people; we’ll be able to take down a level 30 boss. If more Spiderlings are spawned later, make sure to kill all of them," Thoughts with Poison shouted, as the players under his command quickly calmed down.

The quality of elite team players was clearly much better than random players.

"What!? What did you say?" Thoughts of Poison seemed to have received some sort of news. He instantly went berserk, as if all of the confidence before was a lie.

"A lot of players are charging this way; we can’t hold them back," the scout helplessly said.

"Which guild?" Thoughts with Poison really wanted to find a fortune teller right now, just to check why he was so unlucky today. All he wanted was to kill boss – why did waves of trouble just keep coming his way?

"There are some players from big guilds, but it’s not the big guilds." The scout found that his words were too difficult to understand, so he began to explain, "The players from Peacetime Dynasty went around the Barrenlands and told everyone that we were killing a boss here. All the players who were leveling there are charging over now. There’s a lot of them."

No mercy at all!

Even Lu Li was left speechless. Peacetime Dynasty was betrayed by Gale Legion, so they decided to have their own revenge. They sent out the news in the Barrenlands, the location that was closest to Web Winder Hollow.

Perhaps they had also mentioned something along the lines of the boss dropping Gold grade or even Dark Gold grade equipment to encourage others.

Hence, a sea of players flooded into the zone of level thirty monsters.

As he looked at the Spider Queen who still had half of its health left, Thought with Poison hopelessly asked, "How long until they arrive?"

If he was given another three minutes, he would definitely be able to kill this boss.