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Chapter 362: Meeting

Chapter 362: Meeting

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The world channel and gaming forum blew up with messages and notifications.

One of the articles posted on the forum laid out the specific events that had occurred throughout the whole ordeal. Gale Legion was the first to discover the Wild boss and had gathered members to defeat it. However, Peacetime Dynasty and Glory Capital followed closely behind

Gale Legion decided to team up with Glory Capital and together, they eliminated Peacetime Dynasty from the competition. Both parties agreed upon splitting the EXP and drops.

Peacetime Dynasty became salty and notified casual players on the world chat, thus attracting a large mob. However, their harassment was nullified by Glory Capital’s line of defence.

When the Spider Queen was almost defeated, Lu Li, the Guild Master of Ruling Sword, descended upon them from the skies and singlehandedly stole the final blow, in addition to all of the loot that was dropped. The two guilds couldn’t do anything and Lu Li escaped easily.

The article might’ve exaggerated here and there but the details were quite accurate.

Undeniably, Lu Li had been able to steal the kill from three major guilds and escaped without any harm.

The news was more shocking than Lu Li clearing Blackfathom Deeps on Nightmare level with his team. Almost instantly, the three major guilds became a laugh stockings for the community.

The casual players involved in these series of events were even more outraged. Not only did Glory Capital stop them from securing the kill on the Wild boss, Gale Legion had even wiped them out because they were salty for losing it.

This fuelled the anger of the community and many toxic comments were made about the three major guilds on forums. They dug deep into their wounds and did not hold back on the comments and insults.

"Don’t bother competing for Wild bosses if you’re not capable!"

"Lu Li singlehandedly stole the kill from right under your noses."

"Was this how you guys planned it? Blocking Horde players so that the kill could be secured by an expert from the Alliance? Why did you guys give Lu Li so many presents?"

The three major guilds almost coughed up blood because they were so frustrated and angry from the comments.

They thought about teaming up to seek revenge on Lu Li, but this could lead to a war between the two factions.

Although the Horde Faction had Glory Capital, the Alliance’s Blood Red War Flag was much more powerful than them. If a faction war was started, the Horde would stand no chance.

They couldn’t do anything but endure through their anger.

Although Lu Li didn’t have the best relationship with the Alliance guilds, many of them still commended him for his beautiful execution of the kill-steal.

The casual Alliance players were very proud of Lu Li. This story was worthy to be told for years to come and would go down as one of the best kill-steals in Dawn history.

Lu Li was the definition of bravery, charisma and skill.

However, he didn’t care for the fame and the rivalry. The Xin Xin Mercenary Group had grown accustomed to Lu Li pulling off crazy stunts like this in the past.

What could Lu Li be possibly doing after such a crazy event?

You guessed it – he was levelling up at the same exact place before he had stolen the Spider Queen kill.

Who would’ve thought that Lu Li would return to his original training map rather than hiding from the Horde players? Even though the whole world was talking about him, he acted like nothing had happened.

He had picked up the rare material Spider Queen Silk, which was extremely hard to obtain, even from the Spider Queen. It was one of the highest-quality materials for crafting Mage robes.

Most people hunted Wild Bosses for their rare materials.

The quality and skill of a guild wasn’t determined by their number of members, but rather, by how many rare materials they had in their storage.

Lu Li valued rare materials so much that they had become more of a currency to him than gold. In reality, some of these rare materials would never appear on the exchange hall.

While training, Lu Li looked over at his EXP bar.

Level 28, 7% EXP.

Not only had he completed his goals for obtaining EXP, but he had even exceeded them by a little bit.

This was all thanks to Spider Queen Silith. Even though the last hit only gave him 20% of the total EXP, it still saved a lot of time for Lu Li in terms of training.

When Lu Li’s EXP bar reached 15%, he called it a day.

Before he logged off, he handed in the quest from Marshal Paltrow. After half a day of killing spiders, the EXP rewards from the quest boosted his EXP bar even further. The most important thing, however, was that he was rewarded with more than 100 points of popularity for Stormwind City.

Paltrow was the Marshal for the human race, so obviously, he would reward players with Stormwind popularity.

After logging off, Lu Li rubbed his tired face, showered and left the house.

He planned on meeting Square Root Three to discussing the development of their guild together.

This was their second time meeting in real life. From the last time they met, so much had changed and so many things had happened.

Life was just so unexpected sometimes. The last time they had met in real life, Lu Li was still a gold-farmer for a guild. However, he had become fed up with their attitude and cancelled his contract.

This time, he was the boss.

The gaming society was advancing with the new age and there were more and more opportunities associated with various partners. Lu Li’s status was basically as the CEO of his guild. Therefore, there were more responsibilities in and outside of the game that he had to take care of.

The place of meeting was at a decent restaurant.

This was not because Lu Li was rich, but because the place was very good for discussing business.

"Looks like you’re doing quite well. How convenient is it that we live in the same area?" Square Root Three ordered something and the waiter took away their menus.

"I’m renting right now," Lu Li said truthfully.

Square Root Three laughed. It didn’t matter whether he believed him or not because Lu Li would eventually be able to buy a house from the money he made in game. Square Root Three was confident in the new business and believed in the capabilities of Lu Li and his team.

"Do you go to school here with Ao Jian and others?" Lu Li asked as he pointed at an old university building through the glass window.

"That was from many years ago. I knew Ao Jian and the others from high school because we were roommates. University isn’t the only path to succeed in life. Some of us were disappointed that we didn’t make it. The ones that made it didn’t think much about it either. All four of us never really like studying much." Square Root Three re-evaluated that statement, laughed and said, "Ok, we didn’t study at all. We wagged classes and repeated many times.

"Did the four of you play games together?" Lu Li had never attended university or high school.

He couldn’t really understand the bond that could be formed between four teenagers sharing a room. The friendship formed between four men based on their mutual interest in games, girls and pornography was stronger than any other friendship in the world.

"Yes we did. The four of us formed Star Moon Union. Inside the school, there’s a lake. You should go have a look when you get the chance; it’s very beautiful," Square Root Three said as he reminisced upon the good old times of youth.

"It’s better to forget the past and look forwards to the future." Lu Li was very interested in his story but still remembered to consult him.

The better the old times were, the more bitter and cruel it was now.

Once they were brothers and now, they were on separate paths.

"I stopped caring a long time ago. The last time I saw Ao Jian, I even smiled and said hello to him," Square Root Three said.

"Did he smile?" All Lu Li could remember was Ao Jian’s cocky expression.

"No, he’s not very friendly," Square Root Three laughed as he opened a bottle of beer. He poured one for Lu Li and then for himself.