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Chapter 368: Scarlet Monastery

Chapter 368: Scarlet Monastery

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Scarlet Monastery!

In one sense, this was the one of the hardest Instance Dungeons in Dawn.

It consisted of a cemetery, a palace, an armory and a library. These were four Instance Dungeons under the one name, which meant that the Scarlet Monastery was actually a group of Instance Dungeons instead of a single one.

The entry level requirement was level 25 and the restriction was set at level 35. Most of the mobs were level 30 and above, and the entry level Bosses were also at least level 30. Most of the mobs were humanoid, so they had a low HP and EXP yield, but they still dropped decent items…

One particular group of low-end professional players had specifically relied on farming the Scarlet Monastery for a living.

Doing the Scarlet Monastery Group of Instance Dungeons would yield them at least 10 gold, some equipment and many other items.

In order to keep themselves below level 35, they had devised all sorts of ways to get themselves killed. Some would barrel into the middle of a group of mobs and cut themselves off. Others would just jump from a high place.

In his past life, Lu Li had also done this for a while. He and one other person had farmed this place countless times and actually made a decent amount of money.

However, he kept his wits about him and knew that this income wouldn’t last for long. For true strength to be maintained, the player had to be at least a certain level. As such, he never participated in this de-levelling business again.

The challenge of the Scarlet Monastery wasn’t too great, as long as you knew the strategy to it.

If you knew the strategy, a level 30 team of ten could easily clear the Instance Dungeon at Elite difficulty with no problems at all.

As for the Hero Difficulty or the Nightmare Difficulty, they had extra requirements.

Just like in the Howling Caves and the Blackfathom, there were certain shortcuts that you could take in the Scarlet Monastery. These shortcuts were also quite easy to access – all they had to do was kill the Scarlet Paladins outside the Instance Dungeon. After killing 20 of them, they would obtain a Scarlet Halo that would last an hour.

Scarlet Halo: Damage dealt to Scarlet Crusaders increased by 5%. HP Regeneration increased by 5% and Mana Regeneration increased by 5%. Lasts for 1 hour.

The halo wasn’t that strong, but there was a big difference between taking it and not taking it.

The Horde players could simply transport to the Tirisfal Woodland and leisurely walk to the Instance Dungeon. They also only needed to randomly kill a few mobs outside the Instance Dungeon to gain the halo. It was much more difficult for the Alliance players, as the closest Return Point was quite far away.

The current route was to transport to Southshore and travel north through the Silverpine Forest. You would then need to bypass the Undercity to get to the Tirisfal Woodland, which would lead you to the Scarlet Monastery.

The journey was quite far – it was at least two hours of travel time.

Of the guilds that had already started to attempt this Instance Dungeons, most of them, like Blood Red War Flag and Seventh Heaven, had decided to take this route. This was mainly because this route was relatively safe – the monsters along it weren’t that high-levelled.

Of course, you could transfer directly from the city into the Instance Dungeon, but you wouldn’t be able to receive the Scarlet Halo.

As such, the Scarlet Monastery was clearly biased in favor of the Horde.

However, Lu Li didn’t take that route – he knew a shortcut.

You could also transport to the Eastern Plaguelands and walk through the Western Plaguelands to reach the Instance Dungeon. It was a shorter route and they could get there in less than an hour.

It wasn’t that no one knew of this route. This part of the map had already been explored and could be printed out for a few silver coins.

The problem wasn’t that this route had too many mobs, but rather, it was that they were level 40-50.

At the players’ current level, a level 40-50 wave of mobs was no different to a Boss. They would spend more time clearing these mobs out if they tried to pass.

Lu Li only dared to take this route because he was very familiar with the map and the mobs in this area. This was the reason he was confident that he and his teammates would make it through.

The return trip was almost two hours, so they couldn’t keep going back for supplies. As such, everyone put what they didn’t need into the warehouse and carried extra supplies like food, potions, bandages, and arrows. Lu Li had even made several Basic Maintenance Robots.

These robots were able to directly repair equipment.

After the preparations were made, Lu Li first brought Hachi Chan and Sesame Rice Ball to the Eastern Plaugeland’s Holy Light Chapel. The rest of them would farm while they waited for the Warlock to use the transportation skill. They weren’t clearing out the mobs anyway, so it wasn’t better to have more players.

"Dumb dumb… you’re a rabbit," Hachi Chan insulted. She had wanted to stay behind with the others and just want to be transported.

Lu Li had told her that she could "run quickly, just like a rabbit" as the reason for making her come. As for Sesame Rice Ball, he had to come because he needed to cast the transportation skill.

Transportation was a fantastic invention, which allowed them to travel anywhere instantly.

This place was in stark contrast to the beautiful Astrana. The Plagueland’s sky was faint and the land was dark. Evil shadows seemed to be consuming the horizon.

A variety of dead creatures were wandering around the land. The Scourge had killed all the living creatures in this territory.

People had gradually begun to forget that this was once the agricultural center of Lordaeron, the continent’s prime farmland.

After leaving the Holy Light Chapel’s safe area, a level 50 mob headed towards them and gave them a shock. They didn’t need another warning; they were all very alert now.

Lu Li went into Stealth and explored the road ahead. Hachi Chan become a leopard and snuck around behind them, protecting Sesame Rice Ball.

If there was a monster, Lu Li would see it first.

Exploring this area was quite dangerous. He was only level 30, so the 10-level-gap made his Stealth almost useless, even though his equipment did give him a good amount of additional Stealth.

Lu Li had to use his Gale Steps and other speed-up skills to escape when he was in danger.

Dawn’s aggro system was contained to each individual monster, so for a Thief like Lu Li, the best way to escape the stronger monsters was to keep his distance.

Fortunately, the terrain here wasn’t that complex, otherwise, they definitely would have run into a monster.

The route that Lu Li had chosen wasn’t the shortest one; he had deviated a little from the direct path. Sesame Rice Ball had realized this, but he didn’t feel like he could ask why.

As for Hachi Chan, she could barely make out the north and south on a map, so there was no way she would notice something like this.

After walking for a dozen minutes, there was a sound of hooves galloping behind them.

Sesame Rice Ball’s expression turned grim. An ordinary soldier wouldn’t have the funds to afford a horse and a ghost rider wouldn’t be something that was easy to deal with.

His lips moved and he really had to try hard to hold back his desire to complain.

Why did he have to pick this path!

Lu Li stopped and let out a sigh of relief; he had finally reached the area.

He went to get his two teammates behind him when he heard the sound of the hooves as well.

In the haze, two horses appeared in his field of vision. They weren’t two Cavalry, but two horses pulling a carriage.

A skinny outcast was sitting cross legged on the carriage, emotionlessly staring at the three people on the roadside