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Chapter 376: Dog Food

Chapter 376: Dog Food

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Nightmare Difficulty again?

Azure Sea Breeze and the others were speechless; they just stared blankly at Lu Li.

They were just talking about the First Clear rewards and how good they were. They didn’t expect Lu Li to coldly suggest the Nightmare Difficulty for the next Instance Dungeon.

It wasn’t that they didn’t believe they could do it, but that they thought it wasn’t necessary.

What had just happened?

They had just got the First Clear!

When the First Clear was announced, the whole world fell silent, but Ruling Sword began to celebrate.

This kind of recognition wasn’t something that most members of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had experienced before. After all, they couldn’t just go around flattering each other.

In order to achieve the First Clear, they had selected the Elite Difficulty. Even then, they already had to fight really hard for it, so why would they pick the Nightmare Difficulty now?

Wasn’t Lu Li being a little overconfident, and perhaps even conceited?

"Hah, if you want to do the Nightmare difficulty, then let’s do it. There’s nothing to be afraid of." Azure Sea Breeze, the one who did the most complaining, was the surprisingly the first to respond, "Glory Capital started the Scarlet Cemetery last night, but we’ve managed pull ahead of them. It doesn’t matter what star players they have, because to the rest of the world, we are the best of the best."

"Ha, Ha," Wandering sarcastically quipped.

Eventually, the decision to do it in Nightmare Difficulty was unanimously decided upon. Although everyone had their own reservations, no one wanted to oppose Lu Li’s decision.

Lu Li was the core of their team and the undisputed leader. Even players as proud as Wandering, Moonlight and Lonesome Flower never questioned him.

"The library is heavily guarded but I know some secrets about the Scarlet Monastery which can save us a lot of effort," Lu Li said, which comforted everyone. He wasn’t crazy – he wouldn’t have chosen it if it was impossible.

There were only two official Bosses in the Scarlet Library, but it was really two and a half bosses.

The first was Lington, Training Officer Lington. He was the half-Boss, and an officer that served the Scarlet Crusade, training their soldiers to fight and shoot.

He trained the Scarlet Crusade’s archers and basically controlled them in the palm of his hand.

The strength of this officer was quite ordinary, but he controlled two teams of twenty archers which had burst power that could only be described as overpowered. Among the level 30 Elites, you wouldn’t be able to find another group that had an attack strength as powerful as theirs.

Any player who took an attack from all of them at once was guaranteed to be killed.

Lu Li confidently believed that no one would be able to solve this puzzle for a while, which was why he had the courage to pick the Nightmare Difficulty.

"Lu Li that’s gross. What is that thing?" Azure Sea Breeze asked.

He saw Lu Li picking something that didn’t look particularly appealing. Everyone else also started to move away from him.

"Everyone collect some; it’s just dog food. Throw it at the hound when you see it," Lu Li said calmly and carefully put the collected dog food into his bag.

"It’s so smelly; can I not take it? I’m just a child," Hachi Chan wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"He’s not even asking you to eat it…"

"Blergh." The little girl had already vomited.

"Alright, stop fussing. This item is really important – our ability to complete this Instance Dungeon depends on it," Lu Li said seriously.

Once they heard him say that, they obediently collected this so-called dog food.

In reality, this dog food had been mixed with some corpses, which was why it smelled so bad. Most people would avoid it entirely, let alone even think that it was necessary to defeat Dog Trainer Roxi.

Dog Trainer Roxi was the second Boss; this item was required for the future.

The first mob that they encountered was some kind of watchman, who had brought four hungry hunting dogs with him. It was said that you should keep your hunting dogs a little hungry so that they feel compelled to run.

"Dreamy, you go first. Throw a bag of dog food onto the ground and quickly hide," Lu Li commanded.

This was a simple task. Remnant Dream obediently threw the bag of dog food the moment she heard the instruction to do so. She felt uncomfortable holding such an unpleasant thing in her bag.

All the other players watched from a distance as the watchman and hunting dogs approached it.

The watchman walked past it without noticing the dog food, and he didn’t notice that his dogs had stopped to eat the dog food either. This was a recipe for disaster – the crazed dogs pounced onto him and the watchman had no power to stop them.

The dogs then fell asleep after they had killed the watchman.

"Hachi, on the next wave, you can throw yours."

Lu Li was relieved as they passed the sleeping dogs and continued to press ahead.

"The watchman only had 2000 HP and the dogs had 1000 HP each. Couldn’t we just kill them? Why are we going through all this trouble?" Wandering asked, confused as to what Lu Li was doing.

However, knowing Lu Li, there had to be some legitimate reason and it wasn’t just some trivial matter.

"You’ll know soon enough," Lu Li replied cryptically, brushing aside the question.

Along the rest of the path, there was always the same kind of mob – a watchman and his four hunting dogs.

The ten players threw the food each time, resulting in a total of 10 dead watchmen and 40 sleeping dogs.

"Will these dogs help us fight the Boss?" Wandering felt that something was up as an amazing idea suddenly formed in his mind that he couldn’t help but blurt out.

What kind of joke was that? Simply throwing some food on the ground would cause these dogs to betray their owner?

"This dog food was a product of a failed experiment. The side effects were too great, so they were abandoned by the Scarlet Crusade," Lu Li casually explained. He knew nothing about the scientific principles or biological theories behind it.

They had just arrived at a courtyard which was filled with Armor-clad Archers as far as the eye could see.

Lu Li didn’t directly provoke the Training Officer Lington. Doing such a thing would be guaranteeing his own death.

He brought the party to some rooms beside the courtyard first. Some of them were empty, while others were filled with level 30 elite monsters.

After clearing a few rooms, Lu Li found the item he was looking for.

It was a grass shield interwoven with vines, and was as tall as a person in addition to being a meter wide. Although it was a grass shield, it was still quite hard to lift.

"I know that this will be used to deal with the archers." Azure Sea Breeze was indeed a master of shields and immediately knew what Lu Li wanted to do.

When there were these many archers, the medium-sized shield that a Main Tank usually carried was not enough. Only this kind of full-bodied shield could provide effective protection. As for why they couldn’t use a large iron shield, those kinds of shields were installed onto chariots for a reason – no one could lift them up.

"That’s right, but one shield isn’t enough. We have to keep looking," Lu Li nodded.

After clearing another dozen rooms, they had found four shields. There were probably more, but Lu Li thought that it was enough and that they didn’t need to waste any more time.

They stood in the courtyard and Azure Sea Breeze lifted his grass shield as the others hid behind him.

Naturally, Lington quickly discovered them. He laughed coldly before shouting, "You intruders will know death! You have no idea what you’re about to face! Archers, fire!"