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Chapter 378: Dog Whistle

Chapter 378: Dog Whistle

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Dog Trainer Roxi was born into a poor family. Both of her parents died when she was young and she grew up alone with an old dog.

As such, she had a very special connection with dogs. When she had grown up, she met a great Hunter in her hometown – Dog Trainer Bryan. He was an expert in the Tame Beast skill.

After Roxi completed her study under him, she left her master to join the Scarlet Crusade.

Her fighting ability basically came from the hunting dogs.

Azure Sea Breeze carefully went up and drew aggro as the other players started attacking. Lu Li didn’t really need to explain much. The frustrating part about fighting this Boss was that when she reached a certain HP threshold, she would summon a large number of dogs.

At the Nightmare Difficulty, this aspect would be further accentuated.

The Boss’ HP was dropping so slowly that Lu Li even found the time to give out some instructions for the elite group players.

"There is a warning before Static Time is cast. The most important thing to observe is the tip of the Bloodmage’s Magic Staff. When a white ring appears, you will have 1.5 seconds to react. The commander shouldn’t need to do anything else but carefully watch out for that ring."

"But once it flies out, it disappears," one of the commanders said in distress.

"You’ll need to make a judgment call. The skill will fly out in a straight line and there will be players in the way. If you aren’t scared of losing some DPS, you can order those players to move out of the way. In reality, the skill only has a certain width. The only condition is that there will definitely be one player in the center. Lastly, you can determine the direction based on how he lifts his staff…"

Lu Li was very familiar with that skill. Not only did he tell them how it worked, but he also explained the behavior that would lead up to that skill.

"Boss, how many tries did you take to beat this Boss?" someone asked curiously.

"Just one," Lu Li replied.

"Wahh! Boss, you’re too good." Although these were just words, they showed that he really worshiped Lu Li.

Lu Li was confident that the elite group would be able to defeat Bloodmage Thalnos. In fact, these elite players would slowly become more confident and coordinated as they continued to fight together.

Once you knew the strategy, the Scarlet Cemetery was a piece of cake. It was just training at this point.

On Lu Li’s side, he grew more anxious as Dog Trainer Roxi’s HP slowly decreased.

"Close the doors and release the dogs!"

This line was so comical that if they were in a different circumstance, they would have broken out in laughter. However, this was a Nightmare Difficulty Instance Dungeon and Roxi was at less than 20% HP. This signaled that she was going all out from now on.

A group of 50 dogs responded to Roxi’s whistle and rushed in as the doors slowly closed.

There were so many dogs and they all looked incredibly bloodthirsty. It was going to be a tough fight, but Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t one to just give up and die. He braced himself and ran forwards to meet them while activating his damage reduction skills.

Dawn’s number 1 main tank firmly believed that he should always die before anyone else in his team. For as long as he was still breathing, he would struggle until the very end.

However, he was held back by Lu Li, who was laughing as he reprimanded him, "Why are you charging in? Fall back – this is pretty bad situation to be in".

"Attack! Kill them all! I want to use their bodies for feed."

After backing up, Roxi and her dogs were going a little crazy. This mid-level Scarlet Crusade leader hadn’t felt this kind of desperation in a long time.

Lu Li and the others kept walking back, but there was only a little bit of space. Where else could they go?

At that point, the group of bloodthirsty dogs suddenly surrounded Dog Trainer Roxi.

"What? No! I am your master; you must obey my orders. You ungrateful scum…" Dog Trainer Roxi’s HP was almost instantly emptied by the 40 hunting dogs.

These were the 40 dogs that Lu Li had fed the dog food to.

The other 10 dogs went to attack Lu Li and the others, but they were easily dealt with. The small room was filled with the smell of blood, which added to the bizarre atmosphere.

Then, the 40 remaining dogs went back into a deep sleep.

"I got a skill point," Sakura Memories said, breaking the silence.

"Congratulations. Remember to add it to Bloodlust," Lu Li responded.

Bloodlust was just too good of a skill. Once cast, all members of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group could deal more damage to the Boss. Sakura Memories had to upgrade it as much as she could.

In addition to the previous three points, Sakura Memories had finally maxed out Bloodthirst.

The amount of EXP was also quite significant; Roxi was a real level 30 Boss. She had also dropped four piece of equipment.

"Rare Material Blood Dog skin. It sounds so gross."

Remnant Dream’s lips curled as she held up this piece of leather in obvious dissatisfaction.

"That’s okay; this material can used to make good cloaks, so it can probably be sold for a lot of money." Lu Li habitually used gold to determine its value. This item was probably worth at least 150 gold.

"Level 30 Silver Boots for a Warrior. They seem like they increase movement speed by quite a bit." Remnant Dream shared the equipment’s attributes and gave it directly to Moonlight.

The little girl now had a keen eye and knew who would get which equip. She was the only person other than the party leader who had the authority to distribute items.

In addition to increasing movement speed, the boots also gave +1 to Charge. This had the effect of having one additional skill point.

"What’s this? A whistle?" Remnant Dream asked as she held a whistle with eyes wide in curiosity. The others also surrounded her, hoping that it was a super exquisite piece of equipment.

Dog Whistle (Special): Instant Cast, cooldown of 30 minutes. Summon a hound that fights for you for 10 minutes. Equipment Requirement: Level 30. Durability: 50/50.

It turned out to be a special equip that could summon a pet.

"I really want it; can I have it?" the ten year old girl pleaded as she pitifully looked at everyone. No one could find it in themselves to take it away from her.

Well, it wasn’t not for everyone anyway.

"Dreamy, dreamy, give it to me…" Hachi Chan swooped in and grabbed onto Remnant Dream’s body. Not only did she grab onto her, but she also relentlessly kissed Remnant Dream’s face.

Everyone: …

"I… also want it," said Remnant Dream.

"You’re a hunter; you can catch whatever pets you want. Dreamy, have pity on me. We grew up together. When that boy from kindergarten pulled your ponytail, I kicked him onto the ground. When you broke that vase in primary school, you blamed it on me and told aunty…"

Wow, who would have thought that Hachi Chan would have done so much for her friend?

Remnant Dream licked her lips and thought for a while before making up her mind and giving it to Hachi Chan.

The whistle wasn’t that useful. The hound only had 1000 HP and didn’t have much Attack. The only thing it really had going for it were its looks.