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Chapter 379: Small Treasure Hunting Demon

Chapter 379: Small Treasure Hunting Demon

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Although it was as weak as a combat pet, the Scarlet Library Dog Whistle quite sought after.

Some players had calculated that the Dog Whistle’s drop rate was around 0.01%. Most of the time, it only dropped in the Hero or Nightmare Difficulty. If you managed to get it in the Elite Difficulty, you could brag about on the forums and countless players would look at you in amazement.

More importantly, the summoned furry dog was really popular with girls.

When Hachi Chan whistled and summoned the little dog, Remnant Dream immediately regretted her decision. She hugged it with tears streaming down her face, captivated by its cuteness.

If she knew about this she would have just toughened up and taken it for herself.

March Rain also wanted it; her eyes gave her away. Even Sakura Memories looked envious.

There was even the possibility that Lu Li would have wanted it, not because of its combat ability, but because he could give it to his sister. If Xin Xin could have a whistle that could give her a dog to play with, she would be very happy.

"Dreamy, let’s all take care of it together." Hachi Chan was naïve but she wasn’t a complete fool.

She saw that everyone so dearly coveted the dog and immediately offered it up.

"Alright, let’s keep going. We’ll have more opportunities to get a Dog Whistle later. We have so many elite groups that someone else is bound to get it. You can trade with them later when it happens."

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group had many great items equipped. When they got better items, they would usually just sell their old ones, but now, they would trade them into the guild warehouse.

However, in the interest of fairness, items that were traded into the guild warehouse were converted into points.

As per Square Root 3’s rules, clearing Instance Dungeons also yielded these points. These points were also doubled if anyone achieved the First Clear. This meant that the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had many of these points.

Some people liked items like the Dog Whistle while others preferred strong equipment.

There were all kinds of items in Ruling Sword’s guild warehouse that could be redeemed for points.

After they left the courtyard, the architectural style of the map changed significantly. The history of this place predated the Scarlet Crusade. When the Monastery was created, this library was established and it had never changed through the ages.

The Scarlet Crusade was a little extreme, but these buildings were indifferent to whoever occupied them.

The Tirisfal Woodland’s rainy season had finally arrived. Raindrops landed on the roofs of the wooden huts as the strong aroma of vegetation wafted through the air. The fighting in the area also quickly dissipated.

"The peacefulness here is just an illusion. Be careful, everyone," Lu Li reminded.

Lu Li was poor and had never gone to school, so he had a great thirst for knowledge. As such, he had suffered a great loss the first time he came here.

The Scarlet Acolytes didn’t care what you thought and would start casting their curses on sight. Their curses were similar to those of the Warlocks, but they also knew some Mage skills, the scariest of which was undoubtedly Polymorph.

The first unlucky was Azure Sea Breeze, who was turned into a frog.

If this wasn’t a virtual game, players wouldn’t be able to appreciate the same visual shock. The player being polymorphed would suddenly become smaller while the world grew larger. The dozens of players around them would also look very strange.

"Mommy!" Azure Sea Breeze cried out and started running.

He opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t find the words to express himself. The only sound he could make was ‘ribbit’!

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!

The player that had been holding up the shield and protecting the team had been turned into a frog, and was croaking and hopping around.

At this point, transforming players into sheep had not yet been popularized. Besides, it was much more disorienting when they were turned into frogs.

"Haha, he should just stay in this form."

Wandering knew that this was a monster’s skill and would only last a short while, but he couldn’t help gloating while he the opportunity.

He even almost stepped onto him.

"If you give him a kiss, he will turn back into his original form, frog prince," Sakura Memories maliciously said. This girl was always fantasizing about other men.

"In that case, I guess he’s staying in this form," Wandering laughed coldly.

"March, remove the curse," Lu Li said helplessly.

Did his teammates not feel a sense of urgency? They were still in an Instance Dungeon.

They were treating the Instance Dungeon like some kind of game, which was typical of them, but then again, they really were playing a game.

March Rain lifted the curse with one skill, returning Azure Sea Breeze to his original form. His world was now back to normal, but he saw everyone else laughing at him. He cried out in anger and rushed at the Crimson Acolyte, presumably blaming it for everything that had happened.

As they cleared out the rest of the path, no one else was Polymorphed.

There were also some other curious curses that they encountered. Some made them bigger, smaller, slower or weaker…

Fortunately, March Rain could remove most magical de-buffs, while Lonesome Flower and Hachi Chan could remove curses.

"Quickly! attack this one!" Lu Li’s eyes lit up as he pointed to one of the mobs.

As he spoke, he used his Cloak’s effect to appear behind the mob, but he only realized that this mob wasn’t affected by crowd control after he had cast Cheap Shot.

Fortunately, it was rare that the others would see him this excited. As such, they all cast their skills at the little mob that was carrying a bag and killed it on the spot.

There was an explosion of gold coins as it fell to the ground.

It was rare for mobs to drop gold coins in Dawn. It was already quite generous for a small mob to drop one or two silver coins. Bosses could drop gold coins, but there were usually only a few of them. After they had killed this monster, at least a dozen gold coins were dropped.

There was even a Skill Book lying on the ground.

This was the Scarlet Custodian, which was similar to the treasure hunting demons in other games.

The previous Instance Dungeon had been completed at too low of a level, so this was the first time it had appeared.

This monster wasn’t very strong; it didn’t have high defense and its HP was rather low. Moreover, it never attacked and would always try to run away.

It was difficult to deal with because it wasn’t affected by crowd control, so you couldn’t hold it in place to prevent it from escaping down its hole. Once it went down the hole, it was impossible for the players to catch it.

In this case, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group’s attacks were heaven-defying. Otherwise, it would have managed to escape into its hole.

The Scarlet Custodian had excellent drops; it would often drop Skill Books and Gold. With regards to the coins, it would be strange if it dropped less than 12 gold coins at a time. Killing this monster would always yield the players a small fortune.

The gold coins were picked up and automatically divided into everyone’s backpacks.

Lu Li noticed that he had been assigned 7 gold coins, which meant that there were at least 70 gold coins.

In addition, there was also a skill book.

This rare monster would never drop a useless skill book, so Lu Li was filled with anticipation.