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Chapter 380: Arcanist Doan

Chapter 380: Arcanist Doan

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Intervene: Increases your own speed when running towards a teammate within a 15 yard radius by 200% for 10 seconds. As long as the target is within 5 yards of you, you can take the next attack for them.

It was a good item!

This Skill book undoubtedly provided a greater opportunity for teamwork. You could easily imagine a situation where someone was about to be killed, only to have another player run by and block the fatal damage for them.

Although they could only block one attack, this could be enough to determine the difference between life and death.

Now it was a matter of determining who would get the book.

Intervene was not a bad skill by any measure, but based on the forums, it seemed like no one else had found it yet.

Who knew how long it would be before another of these appeared?

The most reasonable option would be to give it up Azure Sea Breeze. However, they could also give it to Wandering as he was a defensive Warrior.

Lu Li actually felt more inclined to give it to Moonlight.

"I don’t mind."

Although Moonlight thought that this skill book would be quite useful, he didn’t want to fight for it. He was used to keeping a low profile just like Sesame Rice Ball, but unlike Sesame Rice Ball, who was shy, Moonlight was simply indifferent.

"Hmph, just give it to Lighty; I don’t want to learn this kind of self-hurting skill," Wandering said with a look of disgust.

"I need to be taking the main damage, so I won’t have time to help others," Azure Sea Breeze said as he shook his head and rejected the skill book. It wasn’t that it was inappropriate for them to have it, but that he had heard that Lu Li wanted to give it to Moonlight. Naturally, he thought that it was a good idea because of this.

Lu Li’s reasoning was simple. Moonlight wore Plate Armor, so he was fully capable of taking another hit. This skill would also make him stronger during PVP battles.

Moonlight was the second strongest player in the club after all.

While this skill book was really useful for Instance Dungeons, it could be even more useful for competitions.

For Lu Li, wins and losses in game didn’t mean much to him unless they could be converted into real money.

Fame and reputation were fleeting.

The bookkeeper monster in this library was going to be difficult because it was at Nightmare Difficulty. The respawns were inconsistent, so Lu Li and the others had to keep checking around while clearing other mobs.

However, they remained hopeful as they fought their way into the library’s main hall.

Eventually, they did run into a bookkeeper. It seemed that they weren’t lucky enough.

There were mountains of books everywhere in the main hall.

"Alright, all of you need to find these three books – ‘Beginnings of the Undead Threat, ‘Compendium of the Fallen’, and ‘Mythology of the Titans’. We’ll also need to find the keys to the library," Lu Li said as he clapped his hands.

"I understand finding the keys to the library, but what are those books for?" Everyone’s faces were a little green with anxiety.

This was a huge circular hall with countless high bookshelves. Finding three specific books in this place was no simple task – they could search for a day and still not find it.

"Don’t over exaggerate the situation."

Lu Li was sweating. The game wouldn’t make it impossible, right?

Of these tens of thousands of books, only a few hundred could be read. However, this number would grow to more than three thousand in a year’s time.

When Lu Li later came back to the Scarlet Monastery later in his previous life, over tens of thousands of books had been added to the Scarlet Monastery Library.

Some of these books were written by writers employed by the game company. Others were spontaneously written by players and detailed their travels through Dawn. Some books also documented the historical figures of Dawn.

Of these writers, the ones who had written the most were Sally Whitemane and Brigitte Abbendis.

These were two women who had lived illustrious lives.

Lu Li’s request actually wasn’t difficult. Of the countless books before them, many of them couldn’t be read. As such, if they could put a book into their bag, then it was probably one of those three.

If everyone looked through 10 books at a time, everyone would have all three books.

There was a way to make it even simpler. If they all put 30 books into their bags and took some time to sort through them, they would eventually be left with the three books as well.

The keys were also going to be found sandwiched in one of the books.

This unlocked the room of Arcanist Doan.

Lu Li was very familiar with Doan’s background as he had read a biography of the Abbendis family. It recorded the life experiences of the Abbendis father and daughters.

There were words in that book that had left a strong impression on Lu Li.

Oh Abbendis, why won’t you look upon me? I am willing to go to the ends of the earth for you and my only hope is that you would notice me…

This sentence was carved onto a silver coin, as a testimony to the person’s feelings.

It was said that this sentence was written by old man Abbendis himself to another man. However, the authenticity of this claim was weak and was probably made up by the imaginations of some perverted women.

Even so, it had still received some fame. This old mage had become a famous historical figure from Dawn’s lore which popularized that claim.

Those silver coins were also collected by these perverted women;’each one of them could be sold for more than 100 gold.

Doan was one of Old Mograine’s trusted partners. He, Tirion, Alfred Abbendis, Isillien and Fairbanks had worked together to study a mysterious crystal that had been picked up from the Southshore battlefield.

This was the group that the Ashbringer was born from.

Doan had played a very important role in that process.

Later, Silver Hand’s Doan joined the Scarlet Crusade and was made responsible for guarding the Scarlet Monastery’s library. He was also in charge of protecting the key that allowed entry into the Scarlet Cathedral.

This old Mage whose age was unknown really liked his old friend’s daughter – Brigitte Abbendis.

Brigitte Abbendis was the Scarlet Crusade’s Grand General Alfred Abbendis’ daughter. Alfred Abbendis was also originally from the Silver Hand Paladin Regiment. After the Grand General Abbendis’ death, young Brigitte succeeded her father to become the new Scarlet Crusade Grand General. She led the remaining Scarlet Crusade to Fireplace Valley and formed a resistance with Scarlet Lord Valdelmar to defend against the Scourge invasion.

There was no clear evidence of this, but there was an impression that Old Doan was a bit of a loli-con.

Was he gay or a loli-con?

Doan was constantly the object of ridicule amongst the players; it was difficult for him to garner any respect.

However, as one of the oldest members of the Scarlet Crusade, it was very difficult to get rid of Arcanist Doan.