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Chapter 382: The Tenacity of a Commander

Chapter 382: The Tenacity of a Commander

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Doan didn’t realize that his signature skill had created a chance for his opponents.

As the battle slowly continued, he began to realize that limiting his actions would only cause the situation to spin out of control.

As such, he stopped holding back.

"Heal! Don’t worry about anything else; top up everyone’s health," Lu Li shouted.

March Rain and Hachi Chan had already been previously reminded by Lu Li. They casted whatever skills they had, whether it was a heal-over-time or a skill kept for emergencies. As long as it was a skill that healed, they would rain it down on their team members and soon enough, everyone’s health bar was full.

"Use damage reduction once your health drops below half. If your health is too low, drink potions. The most important thing is to stay alive," Lu Li added.

As his sentence finished, a clear encasement hovered over the entire battleground.

This was the Zone of Silence. As the name suggested, it was a skill that applied a silence effect in a massive range. The effect lasted for a total of thirty seconds.

Even Lu Li would be able to kill decent player within thirty seconds, let alone a Boss.

Azure Sea Breeze’s health quickly dropped to half. He had already used his damage reduction and drank a potion. Heeven casted Shadowmeld to leave battle, but he still couldn’t manage to survive.

Without Azure Sea Breeze to hold down the fort, Wandering became the second unlucky target. He activated his damage reduction and drank a potion after two hits, but he didn’t last long either.

With two of the tanks down, the boss’ target choice became a mess.

Doan aimed for anyone that he could catch, and Remnant Dream was quickly slain on the spot with Lonesome Flower following.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to escape, they just didn’t have the time. An attack that even the main tank couldn’t handle would only deal even more damage to them.

Shadowmeld was a skill that allowed players to exit out of combat, but it wasn’t a skill that made players invincible.

For players or monsters, the sudden disappearance would have some effect, but for a Boss, it was different. When a player was a lower level than them, the effects of any skills would be reduced.

"Don’t run around aimlessly. Calm down and do as much as damage as you all can; he doesn’t have much health left." Lu Li’s tone was steady, perhaps a little too steady, almost to the point where it was eerie. In a circumstance like this, he still didn’t show any negative emotion. The rise in his voice volume was only so that the others could hear him better.

This was the tenacity of a commander. Sometimes, a player’s mental qualities were more important than their gaming talent.

After Lonesome Flower hit the floor, the Boss attacked Sakura Memories. As soon as the female Shaman’s health bar was emptied, Doan turned towards Lu Li.

Lu Li took two hits before he disappeared with Gale Steps.

Doan stared blankly for a brief moment, but his hands didn’t stop. After two hand gestures, Arcane Missiles appeared and flew right towards March Rain’s chest.

March Rain was a Priest, so her attributes and equipment leaned towards intelligence and special effects for healing, but she did place some points into her Constitution. Even though she was a cloth-geared class, she would be able to take about three attacks.

However, Lu Li didn’t dare let her take three hits. Doan still had group spells reserved for everyone.

"Light, Intervene, now!"

Moonlight immediately responded; his body glided and he appeared beside March Rain like a shadow.

The 200% movement speed buff wasn’t any slower than a teleport. Before the second skill landed, Moonlight was already standing beside March Rain, ready to take the damage.

In Dawn, it was always easier for Warriors and Paladins to get the girls. Thieves and Mages were destined to stay single forever.

Right after, Moonlight raised his giant axe and smashed it into Doan’s head, which successfully drew the attention to himself. March Rain made it out alive.

Moonlight’s attributes were focused on Strength and his gear also leaned towards dealing damage. Even though he wore plated armor, he couldn’t take more than a few hits either. Fortunately, the Zone of Silence had broken and everyone regained their freedom.

"Revive Breeze. Light, hold the boss for a bit," Lu Li shouted.

Moonlight didn’t have much health left, so for him to continue holding the boss meant that he was going to be sacrificed for time.

Moonlight didn’t have any objections; he didn’t even frown. At this point in time, no one else besides him would be able to buy the team some time. Originally, this was supposed to be Wandering’s job, but Wandering was already lying dead on the cold floor. Without the invincibility skill, Paladins were also a piece of cake.

With the resurrection from Hachi Chan, Azure Sea Breeze pulled himself up from the floor. He took up the aggression again and diverted all of his depression at the boss.

Moonlight didn’t end up dying; March Rain’s healing techniques were excellent and she also had a lot of life-saving skills.

This meant that besides the main tank and healer, there were still three damage dealers left: Lu Li, Moonlight and Sesame Rice Ball. The others were all dead.

The Boss had 13% health remaining, but with less people dealing the damage, his health bar dropped very slowly.

"Stay steady, we can do this. Don’t give up, even if there’s only one of us left. March, bring everyone’s health back up." Lu Li tried his best to encourage everyone. Each move of his dagger sent blood flying in the air; these were all high completions.

"This is so hard," March Rain whispered softly. She was under a lot of pressure in this fight.

"There’s no way Nightmare mode would be easy, but the boss will drop good things too," Lu Li explained briefly.

If it wasn’t Nightmare mode, it would be hard for the Dog Whistle to drop. Even if it was a First Clear, there was definitely no chance for the boss to drop what he wanted - the Ravenholdt Emblem.

A First CLear wasn’t too important for Lu Li, even though everyone was paying attention to who would get it for the Scarlet Library.

Ruling Sword, or rather, Lu Li himself, no longer needed First Clears to prove anything.

At least, in the short term, even Sorrowless couldn’t surpass him when it came to dungeon First Clears. It wouldn’t be a big deal to let him take a Fist Clear for once. Even if Lu Li took a step back, there was no guarantee that Sorrowless would be able to pass him.

Doan’s raised to release an Arcane Explosion. This was a group attack spell and everyone lost about half of their health bar. However, because of Lu Li’s foresight, March Rain had already topped up everyone’s health, so no one died to it.

Doan’s health dropped to 10%; Lu Li was quite relieved on the inside.

"I’m running out of mana," March Rain said worriedly.

"Use it sparingly. If you really can’t help it, then don’t worry about Breeze," Lu Li replied calmly.

"Lu Li, you ****, I’m going to hold onto this forever," Azure Sea Breeze cursed loudly. He was so tempted to turn around and kill Lu Li with the Boss. They weren’t even in a desperate situation yet and Lu Li was already thinking about giving him up.

In other people’s teams, main tanks were the precious one. It was just him, poor Azure Sea Breeze, who always on the edge of being tossed away.

"Hachi Chan, what are you doing with that half bar of mana? Heal!" Lu Li said.

"I’ve been healing the whole time," Hachi Chan shot back, feeling wronged.

"Go and practice your technique later; this is unbearable. Top up Rice Ball’s health. Moonlight, use your damage reduction." Lu Li also used his damage reduction just in time for the next group spell by the boss.

No one healed Azure Sea Breeze, but it seemed like he managed to survive because of his grudge against Lu Li.

At 5% health, Doan went into berserk mode.

Lu Li’s dagger effect activated and a clone appeared beside him which boosted his damage just at the right time.

After a few dozen seconds, Azure Sea Breeze finally died, but the boss didn’t hold on for much longer than he did. Both of them dropped to the floor following each other.