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Chapter 383: Assassin League

Chapter 383: Assassin League

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"I thirst for light, yet, I can’t walk out from the shadows."

These were Doan’s last words. They were also the inscriptions written on the gates of the Ravenholdt Manor.

Ravenholdt Manor was the name of a location, but it also pointed towards an organization – the Assassin League. Although was secretive and most were unsure if this organization even existed, the members of the Assassin League were spread across the entire world.

Doan was once a member of the Ravenholdt Manor.

As a hunter from Ravenholdt Manor, he became the knight of Silver Hand and fell in love with his old friend’s daughter. Later on, he joined the Scarlet Crusade and lived in seclusion in this small library.

Nobody knew his true identity.

He also had a thirst for the light. Perhaps little Abbendis was his light, but unfortunately, the great difference in age forced him to stay in the shadows.

Following the death of Doan, the system announcement finally arrived – another First Clear, and it was a First Clear in Nightmare mode no less. In the short span of a day, Ruling Sword had taken two First Clears!

The world channel had gone wild, but everyone was used to it.

March Rain leveled up to level thirty, but Azure Sea Breeze had died a little too early. It was a tragedy that he couldn’t receive any experience.

Hachi Chan and March Rain resurrected their dead team members and began to split the loot.

"It’s all on you now; don’t disappoint us," Lu Li said as he anxiously patted Remnant Dream’s shoulders.

It wasn’t a guaranteed drop for the item he wanted, even in Nightmare mode.

He wanted the Ravenholdt Emblem, so that he could join the Ravenholdt Manor faction, or rather, the Assassin League.

From the years where the Horde and Alliance faction were at war against each other, many organizations, both big and small, remained. For example, there was the Cenarion Circle, Ravenholdt Manor, MI7, Tirisfal Council, Silver Dawn…

Some of these organizations had a faction background, some had a race background, while others had a class background, but regardless, they all had their own norms and history to stand by.

Lu Li wanted to join the Assassin League, not only for their strange and rewarding quests, but also because he liked the fearless attitude of this organization.

There were no rules in Assassin League; you could whatever you wanted. You could even assassinate the executives of the organization if you ever received such a quest.

It would be okay even if you killed Duke Jorach Ravenholdt.

Since his previous life, Lu Li had been wanting to join this organization, so he had been paying attention to the details surrounding it.

As a secretive organization, the Assassin League rarely appeared with its own name. Most of the time, the organization identified itself as Ravenholdt to outsiders, but in reality, Ravenholdt was only a small part of this massive organization.

It was hard to say how many people were actually in the League. It was quite possible that your significant other or the granny next door was a scout for the organization. Some say that for every five people in Azeroth, one of them would be working for the Assassin League.

Of course, throughout their entire lives, most of these members wouldn’t even know that they were actually working for the league.

Only around a few thousand people were truly a part of the Assassin League and amongst these people, only a few of them were professional assassins. Most of these people were known by outsiders for their other identities, such as knowledgable Archmages, Demon Slayers, leaders of mercenary groups, bandit leaders, historians... The identities were countless.

What Lu Li wanted to do was to become a real member of the Assassin League, just like Doan.

To do so, he had to acquire a Ravenholdt Emblem.

With the knowledge from his reincarnation, he had three available targets.

At the current stage, Doan was his greatest chance. The other two targets were all leaders of large organizations and they were all around level forty to fifty.

Remnant Dream looted her first item, which was a rare material.

The second was a Gold grade equip – Robe of Doan. This was an exquisite magic class equipment, and after Remnant Dream shared the attributes, everyone exclaimed in surprise.

Lu Li’s mind wasn’t too focused on it.

Two chances had already been lost, but there were still a few items left. Even though this was Nightmare mode, the boss wouldn’t drop more than five items.

"Wow, another Gold grade equipment! Mmm, Hachi Chan, it seems like this is useful for you. If you call me big sister, I’ll give it to you."

Lu Li’s expression wasn’t impressed.

"What’s wrong?" March Rained asked. Even if there wasn’t any gear for Lu Li, he usually wouldn’t be too upset.

"Nothing, I’m just not focused. Girl, quit playing. Loot all the items, or else, I’ll let someone else loot it next time," Lu Li said, trying to hold back his impatience.

As soon as she heard this, Remnant Dream quietened down.

Her tiny hands reached out as Lu Li held his breath.

"Huh, what’s this? How come there’s no attribute description for this? Is this a badge?" With her skinny arms, Remnant Dream dragged out a grey emblem, her face showing a surprised expression.

"I’m taking this. No objections, right?" Lu Li used his authority as a captain to distribute the item to himself.

Although the others were curious about the emblem, Lu Li didn’t plan on explaining, so there was nothing they could do about this.

As a captain who had led them to another miracle, no one would have any objections if he wanted something.

The front of the emblem was the outline of a manor. The current Ravenholdt Manor looked completely different, so the outline was most likely what the manor looked like a long time ago. On the back of the emblem was the imprint of a few words.

"May death bring you to rest."

This was Doan’s last item. The old Mage had offered two Gold grade equips, one rare material and a mysterious emblem.

Besides these, Azure Sea Breeze received a skill point reward, slightly calming his rage from being abandoned.

After this came the system reward for their First Clear.

Lu Li received an equip. Even thought it was only a level 30 Silver grade equip, it was a rare piece – a necklace.

Bladed Ebon Amulet (Silver): Accuracy +15%, Poison Damage +40%, Special Effect: Certain chance to reflect close-combat damage taken, Level Requirement 30, Durability 52/52.

Lu Li had been using the Rager’s Pendant for a long time.

Rager’s Pendant (Steel): Hit+10%, Reduces Ice Magic Damage by 5%, Level Requirement: LV10.

Durability: 32/32. (Part of the Rager Equipment Set, exclusive to melee professions).

It was originally a set, but the Rager Bracer had already been replaced, which left the necklace in an awkward position.

The 5% ice magic damage reduction was decent, but it still wasn’t enough. The small amount of damage reduction didn’t make much difference for Lu Li.

The Bladed Ebon Amulet had way better attributes, which was to be expected from a level 30 Silver grade equipment.

Thieves still need their accuracy attribute, which effectively raised their damage. The reflection of close-combat damage was a good special effect as well, with the only down side being that it required good luck. Lu Li wasn’t the best with his luck.

What he valued the most was actually the extra 40% poison damage; this was such a good attribute for Thieves who use poison.

Currently, it was still not possible for the system to reward Gold grade equips – level 30 Silver grade equips were the limit. Everyone was satisfied with what they had received, but unfortunately, only March Rain was able to wear her equipment. The others still needed to level up first.