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Chapter 384: Southshore

Chapter 384: Southshore

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"Yet another First Clear, and it was on Nightmare mode as well."

The Paladin placed his two swords in his lap and began eating food to replenish his HP.

Seventh Heaven’s core group had been completely wiped by the Dog Trainer 13 times.

They skipped the Monastery and started Scarlet Library yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, they were still far behind Glory Capital, who were progressing much faster than them.

Lucky Southern Persian casted his magic and a set of bread appeared in his hands. He took two pieces for himself and gave the rest to his teammates. As he ate, he said, "Sorrowless still lost. I wish I could see his reaction right now."

He didn’t even bother hiding his joy for Sorrowless’ misfortune.

Lucky Southern Persian was a cunning man who enjoyed watching others fail. He found Sorrowless’ misfortune to be extremely amusing.

"Southern Persian, stop underestimating Sorrowless. He’s relying solely on himself to command his team in the dungeon." Hornet’s Nest was also in the party with him. PVP experts were often freelancers and played the game solo, however, when necessary, the core group would open up a spot for them in dungeons if they were having trouble completing it.

"Ruling Sword doesn’t have a strategy group," Lucky Southern Persian mumbled.

A strategy group was a team made up of players that excelled at developing strategies and figuring out Boss patterns from the information provided by the dungeon group. They were essential in most major guilds as they helped to speed up the dungeon progression by decreasing the difficulty.

Similar to tacticians in war times, strategy groups provided an unspoken advantage to guilds. The dungeon progression of a guild could almost always be accredited to their strategy group.

Not many guilds relied on the knowledge of an individual player like Lu Li’s team. Even smaller guilds aimed to create a strategy group as their priority. However, instead of developing their own strategy, they would rely on strategies from major guilds to help guide them in their dungeon runs.

Ruling Sword had yet to establish a strategy group, however, they would undoubtedly have to create one eventually.

Seventh Heaven relied heavily on their strategy group to progress in dungeons. However, the team of 10 or so members had yet to discover the secret of the dog food. As such, they were stuck with being abused repeatedly by Dog Tamer boss.

Although Sorrowless was an all-star, he had begun his career on the strategy team before blossoming into a star-player. He was now the leader of Glory Capital and had become a legend in the gaming community.

In order to live up to his fame, he had to complete the dungeon before Lu Li.

If he was able to beat Lu Li in a First Clear, he would become a gaming legend once again. However, something that Sorrowless hadn’t taken into account of was the fact that Lu Li been reborn.

While Lucky Southern Persian mocked Sorrowless for his misfortune, Hornet’s Nest’s mind was occupied with the thought of Lu Li.

How was he able to beat a strategy team of 10 or so players? What was his mind made out of?

Only sore losers spoke of luck for their losses. However, Lu Li had been lucky too many times in the past. There must have been something that he was missing, something that Lu Li saw right through.

If Lu Li knew that they were stuck on the dog food stage, he probably would’ve told them.

Lu Li’s team had already passed this stage and defeated Dog Trainer. They were ahead of Sorrowless and were already facing off against Arcanist Doan.

After the World Channel announced that they completed the First Clear, Water Fairy was quick to offer to buy their strategy.

However, for the sake of his guild, Lu Li wasn’t planning on selling the guide, no matter how much she offered.

Water Fairy was quite angry at this and decided to focus her attention on defeating the boss.

She was willing to sacrifice her sleep just to prove to Lu Li that she didn’t need his guide. Her natural beauty would remain even without a night of sleep anyways.

Lu Li felt absolutely no remorse for rejecting the No.2 girl on the Beauty Rankings.

He searched the dungeon room and found two keys.

"That’s all for today. Everyone can leave and go level up. Aim to reach level 30 as soon as possible." Lu Li handed the keys to Azure Sea Breeze and left the dungeon.

Everyone in the Xin Xin Mercenary had stocked up level 30 Silver and Gold equips. Once they reached level 30, they would all receive a power spike. It was important for them to reach level 30 before attempting the next two dungeons because it would make them much easier.

Lu Li couldn’t wait to get to Ravenholdt Manor.

The location of Ravenholdt Manor was very secretive. However, Lu Li knew that it was somewhere in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

The Hillsbrad Foothills were situated at the South of Alterac Moutains and East of Arathi Highlands. To the south of Hillsbrad Foothills was nothing but endless sea.

Because the Alterac Mountains acted as a barrier, the Hillsbrad Foothills were not threatened by the Undead from Plaguelands. Additionally, because it was one of the few remaining areas controlled by the Humans in Lordaeron, it provided comfort and shelter for weary travellers.

However, the Hillsbrad Foothills had become less and less of a safe haven for people as the Syndicate’s power and influences grew. The number of Nagas and Undeads had also increased in nearby areas.

Lu Li teleported to Southshore.

Many Alliance Players that attempted Scarlet Monastery would teleport to Southshore for supplies.

In reality, Southshore was the busiest Alliance city besides Astrana.

Not only did the city boast some of the best scenery in Dawn, but there were also abundant resources for mining, herbalism, fishing etc.

Players who played the game as an alternate world to live in would often choose to reside in Southshore and live out the rest of their lives here.

Even some professional players preferred Southshore over other cities.

When Lu Li arrived, it was almost sunset. Everything seemed much more peaceful and beautiful as the setting sun showered the city with its golden beams of light.

No one would have thought that this place would be plagued after a year.

Many people proposed that the drastic downfall of Southshore was the developer’s way of introducing Sylvannas Windrunner.

Lu Li entered the town and saw children playing before the setting sun. One of the kids ran through him without stopping.

Yes… ran through.

Sally Whitemane – Lu Li looked at her name. She was an adorable little loli.

The two boys that were chasing behind her were named Renault Mograine and Vishas. The three childhood friends would all grow up to become the Bosses in the Scarlet Cathedral.

Lu Li saw the cutscene of them as kids.

It was quite difficult to explain the situation, but to put it simply, the three were already Bosses in Scarlet Monastery. However, in Southshore, where they grew up, there were still cutscenes of them in their childhood.

This was a parallel time dimension and they could only be interacted with when the quest was accepted.

Some players tried telling them that they would grow up to become a ruthless couple who would take over the Scarlet Monastery. However, since they were NPCs, they simply ignored the players.

Lu Li watched them for a while as they ran off into the bushes, then sighed and stepped into the tavern.