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Chapter 385: Polluter Fragments

Chapter 385: Polluter Fragments

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The taverns in Southshore were different from other places.

The background music was the clanging of the percussion instruments, which created an old-school hipster melody.

Many people were drinking in the tavern. There were some NPCs, but the tavern was mostly filled with players.

The taverns in Astrana and other places that Lu Li often visited were never as lively because everyone was busy levelling up and clearing dungeons.

The Southershore Tavern was much more relaxing and everything appeared to be moving slower.

A little girl in her late teens was dancing on the tables.

Her body was petite and she was as light as a feather.

Besides the table she danced on was a man and a woman. From their appearance and expression, Lu Li assumed that they were her parents.

"Hey, Elf, would you like something to drink?" The owner of the tavern, Kaili, greeted Lu Li. He looked like a Mediterranean middle-aged man.

"A pint of ale please, thanks." Lu Li threw his Ravenholdt badge on the counter and sat down.

"Good choice, we have the best ale in all the lands."Kaili glanced at the badge without any reaction.

He poured a pint of ale and placed it on the counter in front of Lu Li.

"I must be lucky then; it’s my first time here," Lu Li said as he took a sip then exclaimed, "It tastes amazing! It’s almost as if I could taste Spring."

"Young man…" Kaili shook his head and laughed, "I thought you were here to see Nima; she’ll be performing a dance tonight. It’s too bad that you adventurers sleep too early."

It wasn’t that players slept too early – the system automatically forced them to log off.

Nima had the reputation of being the most beautiful ‘scenic sight in Southshore.

Carolina was known as the divine beauty, while the Moon Priestess Maestra was described as the gentle beauty. If a title was to be given to this small-town waitress, it would be the wild beauty. She had a very unique aura and many customers visited the tavern just to see her.

Nima was talking to a couple of players as Lu Li continued to sip on his ale.

She held onto a pearl bracelet as the players recalled the tale of them risking their lives to find the very same bracelet underneath the deep ocean.

Nima gasped and exclaimed in admiration as the soft wind revealed her attractive figure.

"You’re so lucky to have a beautiful waitress like her. I bet you must look forward to coming to work every night," Lu Li said as he glanced at Nima. According to his strategy guide, he had to suck up to the tavern owner.

"No, young man, I see her like my own daughter. How can you say such a thing?" Kaili explained profusely.

"Hey boss, did something happen?" The waitress heard the commotion and hurried over.

As she came running over, her hour-glass figure became even more obvious.

Lu Li was the only one that stopped himself from staring at her. He picked up his badge and fiddled with it in his hands and apologized, "Sorry, my mistake. My good sir, you have a very beautiful daughter. Whoever has the honour of having her hand in marriage would be extremely blessed."

When Nima overheard Lu Li’s compliments, her face lit up with a smile.

She sat down next to Lu Li on the counter and said, "Oh, Elf from afar, you’re so good at sweet talking. I’ve never met such a sophisticated and intellectual adventurer."

It was obvious from her tone and her voice that she was being flirtatious with Lu Li.

"This is my first time in Southshore. Do you know where I can earn some quick cash to buy more ale?" Lu Li asked as he put away his badge.

"Pfft, where did that weirdo come from? Earn some cash? Don’t try to pick up girls if you’re poor." The group of players that Nima was talking to before were pissed off because Lu Li had attracted her attention. They didn’t bother holding back on their toxic insults and rude comments.

Lu Li had just finished a day of fighting monsters and didn’t have time to repair his gear. He looked like a homeless man because of his broken armour.

"Hehe, money for ale," the waitress laughed as she covered her soft lips and smiled flirtatiously.

"The ale here is too good; I’ve decided to stay here for a while," Lu Li said as he downed his mug.

Everyone looked down on him because he was drinking the cheapest alcohol in Southshore which cost 3 silvers for a pint.

"I’m glad you like the ale here."

Nima seemed very happy. She tilted her head slightly and asked, "I’ll be heading out later. Would you like to escort me? Those Undead are terrifying and I need someone to protect me."

"It’ll be my honour. Unless they get past my dead body, I will not allow the Undead to lay a hand on you," Lu Li said sincerely as he accepted the escort quest from the system.

The other players were shocked to see how friendly Nima was towards Lu Li. They had spent so much time here and had bought the most expensive alcohol, but Nima had never thanked them.

They also didn’t understand why she wanted such a lowly Thief to escort her.

Many players had visited Southshore and spent weeks trying to activate one of the easiest quests in the game from Nima.

Was it because of the ale?

They looked at Lu Li with eyes filled with jealousy.

"My friend, if you’re here in Southshore, then you must be decently strong. Let’s have a little friendly battle. If I lose, then I’ll buy you all the ale you can drink," one of the players said condescendingly.

Lu Li ordered another pint of ale and placed three silvers on the counter. He realised that they were trying to provoke him so he remained calm and ignored them.

After about half an hour, Nima changed into her hunting gear and appeared from her room.

"Boss, I’ll be out for a bit"

"Come back safe!"

Lu Li stood up and followed Nima closely behind as the two exited out of the tavern.

Her new costume was very beautiful. As Lu Li walked behind her, he couldn’t help but stare at the places he shouldn’t have been looking at. Her waist was very thin and she had a very attractive body. Nima’s choice of weapon was a crimson dagger and she grasped it tightly in her hand.

Polluter Fragments!

Lu Li wanted to bow down to her to show his respect for her weapon.

However, before he could express his feelings, he had something else to do.

"Forgive me, my lady, for the violent things I’m about to do."

Lu Li disappeared and rushed back towards the tavern.

Before the three players could react, two of them were immobilized and the third player was killed instantly.

It took less than 30 seconds for all three players to be killed.

Nima stood there and remained calm, as if this was totally normal to her. It was obvious that she was a very beautiful, yet capable young lady.