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Chapter 386: Yetimus

Chapter 386: Yetimus

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Lu Li picked up the dropped equipment and stood up slowly.

He packed away his dagger and apologized, "I don’t like people following me, so I had no choice but to kill them. Hopefully, a lady like yourself won’t mind this."

"I pity them, that’s all," Nima said as she turned her head and continued walking. "Hopefully, we’ll arrive at your destination before it gets dark. Many vicious Ogres have came to the Alterac Mountains recently."

"Thank you, Miss Pathfinder. " Lu Li was relieved; he had finally achieved his goal.

Ravenholdt Manor was not a welcoming place – it wasn’t somewhere that could be found easily. There were two pathfinders in the hills of Hillsbrad – one was the hostess (waitress) in Southshore, and the other was the Thief Skills Trainer in Tarren Mill.

Lu Li belonged to the Alliance, so it was only natural for him to seek the hostess located in Southshore.

For the hostess to guide you, it took more than simply saying, "Take me to Ravenholdt Manor."

First, you had to have the Ravenholdt Emblem. It didn’t matter where or how you found the emblem, but the emblem was definitely the ticket to Ravenholdt Manor.

Besides the emblem, you also needed the hostess to have a good impression on you.

Lu Li had been investigating these things since his previous life. Some people had been killed before by the hostess. Their ignorance had angered the hostess, who seemed naive, but was actually a high-leveled Thief who wielded Shard of the Defiler.

Failures from the past warned those in the future. The emblem meant nothing to them; they could kill you anytime and abandon you in the wild.

As for the opinion of the Assassin League, well, they would never respect the dead anyway.

Lu Li’s method of winning a good impression from the hostess was simple; he began by complimenting the ale that she made.

To be fair, the ale did taste pretty good and the price was reasonable; it was only 3 silvers for a cup.

Besides this, you could only bribe her with jewellery.

Women always liked jewellery; this probably had nothing to do with their class or their race. .

The hostess was level 45 and designed similarly to a Boss model. She was also a Thief, a class that came and went as they pleased.

For her to take interest in a piece of jewellery, the jewellery had to be at least Gold grade and above level 40.

The few players from before had attempted to bribe her with average jewellery that could be purchased from the auction with a few gold coins. Lu Li barely had to observe her to feel the boiling rage disguised under the calm expression of the hostess.

In a few months time, the female Thief and her fierce reputation would become well-known. Perhaps then, no one would dare to show off in front of her anymore.

Even Lu Li’s killing of the players was still an attempt to win over the female Thief.

The female Thief seemed to be fairly satisfied with Lu Li. At the very least, she didn’t set down any trials for him. Apparently, 80% of the players died during the trial and lost their Ravenholdt Emblem.

Lu Li slightly tilted his head to gaze at the female Thief that walked by his side.

He didn’t do it to admire her beauty; he was instead judging the strength of this NPC.

After they entered Darrow Hill, Lu Li began to look out for dangers.

Dangers approached as he expected, when the gigantic figure of the Yetimus appeared in his vision. Lu Li rushed towards it on purpose, just like Don Quixote when he saw a windmill.

He recognized Yetimus from his previous life. Back then, he was part of a level 30 team of 25 people that had been hired by someone. Their hirer wanted them to kill this Yetimus monster so he could get his quest item.

However, they underestimated the strength of this level 40 monster. The team was wiped four times; there was no hope for them at all.

Dying in the wild meant that they lost experience, and losing experience four times was enough of a loss to shake a player’s heart.

That time, Lu Li had also lost a level 30 Silver grade equipment. He wasn’t as wealthy as he was at this stage during his previous life.

Later on, he would come into contact with some guides about the hills of Hillsbrad and Ravenholdt Manor. From this, he realized why the hirer had spent so much money to find other players to kill Yetimus.

In order to join the Ravenholdt Manor and become a formal member of the Assassin League, the Twisted Horns of Yetimus, the Snow King, were required to pass the first trial.

Lu Li didn’t want to drag a hundred players out to help him. If he did, other guilds would notice and attempt to disrupt him, even though no one had set their eyes on Yetimus so far.

Yetimus wasn’t a Boss, but he was even stronger than a Boss.

The biggest threat for the Stormpike Troops camped in Alterac Mountains and the hills of Hillsbrad wasn’t the Frostwolf Orcs. It wasn’t the Forgotten Ones either – it was the abnormally large Snow King Yetimus.

This monster had the strongest Earthshattering skill in the entire game of Dawn.

He could knock up his opponents, causing them to fly at least a few hundred meters into the air. Most people would die from the landing, and even if they managed to survive, they would only be left with a sliver of health.

Between level 30 and level 40, Yetimus was the strongest being in the game.

As such, nobody dared to set foot in the Darrow Hills.

This was originally a prosperous mountain with plenty of herbs and minerals to gather. There were also packs of lions, deer and wild horses roaming the area that could supply a huge amount of leather and meat. There was even a horse that could be captured as a mount.

What left players even more speechless was the fact that such a strong monster didn’t drop anything good.

There were also guilds who attempted to slowly tire out the Yetimus, but they were all left disappointed.

At that time, Lu Li didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He accepted the quest and only found out that this monster was almost impossible to slay after he died four times. It was not until later down the track when he reached a higher level that he brought Azure Sea Breeze and a few others for revenge.

Now, he wanted to join Ravenholdt Manor as a formal member of the Assassin League, not just some unimportant member in the outer circle.

Yetimus was a target that he couldn’t avoid.

He was cautious the entire time to build a good relationship with the hostess, doing it all for this one chance to gamble.

Hopefully, the hostess wouldn’t sit on the side and watch.

If a level 45 NPC helped him, no matter how strong the level 40 monster was, it would probably still have to die. This female Thief was no weakling – the Shard of the Defiler that she wielded was an exceptional weapon.

The Shard of the Defiler was a weapon that only existed in the legends.

Although the level requirement for the Legendary grade dagger was only level 40 and there were no particularly strong special effects, it was the fastest weapon in Dawn.

Some say it was so fast that when you attacked an opponent who was wielding this dagger once, they would be able to attack you at least three times.

Of course, these were all just guesses – no players had actually been able to lay their hands on this Dagger. These were all legends and assumptions that were made based on NPCs.